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Advocare Spark vs Zipfizz

Sport beverages and energy drinks are very popular to help people not only get the amount of hydration they need but also replenish the electrolytes and energy. Advocare Spark Vs Zipfizz are two good options for those who are currently dieting for they are low in calorie but are still rich in vitamins and electrolytes to let you have a fun refreshment. Before you pick any of these beverage mix, go see what they can offer and pick one that fits your preference the most below.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Drinking Water
  • What is Sport Drink
  • What are Advocare Spark and Zipfizz
  • What Flavors Advocare Spark and Zipfizz have
  • What Advocare Spark and Zipfizz are made with
  • What Advocare Spark and Zipfizz can offer
  • How to serve Advocare Spark and Zipfizz
  • Advocare Spark Vs Zipfizz

Importance of Hydration

We often heard that drinking water is healthy and it is true but not all of us understand why this liquid is needed to be consumed from time to time throughout the day to maintain a good health. This is because our body requires liquid to work properly or to maintain the function of every system in the body such as heart, brain, and muscle. Fluid will also carry the nutrients from food we consumed to the cells, flush bacteria from the bladder, and even prevent constipation.

Especially those who are living in a place where the summer can get really hot, adult people is required to drink enough water to prevent dehydration since we are going to perspire more. The issue why we need to always remember to drink is because older people don’t sense thirst as much as we used to be when younger thus, we are more prone to being dehydrated without noticing furthermore if you are also on a medication that cause fluid loss or have diuretic side effect.

To make sure our body is not dehydrated, it is recommended to take 30 to 50 ounces of water per day which is about 1 to 1.5 liters per person but of course this is not at once and better to be drunk throughout the day. This is also because our kidneys lose some ability to eliminate water as we age and it is important to stay hydrated gradually than gulping all the water at once. A simple way is drinking as we eat, drink as we consume medicine, and while socializing.

Sport Drinks

Water is nice to hydrate the body but if we are honest, many of us are not actually liking the bland taste because it is boring and sometimes it is easier to take flavored beverages rather than just plain water. The issue is that flavored water are also sweet and it can add calories to your diet especially if you are keeping a weight or shedding them off. For those who are living an active life, sport drinks can be a nice solution to help refresh your body.

Sports drinks are different from energy drinks such as Red Bull because the main idea is not put energy in your body but only to replenish the water and electrolytes we have lost during the activity. Most of them are made from only water, some sweetener, and electrolytes with low to no calories at all. This type of beverages are great for those who are currently dieting or overall don’t want to get an additional calories from the beverage but can still enjoy the taste. 

About Advocare Spark and Zipfizz

The question is who can drink this beverage because not all people will need them and as you may already know, those who are not doing lots of physical activities will be sufficient with just water but if you are very active, getting hydration and electrolyte replenishment from these beverages can be a great idea especially when you also sweat much. However, we also need to choose the beverage carefully to make sure they are not going to ruin your diet but still effective to give proper hydration.

We love flavored beverages and with the huge demand, also comes great supply which is why we can find so many options out there and chances they are always available in your nearby grocery or convenience store. Among those many good sports drinks, Advocare Spark and Zipfizz are an ideal choice if you are looking for a healthy, sport drinks to refresh the day and to replenish both water and electrolytes in your body after doing various physical activities like exercising. 

We can’t get Advocare product in most physical store but they are readily available from online stores you can access almost anywhere. We are sure many people are already familiar with this brand because they are among those health and wellness multi-level-marketing company the product we often recommended to, such as when looking for meal replacement shake. They actually have tasty shakes that you can check on our Advocare Vs Beachbody. As for this sport drink, it is claimed to be more than refreshment but also supplement.

This is because if usually sport drinks are made with only water and electrolytes, Advocare Spark is also going to deliver vitamins and amino acid into your body, making sure we have the energy to finish the day. Similarly, Zipfizz is also a sport drink which is designed to give you energy and rather than hydration, we do think it is more ideal for people who are going to work out after drinking the beverage or train for more than an hour since it will improve your performance as well.

Advocare Spark and Zipfizz Package, Flavors, and Price

Advocare Spark and Zipfizz are a powdered beverage, very similar to meal replacement shake or protein shake for they will need to be mixed with water and while we are using a canister container for Advocare sample, their powder is also available in smaller sachet or stick in which you can carry conveniently anywhere contains one serving of the beverage. Zipfizz on the other hand is coming in this small tube we can easily slip in the pocket and similarly only used for one serving.

As for flavor options, both of them are offering various tasty beverages to choose such as the fruit punch from Advocare besides other interesting flavors like cherry, mango strawberry, pink lemonade, etc. The latter also has many options to pick from including berry, blueberry raspberry, lemon iced tea, orange soda, and many more. Price wise a canister of 10.5 ounce powder is sold at $67.99 for approximately 42 servings by Advocare while Zipfizz is sold at $37.99 per 20 tubes for 20 servings.

Advocare Spark and Zipfizz Ingredients

When looking for any supplement, the most important point is probably checking their ingredients because it make sure if you are fine with the beverage or whether they have certain ingredients you want to avoid. Spark is made with a blend of 20 vitamins and minerals as well as nutrients which are going to work synergistically to provide a health balanced and effective source of focus as well as energy. Zipfizz is also made with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and amino acids for busy people to energize and hydrate their body.

What’s unique is that this sport drink also made with green tea leaf extract, guarana seed extract, and caffeine androgynous which means it will contains certain amount of caffeine as well and it is surely not suitable for children to consume.

Advocare Spark and Zipfizz Nutrition Facts

The next important point is checking their nutrition facts and in this side, Advocare Spark contains 15 calories in each serving with 4 grams of carb and 120 mg of caffeine which source is not stated. It has tons of vitamins here and most of them are exceeding the daily value by two to 4 times higher, such as 180 mg of vitamin C that about 300% of RDV. Considered as a sport drink, this one doesn’t include electrolytes in the formulation.

On the other hand Zipfizz is giving you 20 calorie per serving, with total carb of 2 gram and 100 mg of caffeine. It also contains various vitamins and minerals including sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium with vitamins RDV mostly not exceeding 50% except for vitamin C which is at 500 mg or a whopping 833%. 

Advocare Spark and Zipfizz Direction

Since supplement is not regulated by FDA there is no fixed recommendation on how many we can consume in a day but most are going as needed. Advocare Spark is served with water per 7 grams to make 8 oz. of beverage and most people take them before exercising, during, or after as refreshment and replenishment. Zipfizz is the same and it is prepared at 11 grams or 11 to 16 oz. of water and to optimize the benefits, we can drink this supplement twice a day.

Advocare Spark vs Zipfizz

Advocare Spark Zipfizz
- Slightly more affordable - Expensive
- Lower calorie - Higher calorie
- Has high vitamins - Less vitamins per serving
- Higher caffeine - Less caffeine
- No electrolytes- Has electrolytes

These sports beverages are a good option for those who are living an active life because they are going to hydrate you but also deliver vitamins and energy as well as focus thanks to the caffeine. The prominent difference is Spark has higher caffeine and higher vitamins in each servings compared to Zipfizz yet, the latter also has electrolytes to replenish those we lost during activity.


All in all we can choose any beverage to go with and both of them are equally good as a sport drink but in comparison we do like Zipfizz better because electrolytes lose when you are active with water and it has the minerals.

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