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AdvoCare vs Beachbody

None of us likes dieting because it is restrictive and chances we can’t enjoy our favorite foods anymore because they are unhealthy and may get in the way of our goals. However, there are easier ways to lose weight and it is by using diet shakes like those from AdvoCare Vs Beachbody. Both of these shakes are designed to nourish your body while we are reducing the calorie intake but, before shopping for one, go check which shakes will suit your preference better here.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is Low-Calorie Diet
  • What are AdvoCare and Beachbody
  • Are AdvoCare and Beachbody Tasty
  • What AdvoCare and Beachbody are made with
  • How are the Nutrition Facts of AdvoCare and Beachbody
  • How to Consume AdvoCare and Beachbody
  • AdvoCare Vs Beachbody

Low-Calorie Diet

Body weight is a very sensitive issue for many of us, especially females because the beauty standards require us to be skinny and even clothes that look great on shows are mostly made for people with ideal and the common beauty standards. We personally doesn’t agree with how the market shape the ideal body but as there are lots of movements in the last several years, manufacturers and trend maker start to pay more attention to a wider size range for their products.

But, we also don’t support excessive self-indulgent because while people come with different sizes, the most important point is still health and as long as we can take care of our health without being excessively consuming foods nor extremely restricting them, we can at least maintain a healthy weight. BMI is an easy ratio to measure whether we are normal, overweight or obese and very convenient as well, if you are not a bodybuilder or in a process of developing muscle.

For those who are dealing with excessive fat storage or currently overweight, there is no other option except dieting because changing our lifestyle will change lots of results as well and one of the most prominent being the fat storage in our body. There are so many diet methods out there and we can pick one which seems the most possible to sustain for a prolonged time but also effective and one of them is a low calorie diet. As the name suggest, we will be reducing some of our daily calorie intake with this method.

This diet is very versatile and can be done without much fuss because we are only required to reduce the calorie intake each day and most of the time, we are reduced up to 1000 to 1500 per day to promote weight loss. Some dieters are reducing the amount even further around 800 calories per day and sometimes it can go as low as 500 depending on the goal of each dieters but these extreme diets are mostly not sustainable.

This type of diet is hard to sustain for a prolonged time and difficult to obtain if we are consuming regular foods such as having typical three meals a day which is why most people who are in low-calorie diets are preferring to consume different types of diet foods including shakes, bars, or prepackaged foods with monitored and adjusted calories in each of their serving. Besides being more convenient, they are also offering a more complete nutrient to fill the gap between the amount of calories and daily required nutrients.

About AdvoCare and Beachbody

For those who are concerned about their body weight and want to go on a diet by consuming less calories each day, using meal replacement shake is one of the best methods to reduce the calorie intake. Meal replacement shakes are very similar to a protein shake we often see people consume during muscle building or to boost their exercise results but since they are made to replace shakes, the formulation will be richer to provide the important nutrient we need to get everyday.

As more people are getting interested to try a low calorie diet, the amount of companies offering their own meal replacement shakes are also increasing but among those most popular, we are sure many people are familiar with AdvoCare and Beachbody because there are lots of people recognizing them as MLM companies but, we are only going to talk about their shakes today in which are a great option for those who want to lose weight while doing low-calorie diet but still get a proper nutrition from the shakes.

Both of these brands offer meal replacement shakes similar to those we can purchase from WonderSlim Vs Optifast and many other companies so in general all meal replacement shakes are very similar to each other. Beachbody is calling their meal replacement shakes as Shakeology and this beverage is claimed to be made from high-quality ingredients which all must pass through rigorous testing, formulated to support your health and wellness. This shake is designed to help user gets the proper nutrients they need everyday to strive and to help losing weight.

For Advocare, their shake is only called as it is which is meal replacement shakes and compared to Beachbody’s Shakeology, Nutrisystem, or Medifast, they may not as popular yet, with a company that has been in the industry for quite a long time and offer various health and wellness products, this brand has a loyal fans who enjoy this shake and we personally liking it as well. 

AdvoCare and Beachbody Flavors and Price

The first thing you may want to know when shopping for a shake is probably the taste because let’s be honest, we dislike those that taste like a protein shake and prefer them to have a delicious or at least just like a regular milkshake if possible and similar to many other shakes, not all of the flavors offered by AdvoCare and Beachbody are tasty. This may differ from your palate and personally, we prefer the chocolate flavor from both of them.

Beachbody also has another tasty flavors like vanilla and strawberry which are equally great if you want to mix these shakes with other ingredients but the vanilla from AdvoCare somehow tastes too sweet and too artificial to mask the original metallic-y taste. If you are against whey, Shakeology has the vegan-based formulation as well. Price wise they are also affordable because for example the chocolate flavor of AdvoCare is sold at $40.5 per package of 14 servings while the latter is at $129.95 per 24 servings. 

AdvoCare and Beachbody Protein

While AdvoCare and Beachbody come with attractive claims and messages, the most important point when shopping for a shake especially meal replacement shake is their ingredients and starting first with the former, this shake is sourcing its main ingredients or protein from whey protein concentrate and calcium caseinate which is formed from 90% of casein protein and the rest are being minerals. Whey protein is digested fast to energize your body while the latter is slower, making it great for both breakfast and dinner.

On the other hand, the Shakeology from Beachbody is constructed from their proprietary protein mix including whey, pea, sacha inchi, chia, flax, and quinoa. Pea protein is a popular protein source of shakes and beside it is a high quality protein, it can also be a great source of iron for muscle growth and weight loss aiding. Sacha inchi is grain free and paleo friendly but also rich in protein and all nine essential amino acids for muscle growth. The rest are also rich in protein and fat, especially chia while quinoa is higher in carb.

AdvoCare and Beachbody Nutrition Fact

The next necessary point we have to consider when shopping or looking for a new meal replacement shake is the nutrition content because they are made to replace your meal and it is important to check if they have enough for our daily needs. Starting with AdvoCare, their shake contains 220 calories per serving of 9 oz. beverage and has 24 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat, 24 grams of carbs from 12 grams of sugar and 5 grams of fiber as well as from about 21.4% of daily values for vitamins and minerals.

Beachbody has 140 calories per serving of 8-12 oz. of beverage with total protein of 17 grams and 1 gram of fat combined with 17 grams of total carbs from 9 grams of sugar and 3 grams of dietary fiber while for vitamin and minerals it already supplies about 66.8% of the daily value. These numbers are from the chocolate mocha and chocolate flavors thus, other flavors may be different.

Consuming AdvoCare and Beachbody 

Talking about effectivity, AdvoCare and Beachbody are ideal as meal replacement but for optimal research they need to be consumed properly and apply them alongside a healthy plan with exercise regime. Most people are drinking these shakes in the morning as a quick breakfast with rich nutrients and great taste but convenient as well yet we practically can use them to replace dinner too if you need to cut the calorie intake even more especially with heavy lunch. 

AdvoCare vs Beachbody

AdvoCare Beachbody
- Higher protein - Less sugar
- Higher fat - Low calorie
- Less vitamin and minerals - Higher vitamin and minerals
- Affordable - Expensive

These shakes will help you lose weight and equally great to be the start of your new, healthier lifestyle but they are also different because AdvoCare has higher protein and carbs in one serving but when you count the amount of vitamins and minerals for one serving, the latter is far richer and even two servings can already fulfill your daily diet while with the former will require you to consume about 4 times to fulfill the daily vitamins and minerals.


All in all we can pick any shake as a meal replacement but it should be based on our needs and between the two, we do prefer the one from Beachbody because this shake has less sugar, proper amount of protein and high percentage of daily vitamins and minerals.

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