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Arbonne Fizz Sticks vs Zipfizz

Due to the many activities, lack of sleep or poor diets, sometimes we are already tired even in the morning despite having to do so many tasks today or have to focus on the meeting at 3PM. Coffee often being our best friend but if you don’t like this black and bitter beverage, Arbonne Fizz Sticks Vs Zipfizz are a nice substitute to refresh your day. Both of them are tasty and energizing as well but, go see which the better option below before deciding to try one.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Coffee is Safer than Energy Drink
  • What are Arbonne Fizz Stick and Zipfizz
  • What are Arbonne Fizz Stick and Zipfizz Look Like
  • Are Arbonne Fizz Stick and Zipfizz Pricy
  • How to Serve Arbonne Fizz Stick and Zipfizz
  • What Arbonne Fizz Stick and Zipfizz are made of
  • What Arbonne Fizz Stick and Zipfizz can offer
  • Arbonne Fizz Stick Vs Zipfizz 

Coffee and Energy Drink

Our body needs sleep and proper diet as well as routine exercise to stay energized throughout the day and while healthy lifestyle is all about maintaining these balance, their benefits we experience each day as we are getting fitter are worth more than the effort. The problem is that it needs a huge dedication, strong will, as well as consistency in which many of us are just not able to give or spare.  Poor diet and lack of sleep will often makes you feel lack of energy throughout the day.

Thankfully, we are offered with various options to fix these issues and it is by drinking or consuming supplementation in which the most popular will be coffee and its rival energy drink. People are fond of these beverages because not only do they taste good but also because of the surge of energy and feel of awareness every time we finished a cup or a can. The reason is because they are high in caffeine, the substance we all owe to complete those reports, finish the exams, and staying up late.

Comparing the two, however, it seems people are easier towards coffee than with energy drink despite having the same caffeine as its main source of benefits and if caffeine is bad then there are types of coffee with an even higher content than a can of energy drink but the latter often shown a more long lasting or effective results against drowsiness and an overall lack of energy experience. Most of them are because the other ingredients used to formulate the beverage that makes lots of people against it.

For example, not just caffeine, energy drinks often made with various other ingredients to improve its performance and most of the time they are made with a combination of caffeine, vitamins, amino acids, and sometimes herbs. Companies have been doing their research and continue to develop their products to be more effective and safer. Second energy drinks are high in sugar which is probably the main reason they can be very unhealthy compared to unsweetened or sweetened coffee.

Coffee, especially when brewed at home are simple and only has the natural taste as well as sugar or if we prefer to but, energy drinks on the other side are packed with not only sugars but artificial preservatives, flavors, and dyes as well. Last is we rarely gulp coffee at one go but it is different with energy drink in which many of us love to consume quickly thus, the effect seems to be quicker as well.

About Arbonne Fizz Stick and Zipfizz

At the end it is hard to completely stop drinking energy drinks or coffee completely because of their great instant benefits that we have been so used to but when there is already sign of health issues, we should know when to stop because nothing is good when consumed excessively. If you are also liking how these beverages provide energy throughout the day, you may want to try various alternatives, healthier ones if possible to reduce the health risk or safer for the long term.

Thankfully, as people are getting more concerned about their health, companies are also offering various alternatives to energy drinks and coffee such as what Arbonne and Zipfizz have. Both of them are a popular brands for energy drink alternatives especially for the latter while Arbonne is and MLM company so you will see lots of products being offered by this brand in which one of them is an energy drink. Their beverages are ready to serve energy and refreshment in the morning or in the middle of the day conveniently.

They are especially great if you are into fine, refreshment beverages with some fizz in it which is why they are called Arbonne Fizz Sticks and Zipfizz. As a replacement for your energy drink, they have the same promise to help energize your day and since they are very refreshing just like the actual beverage or even sodas, they will be great as well to help you stay motivated in a tired and boring schedule. The difference is that we have to mix them with water for they are powder.

Not only to refresh your mood and alertness, it seems they are also designed to give a boost in your system so we can use them as a refreshment before starting a workout as well. Overall they are an ideal option if you hate the taste of black coffee and not sure about the effect or consuming energy in the long term. These beverages are made from various beneficial ingredients as well as taste just as good as energy drinks.

Arbonne Fizz Stick and Zipfizz Form and Price

The only con in our mind when first checking Arbonne Fizz Sticks and Zipfizz is that they are coming in powder form that some people may not prefer because they are less convenient and it means we have to carry bottle as well when planning to drink them later. It is not a problem when you are in the office or gym but it can be a hassle when we are traveling with public transportation. However, their package are petite making them easy to slip in the bag or purse.

Arbonne packed their powder in a small packet similar to sugar or creamer while Zipfizz is using this small tube to securely keep their products fresh. They may look like an effervescent tube but the inside are powder. Price wise they are also affordable enough to be taken daily because one pack of Arbonne Fizz Stick for 30 servings are sold at $55 while a pack of Zipizz with a total of 20 tubes inside are sold at $37.99 which mean they are about $1.8-1.9 per serving.

Serving Arbonne Fizz Stick and Zipfizz

Since they are powder, you will need an amount of water to make the beverage at least 8 oz. for Arbonne and at least 16 oz. for Zipfizz. Each serving of these beverages contains 55 mg and 100mg of caffeine respectively. While they come in powder form, they are effervescent which means there will be some fizz in the water when you pour them so we can’t fill the glass or bottle fully for they may spill them. Read also: IdealShape Vs Isagenix.

Arbonne Fizz Stick and Zipfizz Ingredients

The first thing you may want to know about these beverages is probably the ingredients because it will decide how they will deliver the benefits and in this side they are quite similar to each other. Arbonne Fizz Stick is made with citric acid, organic cane sugar, stevia leaf extract, dextrose, natural flavors, guarana, blend of B vitamins, chromium, sodium, potassium, taurine, green tea extract, panax ginseng, rhodiola rosea extract.

As for Zipfizz, this powdered beverage is made with caffeine anhydrous, guarana seed extract, green tea leaf extract, alpha-lipoic acid, green coffee bean extract, grape seed, and grape skin extract while the sweetener being used here are xylitol and sucralose or Splenda.

Arbonne Fizz Stick and Zipfizz Benefits

Moving to the benefits, the prominent active ingredients from Arbonne Fizz Stick and Zipfizz are caffeine such as those from guarana, green tea, and green coffee. Guarana itself is a tropical plant commonly found in the Amazon basin and has a huge caffeine content along with theobromine and theophylline. As for green tea, this popular plant leaf is rich in caffeine as well as antioxidant but as you may already know, caffeine itself has another benefit or improving metabolism hence, it has weight loss potential.

Zipfizz has this alpha-lipoic acid and this substance is found to be helpful for increased metabolism in animals as well as has an antioxidant effect yet the latter still needs more evidence. Green coffee on the other hand besides contains caffeine it also has chlorogenic acid which usually lost during the roasting process. This substance is said to reduce absorption of carbs and lower blood sugar together with insulin spikes. Arbonne has vitamin B and as it is the building block of a healthy body, getting the sufficient amount will improve energy as well.

Arbonne Fizz Sticks vs Zipfizz

Arbonne Fizz SticksZipfizz
- Lower caffeine - Higher caffeine
- Slightly more affordable - Slightly more expensive
- More convenient - Powder package is less convenient
- Two flavors - Lots of flavors

Both of Arbonne Fizz Stick and Zipfizz are a good option if you are going to replace energy drinks or coffee for a fresher and safer beverage. The difference is that Zipfizz is coming with lots of flavors to choose from and in each serving of their powder mix, this one also has almost double the caffeine content of Arbonne which makes it more effective if you feel sluggish during the day or need more energy before starting an exercise.


All in all we can pick which beverage to go with but if you love to try various different flavors and need a more kick in the morning or after lunch the Zipfizz will offer more caffeine as well as energy to rely on.

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