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Dieting is probably one of the hardest process we have to do in our life when one needs to lose weight be it for aesthetic, for a better fitness or to help avoid and cure some diseases. While it is a very challenging experience, at least we can be more relaxed with diet products like BariWise Vs WonderSlim because they provide low calorie foods but still nutritious and tasty. If you are also curious about what they can offer, go check them on our article below.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Dieting is Necessary
  • What are BariWise and WonderSlim
  • Are BariWise and WonderSlim Pricey
  • How are the Meals in BariWise and WonderSlim
  • Are BariWise and WonderSlim Effective
  • Do BariWise and WonderSlim Offer Guarantee
  • BariWise Vs WonderSlim

Diet and Losing Weight

We are sure that most of us have been struggling with our body from various issues whether it is too thin, too fat, too short, or too tall. Sometimes we can’t do anything about it because it has been on our genes and the only way is to accept ourselves for who it is and there is nothing better than loving our body despite some imperfections we may found on it. However, we also should separate between loving and destroying behavior.

Healthy lifestyle will bring you a healthier body as well because we are what we eat and what we do in daily life and with this modern lifestyle sometimes we are not paying much attention to what we put on our body, moreover with the hectic schedule and how many tasks we have completed on a daily basis that makes our food choices are not as wise as it’s supposed to be. The issue with foods can bring harm to our body and today’s world seems to be struggling with excess body fat.

Excess body fat is never a good news because not only it will reduce your fitness but it will also attract various diseases that will harm your body and affect daily activities, especially if you are also living a sedentary lifestyle with very little to no exercise. Fixing our lifestyle is the only way to reduce excess body fat and gain back those fitness and energy level we always want to have or used to have before doing lots of these bad decisions.

Dieting is a part of changing lifestyle and as hard as it may sound, don’t let it discourage you because the one who can help yourself the most is you as well. It is better late than never to start dieting and live a more active life with routine exercise and be more mindful about what we eat because they will transform either for energy or fat which is actually energy source but we have to decrease this amount of storage to achieve better health.

Since choosing food is one of the most crucial issues for dieting, you may want to pay lots of attention to ingredients that has lots of sugars because it is what will be converted into fat and not eating fat itself like what we used to believe. Besides avoiding refined sugars as much as possible, we can also choose healthier or whole diet like Paleo Vs Atkins which put pressure on not consuming processed foods thus, we can train ourselves to change habits and lifestyle for the better.

About BariWise and WonderSlim

Change is never easy, it will require lots of will power and we have to stay consistent for a prolonged and last longing result which mean we also have to make a great commitment for this journey. Suddenly changing from one habit to another is hard, which is why you may want to take it slow and be more convenient with diet products especially for food or snacks that we used to consume on a daily basis because they are designed to help you lose weight.

Prepackaged diet products are almost available widely so no matter we go, there must be one available at every grocery store but here we have BariWise and WonderSlim that we are sure most dieters are already familiar with. These popular brands are offering various diet products for you who are currently trying to lose weight but what’s unique is WonderSlim will provide you with a subscription box and will send it to your address every few weeks to let you be more convenient.

BariWise also has this subscription mode or option but it is not like WonderSlim in which they already craft of include all the product in one box because the former will let you choose manually or we can only choose manually on what to put in the box. The best thing about prepackaged diet products is their convenient because we don’t have to prepare the food everyday, making it useful for anyone who are living a busy life and have no time to cook every time.

Another thing we love from prepackaged diet foods is their taste since in general dieting is not an enjoyable memory and we are restricted from enjoying lots of delicious, mostly high in carbs or refined sugar out there. BariWise and WonderSlim are going to let you have tasty treats or enjoying some delicious beverages like hot chocolate without worrying about the sugar and calories.

BariWise and WonderSlim Price and Plan

Since these brands are family, you may find some similar food choices or items at the same price range but comparing their popular products, it seems like they are very similar to each other but also different in terms of menu including beverages and snacks. For example, the hot oats which comes in a package of 7 in our sample picture above is sold at $14.95 and the latter cereal cinnamon that also comes in 7 package is sold at the same price. 

As it has been mentioned above that BariWise is selling their diet products per item and in addition WonderSlim product is also sold per item thus, if you are not planning to replace all of the foods or committing to the brand, we can just try some of them and see if they match your preference. However, you can save a lot with subscription and be more convenient as well because its plan is starting at $205 per 4 weeks and it already cover 84 meal replacement as well as 28 snacks.

BariWise and WonderSlim Meals and Beverages

Most of prepackaged diet foods or products are similar to each other and this includes BariWise and WonderSlim as well because while the former doesn’t provide a subscription for a complete plan, we can still craft them ourselves to match what you need and want to consume in a day. The prominent difference between them is the fact that WonderSlim is focusing on meal replacement drinks or shake which is also offered by the sister brand with its instant protein drink.

As for BariWise, their whole collection is more like a replacement for food choices because most of them are foods and beverages including snacks such as low calorie chili, diet pancake mix, and protein soup for dieting. Their foods are very low in calories per serving, for example the hot oatmeal we have been mentioning above is only 110 kcal per serving, has 15 grams of protein, and a total carb of only 10 grams.

BariWise and WonderSlim Benefits

BariWise also has protein drink and is useful for meal replacement but not as nutritious like WonderSlim shakes which is designed to replace your meal. Taken from Healthline, meal replacement shake will help you to lose weight because it can prevent dieters from consuming unhealthy meals while the nutrients added will enrich your diet or providing those we don’t get from daily menus. They are also rich in protein or 15 grams per serving to fill your daily protein needs when consume to replace all meals throughout the day.

Another benefit of meal replacement is that they are convenient and chances we can take them almost at any moment whether you are already at home or still working late shift in the office; just mix them with water and we are ready to go. 

BariWise and WonderSlim Guarantee

Another issue with prepackaged diet products is their efficacy and this is something that worries many of us because it is not rare to see a product doesn’t work as how the brand claims them to be. Thankfully, WonderSlim is one of the best when it comes to put their customer’s mind at ease if you are going for the subscription plan because they will provide 150% money back of your purchase as long as it is within 60 days and even up to one opened package.

As for BariWise, we currently don’t see any clue if this brand will provide money back guarantee probably because we are paying per items and if people are not sure yet we usually goes for one or two boxes first.


BariWise and WonderSlim are sister brands and they are an equally good choice to help dieters to lose weight and success on their journey. The main difference is the latter provide a monthly subscription full of products that we can consume for the amount of time while the former will let you choose per product only or buy in bulk. WonderSlim is focusing on meal replacement shakes and while BariWise has lots of protein shakes, they may not designed to fill the daily nutrition.

Bariwise vs Wonderslim

- Offer product individually - Offer both subscription plans and product individually
- Focus on general diet meal/snack/beverage - Focus on meal replacement
- Don’t offer a money back guarantee - Has money back guarantee
- Less convenient for a long term purchase - Highly convenient


There is no bad choice between these brands but if you want to be more convenient, we recommend to choose WonderSlim because they have subscription option and even offer a money back guarantee.

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