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Built Bar vs Optavia Bar

Many people in the US use protein bars to delay their hunger and lose weight. Two of the most popular choices in the market now are Built Bar and Optavia Bar. In this article, we will discuss how Built Bar vs Optavia Bar are different, and which one that will be more effective for your diet and weight loss effort.

Diet and Weight Loss

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Built Bar: Background

If you always have protein bars in your bag to delay your hunger and enhance your energy while you are on a diet, you are not the only one. More than 40 million Americans eat protein bars and diet snacks every year, and analysts expect this number to grow dramatically in the following years. See also: HCG Diet Vs Omnitrition

Among those protein bars, Built Bar is one of the most popular. It offers a nice range of flavors, and they all taste great. However, unlike Optavia Bar, it is not specifically a part of any diet program. Built Bar is a line of protein bars that can suit pretty much any person, from school students to office workers, from dieters to people who simply want healthy snacks.

The company that produces Built Bar is based in Utah. Their facility is located near Salt Lake City. The company was founded by Luke Tolley. Unlike other companies which rely on stories to sell products, Built Bar seems to be based on real science. Luke Tolley holds a Ph.D. in molecular chemistry along with a solid reputation, with more than two decades of experience.

The company primarily focuses on their protein bars, although they also produce Built Bar merchandise items. They take pride in Built Bar’s high-quality nutrition, 100% real dark chocolate, natural flavors, and natural coloring agents. In addition, they also claim that Built Bar doesn’t contain any major allergen. Currently, Built Bar has 8 different flavors available. Each bar weighs about 53 grams.

Built Bar: Ingredients and Nutrition

When choosing between Built Bar vs Optavia Bar, we of course want to compare their ingredients and nutrition quality. There are several interesting differences that we can find if we compare their ingredients.

According to its label, each Built Bar contains 110 calories. This is a pretty low caloric count, so consuming just one protein bar probably won’t cause a problem to your weight loss progress. Each serving provides 15g of protein, 4g of fat, 7g of carbs, and 6g of fiber. Compared to other products in the market, Built Bar notably has more protein and fiber, fewer calories, and less fat.

Built Bar does not contain any artificial preservative, flavor, or coloring agent. It is free of major allergens like soy, nuts, and gluten. And it doesn’t use GMOs.

The ingredients of Built Bar include dark chocolate, whey protein isolate, gelatin, maltodextrin, erythritol, citric acid, water, and natural flavors and colorings that may vary depending on the variety.

Those ingredients are clean and healthy. Erythritol is a low-calorie sugar alcohol that is acquired from fermented glucose from wheat or corn starch. Erythritol can provide 70% the sweetness of sugar while only containing 6% of the calories.

Meanwhile, maltodextrin is a polysaccharide that is safe for consumption. In a large amount, maltodextrin can cause a big spike in your blood sugar levels. However, the amount of maltodextrin in Built Bar is quite low, so there’s no need to worry.

Built Bar: Good for Weight Loss?

Both Built Bar vs Optavia Bar are good for weight loss. They contain low calories, and they can provide useful nutrients to keep you active and kicking throughout the day. In most diet programs, the most important key is controlling your caloric intake. That is quite easy to do with either protein bar.

Another important aspect that will help you go through your diet program more easily is the flavor of the food that you eat. Many people fail because they can’t stand the awful diet foods in their diet programs. Eating foods that you actually enjoy will help you progress without much conscious effort.

And flavor is one of the biggest selling points of Built Bar. Other protein bars are often dense, gritty, and taste like cardboard. This is not the case with Built Bar at all.

Built Bar has a soft and fluffy texture, almost like a marshmallow. It is easy to eat. However, you may also put it in the freezer if you want something that is more chewy.

The flavor is great. It tastes almost like a sweet childhood treat. There is a very nice and enjoyable sweetness. The natural flavorings also add delicious hints into the mix, such as mocha, salted caramel, peanut butter, orange, lemon, raspberry, banana, and vanilla.

Optavia Bar: Background

Optavia is a weight loss program from Medifast, Inc. It was initially named Take Shape For Life (TSFL), which was started as a meal replacement program in 1980. Optavia is the new name that has been in use since 2016.

The company is based in Owings Mills, Maryland. They have an excellent reputation. According to Forbes, Medifast, Inc. is one of the 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in the United States.

As a weight loss program, Optavia aims to help in weight management by providing foods with rich nutrition and controlled caloric counts, as well as coaching and support. The diet program includes professional assistance from Optavia coaches, healthy food recipes, “Fuelings” which consist of meal replacements and snacks (such as Optavia Bars), and motivation from the community.

Optavia aims not only to provide weight loss, but also a life-long transformation for health. Optavia uses the “one healthy habit at a time” approach to make the dieter adopt healthy habits gradually. By changing the dieter’s lifestyle, Optavia wants to ensure that the dieter will be able to maintain a healthy body weight and overall fitness.

Optavia Bar: Part of a Diet Program

Optavia has a list of approved and unapproved foods. The approved foods include soups, smoothies, shakes, crunchers, bars, and brownies. According to the company, the meal replacements that they provide are sufficient to fulfill the required calories and nutrients to allow the dieter to function properly while still progressing through weight loss.

Each diet program from Optavia always includes a health coach support, meals, and a Fueling kit which includes a wide range of items. Different kits may contain different foods. As an example, the Favorites kit contains Buttermilk Cheddar Herb Biscuit, Wild Blueberry Almond Hot Cereal, Dark Chocolate Coconut Curry Bar, Chocolate Cherry Ganache Bar, and Chia Bliss Smoothie.

Nevertheless, Optavia Bars are always included in each Fueling kit. You may choose from a vast range of flavor options, including Dark Chocolate Curry, Drizzled Chocolate Fudge, Caramel Delight, Raisin Oat Cinnamon, and Honey Chili Cranberry Nut.

Optavia Bar also contains low calories. For example, the Peanut Butter Crunch Bar only has 110 calories, so it is comparable to Built Bar. Each of its serving provides 11g protein, 4g fiber, 4g sugar, and 3.5g fat. Compared to Built Bar, Optavia Bar seems to provide less protein and slightly less fat. It provides less fiber, too.

Fiber is an important part of a diet because it can help to make you feel full and less susceptible to hunger without adding calories. Fiber is also needed for your digestive health. Experts recommend consuming 25 – 30 grams of fiber in a day to support your health.

Optavia Bar: Is It Effective?

If you are interested in Optavia Bar, you should consider purchasing an Optavia Diet plan, too. Compared to Built Bar, Optavia Bar may be less effective for reducing hunger due to containing less fiber and protein, although it also won’t increase your caloric intake dramatically. However, when paired with other meal replacements in a controlled diet program, Optavia Bar can be quite effective for supporting your weight loss progress.

Generally, an Optavia Diet plan will recommend consuming a Fueling every two or three hours. This way, you won’t experience hunger, and you will be able to go through your daily activities with enough energy. People often put the lean and green meal for dinner, but the company says that you may put your lean and green meal on any time of the day that suits you best.

Optavia is among the most effective diet programs in the United States. The US News and World Report has ranked Optavia as the number two best diet program, tied with Weight Watchers, Atkins, and the keto diet. Optavia can provide quick weight loss, and this is simply because the caloric intake is controlled very carefully through the eating plan.

Besides, following an Optavia diet program is quite easy. It doesn’t involve complicated mental gymnastics. You don’t need to count points or assess your foods’ macronutrients. You just follow the eating plan, which is simple and straightforward. Not to mention that you can meet with other dieters in the community.

Built Bar vs Optavia Bar

Built Bar Optavia Bar
- A protein bar that is targeted at the general audience - A meal replacement bar for dieters who want to lose weight
- Not associated with any diet program - A part of the Optavia diet program
- Contains higher protein and fiber - Contains lower protein and fiber
- Slightly better for reducing hunger - Pretty good for reducing hunger
- Has fewer flavor choices- Has more flavor choice


Both Built Bar and Optavia Bar are good products. They provide low calories, and they both can help you reduce hunger during your weight loss effort. Built Bar is better if you are not following any particular diet program due to the higher protein and fiber. However, if you want a simple yet effective diet program, Optavia is a great choice, and the Optavia Bar will work well when paired with the other Fuelings.

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