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HCG Diet vs Keto

Losing weight will require you to change a lifestyle or habit with a better one by choosing whole foods and starting to move or exercise more. Fixing lifestyle is not easy but we can apply some diet methods like HCG Diet Vs Keto to help build a healthier food choice and making it a long lasting journey to both fit and happy body. If you are also considering these diets, see which method suit your lifestyle better or seems more effective and doable below.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Losing Weight is Necessary
  • How to Tell if you are Overweight
  • What are HCG Diet and Keto
  • What to Eat in HCG Diet and Keto
  • What to Avoid in HCG Diet and Keto
  • Are HCG Diet and Keto Effective
  • HCG Diet Vs Keto

Overweight and its Risks

None of us want to live with a disease and if it is possible, we want to be healthy as long as possible because health care is not free after all. The bitter fact is, our body will respond to our habit and many of us are doing an unhealthy lifestyle which in the long term will harm the body especially with a poor diet like processed foods that are high in refined sugars and fast foods rich in trans-fat. To gain a fitter body, we also must change the food choices and be more active.

One of the biggest health problems we have to face nowadays is overweight and obesity because the issue is happening almost everywhere and it is seriously concerning because excess body fat is related to many health issues that can hinder your daily activities or be less comfortable in your own body. The first common issue is trouble breathing and this often happens with people who move less or overweight since their lungs don’t expand fully so the breathing muscles may not working properly as well.

Another common issue is fatty liver disease because as fat builds up in the liver, it may create a condition called cirrhosis or scar tissue and it is dangerous since they can shut the liver down completely and what very scary is this condition does not show symptoms until the damage is done. Additionally, if you ever see an overweight or obese individual find it hard to move, one of the reason is because of osteoarthritis or the condition where the weight put much stress on joints and cartilage causing pain and stiffness.

BMI Guide

Besides these health problems, there are lots more to be worried about and if it seems you are gaining weight pretty much lately, it is a good time to start considering the decision to do some dieting or a change of lifestyle. We currently don’t have a convenient method to determine a healthy balance for body fat at home but as long as you are not a muscled individual, BMI or Body Mass Index guide should be very helpful to see if your weight is still okay or not.

BMI is not very accurate and not for everyone but it is still very helpful with a simple guide since it compare between your height and weight and see if it is still in the range of normal or being overweight and even obese. There are many free BMI calculators on the internet and you can check them by inputting height and weight. A number from 18.5 to 24.9 will be normal, 25 to 19.9 will be overweight, and a higher number will indicate that you are obese.

About HCG Diet and Keto

If your scale is going up lately and the BMI number is showing a dangerous zone, it is a good idea to start doing something to get those fitter body back and the only one we can do is by dieting or doing some changing on our habit especially for the food choice. When it is about weight loss, our main concern is always food because it is the most important point to help you shed some pounds while exercise is like a supporter that increase the efficacy of whatever diet we are doing.

In modern days, information can be taken conveniently from almost any sources thanks to the Internet and smart devices so diet guide should be not that complicated anymore. However, the drawback is the more diet methods invented, the more confusing it be since we never know which will be more effective. However, for those who want to lose weight fast, HCG Diet and Keto are two of the most popular and have been shown to actually be helpful for dieters who are on a journey to be slimmer.

For those who are not familiar yet with HCG diet because it seems that this method is rarely spoken or being discussed, this method is actually very-well known among dieters and has been for the last several years but you can say that it is also among those “extreme diet” because its claim is very tempting which is shedding 1-2 pounds per day. Remember we usually hear healthy diet lose this amount of weight in a week, moreover, it will not make you feel hungry in the process.

HCG is short for human chorionic gonadotropin and this is a hormone which is present in a very high level in the beginning of pregnancy as well as used for pregnancy tests. The idea of increasing HCG in the body was first proposed as a tool for weight loss since 1954 by a doctor named Albert Simeons.

As for Keto, we are sure most people even those who never need to diet is also familiar with this method because it is very popular, if not the most popular diet today. Some people also call this method as a low-carb diet because its goal is to limit the intake of carb since it will promote a condition called ketosis in which our body will use the fat for supplying energy. Read also: BariWise Vs WonderSlim.

HCG Diet and Keto Foods

The first thing you may want to know whenever checking for a new diet is probably the food choice and what we need to take during the process because it will decide whether you will be able to fulfill the components or not. Let’s start with HCG Diet and unlike many other diet methods, it actually has no complicated process because what you need to do is maintaining an ultra-low calorie diet of around 500 calories per day and then taking HCG hormone.

The HCG hormone used to be administered via injections but today we have many of them sold by various sellers in different forms like oral drops, pellets or even spray furthermore we can get them without subscription from any retail stores or online stores. As for Keto, it is basically a low carb diet or if you ever done Atkins before, this diet will be very similar because what we need to avoid are foods that are rich in carbohydrates and replacing the most consumption with fat.

This change in diet will make your body reach ketosis state in which there is not enough glucose being used for energy or stored as fat so then it will use the fat storage that we have been keeping. There are also various types of Keto diets such as the Standard with 5% carbs. Cyclical with a pattern of low carb and high carb, Targeted which allow you to add carb around workout, and High-protein with 35% of it instead like Standard with only 20% protein.

HCG Diet and Keto Avoids

The next part is checking foods that you need to avoid during the diet and with HCG, there is nothing we can’t eat during the diet because its sole guide for food is not exceeding a very low calorie count you may set early in the journey for example 500 calories per day. With Keto, there are many foods we have to avoid at all cost and some of them are sugary foods as well as grains or starches and even usually healthy choices like fruits except a small portion of berries.

You will also not allowed to eat any beans or legumes like peas, kidney beans, lentils, and chickpeas with root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, or parsnips. Some alcohol like vodka is still acceptable within Keto diet but most of them are not due to the high level of carbs. In short, anything that is high in carbs or sugar is not allowed in this diet.

HCG Diet and Keto Efficacy 

Talking about effectivity of HCG Diet and Keto, both of them are actually very effective to help you lose some weight but HCG has been known for some misconception since this hormone has been studied a lot and it has no effect on the metabolism boosting like how it was thought in the past and the result achieved by this method is actually due to the very low calorie diet itself. Coming to Keto, this diet is very effective as well and results has been seen on countless people today.

A study conducted to see the benefit is showing that people who are on the ketogenic diet is losing 2.2 times more weight than people who are doing calorie-restricted low-fat diet while also improving triglyceride and HDL cholesterol levels. Additionally, compared to a diet recommended by Diabetes UK, people who are doing ketogenic diet lost 3 times more weight.


HCG Diet and Keto are a pair of option to choose when people want to lose weight but the former is misleading since the benefit is not coming from the HCG hormone but from the low-calorie diet itself so the main idea of this method should be very-low-calorie diet. On the other hand, Keto promote low-carb diet to let the body enter ketosis and finally use the fat storage for energy instead of getting them from foods.

HCG Diet vs Keto

HCG DietKeto
- Work because of low-calorie - Work because of ketones
- Higher HCG is often lead to some diseases - Low-carb promote ketosis
- Will need to take HCG hormone - Doesn’t need any supplement
- Difficult to follow - Easier to sustain
- Have no food to avoids - Have lots of foods to avoid


All in all, all diet should be done continuously for a long lasting effect and between the two, Keto is far superior because the idea is not misleading and more doable without any special supplementation or usage of other products

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