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HCG Diet vs Omnitrition

HCG Diet vs Omnitrition Diet have been quite popular in the recent years. However, do they truly work? How about their side effects? The following discussion will help you understand better about these diet programs and whether you should take them or not.

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HCG Diet: Overview

If you have heard some of the HCG Diet marketing materials, it is almost like magic. The HCG Diet is often described as an extreme, highly effective diet program that can help you lose up to two pounds per day without experiencing hunger. Who doesn’t want to lose weight and stay in shape without getting hungry? That said, in a previous article about HCG Diet Vs Intermittent Fasting, we have discussed about this potentially fraudulent and even dangerous diet program.

The risks of using HCG for diet have been published in many scientific articles. For example, Mayo Clinic has cautioned that HCG is not approved for over-the-counter weight loss treatment. In the medical world, HCG is used for a totally different purpose: fertility treatment.

So, what is HCG, precisely? Human chorionic gonadotropin, which is often shortened as HCG, is a hormone that marks the early stage of pregnancy in a woman’s body. Its natural function is to regulate the production of estrogen and progesterone, which are two essential hormones for embryo development during pregnancy. Once the woman has passed the first three months of her pregnancy, her HCG levels will start to drop.

In the medical world, HCG is sometimes injected into men or women to treat fertility issues. Within controlled amounts, HCG can help to increase the recipient’s fertility. However, if a person has a high level of HCG that is not caused by pregnancy or a fertility treatment, it may indicate that they have an ovarian cancer, placental cancer, or testicular cancer.

HCG was proposed as a weight loss treatment for the first time in 1954. It is said to be able to promote weight loss when accompanied with an ultra-low-calorie diet. However, various studies have concluded that HCG does not have any significant benefit for weight loss at all. Still, these days, “HCG” products are still sold in various forms and are marketed as weight loss treatments.

HCG Diet: Effectiveness

In order to determine whether HCG Diet vs Omnitrition Diet are truly effective or not, let’s first see how they are performed. In the case of HCG Diet, a dieter is required to progress through three phases, which consist of the loading phase, the weight loss phase, and the maintenance phase.

The first phase takes two days. This is called the loading phase. In this phase, the dieter has to eat plenty of high-fat and high-calorie foods and start taking the HCG supplement.

Then, in the second phase, which is called the weight loss phase and takes about 3 – 6 weeks, the dieter should cut down their caloric intake to 500 calories per day while still continuing their HCG supplement consumption.

The last phase is the maintenance phase, in which the dieter may increase their food intake gradually back to normal but still has to avoid sugar and starch. This last phase takes about three weeks. The dieter should stop taking the HCG supplement in this phase.

Supporters of the HCG Diet claim that this diet program can help you boost your metabolism and shed pounds of fat from your body, all without causing hunger. But various studies have shown that the diet program is not truly effective. When comparing the weight loss results of two groups, one took HCG supplements and another took placebo injections, the studies didn’t find any significant difference.

The weight loss that occurred on people who took HCG was caused by the extremely low caloric intake rather than the HCG itself. Additionally, HCG hasn’t been proven to help in suppressing hunger. Dieters who took HCG still feel hungry throughout their diet programs.

HCG Diet: Potential Side Effects

When choosing your diet program, you need to consider your particular health condition. There are several potential side effects that are associated with HCG Diet vs Omnitrition Diet, and people with specific health conditions are more prone than the others. It is recommended that you consult with your doctor before taking any diet program.

The most common side effects of HCG Diet are headaches, fatigue, and depression. Unsurprisingly, these are similar symptoms that are experienced by many women during pregnancy, although this does not necessarily mean that the hormone is the only cause of these symptoms.

In addition, HCG Diet may also cause side effects due to the ultra-low caloric intake. These side effects include hunger, weakness, and reduced concentration. If you experience dizziness and shakiness, your body is probably unable to go through the extreme diet, and you need to eat some food right away to avoid more dangerous conditions such as fainting.

It should be noted as well that many “HCG” products in the market are scams. They don’t contain real HCG. The only way to get real HCG is from a doctor-prescribed fertility treatment. Those over-the-counter “HCG” products are mostly homeopathic supplements, many of which use unregulated ingredients with unknown effects on the human body.

There are other safer and more effective diet methods than the HCG Diet. Simply controlling your daily caloric intake while consuming high-protein foods and exercising regularly can help you lose weight without losing muscle mass or reducing your metabolism.

Omnitrition Diet: Overview

Now, let’s take a look at the Omnitrition Diet. This is also a popular diet program which uses a wide range of homeopathic supplements, some of which are claimed to contain HCG. However, a deeper research has proven that these products don’t actually contain HCG. Instead, their homeopathic ingredients are said to be able to increase the body’s natural HCG production.

The Omnitrition International Inc. is a multi-level marketing company that is based in Reno, Nevada. It was established in 1992. Now, the company is focusing on weight loss, nutritional, and general wellness products. The company takes pride in their US-made products. They claim that their products are produced with the highest quality assurance standards.

As a multi-level marketing company, Omnitrition allows individuals to distribute and sell the company’s products to earn commissions. These individuals are called “independent marketing associates. In order to become one, you will need to pay a one-time membership fee. Afterwards, you can sell the diet programs, supplements, and merchandises to your friends and relatives while taking the weight loss program yourself.

Omnitrition: Effectiveness

The Omnitrition Diet is targeted at people with high determination for weight loss. The dieters are required to dedicate themselves to a healthy disciplined lifestyle. The primary purported benefit is a rapid weight loss that is achieved through a balanced and healthy way.

The diet program also claims to be able to reduce carbohydrate cravings dramatically. By reducing your intake of sugar and other harmful additives, the diet program promises reduced pain and inflammation.

It also claims to help improve digestion, energy, and mental focus through the eating plan. In the Omnitrition Diet, there is an eating plan which restricts the dieter’s food options to plant-based foods. However, starchy foods and carbs are strictly limited as well.

So far, there is no scientific study that specifically focuses on the Omnitrition Diet. However, there have been several studies that discuss the ingredients used by the supplements as well as similar eating plans. One ingredient that pulls the most attention is, indeed, HCG.

As mentioned previously, HCG does not actually have a real benefit to weight loss. However, several Omnitrition supplements still use homeopathic ingredients that are said to be able to boost your body’s natural HCG production, which, in turn, will support your weight loss progress.

If you take the Omnitrition Diet, you will probably still achieve some weight loss. But this comes from the eating plan, and not from the supplements. By eating plant nutrients and proteins while limiting your carbs and total caloric intake, you can lose weight and maintain your energy levels. However, the Omnitrition Diet won’t be any more effective compared to other diet programs that are based on low caloric intake and carbs limitation.

Omnitrition: Potential Side Effects

There are common side effects that are often associated with low-calorie diet programs that may happen when you take the Omnitrition Diet, such as weakness, difficulty concentrating, and hunger. Before you take this diet program, you should consult with your doctor – this is especially important if you have a particular health condition, such as diabetes.

Most ingredients in the Omnitrition products are natural. We may assume that these natural ingredients are safe for consumption by adults. That said, you still need to check the ingredients carefully if you are allergic to certain stuff.

The Omnitrition HCG supplements may also cause fatigue, headaches, depression, and stomach pain. They should not be taken by teenagers because they may cause early puberty, acne, and rapid abnormal increase in height or weight.

HCG Diet vs Omnitrition

HCG DietOmnitrition
- Relies on the HCG hormone for the purported weight loss benefits - Combines an eating plan with supplements
- Consists of three phases - Changes your lifestyle by introducing an eating plan
- Many "HCG" supplements don't actually contain HCG - The supplements are based on homeopathic ingredients
- Not truly effective for weight loss - The eating plan may help in weight loss
- May cause headaches, fatigue, depression - May cause weakness, difficulty concentrating, hunger


Between these two options, Omnitrition Diet is a little bit better because it has a controlled eating plan, which can actually promote weight loss. That said, the Omnitrition HCG supplements may have some dangerous side effects. Also, it won’t be any more effective than other low-carb, low-calorie diet programs.

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