HMR Diet vs Medifast

Sometimes we forget that over consuming can lead to weight gain and once we realize the mistake, our scale is already goes quite far from where it used to be. For those who are looking for an easier, more convenient way to lose weight, HMR Diet Vs Medifast will be two of the best options to try. They offer diet products and are ideal for busy people but, before picking one plan, go see which will suit you preference better below.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Lose Weight
  • What are HMR Diet and Medifast
  • How are the Price of HMR Diet and Medifast Plans
  • What Plans Available in HMR Diet and Medifast
  • Are HMR Diet and Medifast Effective
  • Do HMR Diet and Medifast Offer Money-Back Guarantee
  • HMR Diet Vs Medifast

Losing Weight

Losing weight is probably one of the most difficult challenges we have experienced in our life because the amount of failed attempts we have to deal with in the last several years is enormous. Losing weight is probably also the most popular New Year’s goal we often heard but in practice most of us are failing not long after the end of January. It is very challenging because not only we are not allowed to eat our favorite foods which often not healthy but also because we are already used to the old lifestyle.

Changing lifestyle needs patient and it is better to be done little by little so then we can get used to the new habit without having to reformed 100% at once. The key is being constant and continue challenging our habit to ensure they are long lasting without us having to go back to the old habit all over again. Theoretically, losing weight or dieting is actually not very complicated as long as we have no health issues related to it.

  1. The first step is limiting your sugar and starches because they are the one that create all of those fat accumulation in our body. Our body runs on glucose mainly from carbs but as the amount we spend not as much as we have consumed, they will be stored in the form of fat as well. It is said that when you change the food proportion to be lower in sugar and starches, our hunger level will also drop.
  2. If we can’t eat sugar and carbs then what should we eat. The answer will be the rest protein, fat, and fiber from veggies. It is said that eating high protein meals will boost your metabolism and it is great to help burning more fat per day. It will also help cure cravings and obsessive thoughts by 60%, including the desire to snack especially at late night. However, be careful when picking plant based foods for we must choose those low in carbs like broccoli, spinach, or kale.
  3. If you have been eating healthily, now is the time to increase your activity because a sedentary life is not a wise decision to get used to. Exercising routinely will improve your overall fitness and help burn extra calories as well as increase metabolism. We can pick any exercise we like better but it is recommended to lift weights because it burns more calories and prevent metabolism from slowing down while also help you build some muscle.

About HMR Diet and Medifast

One of the issues about losing weight is that not all of us will have the time to make food preparation and to choose the healthier food options because let’s be honest, grocery shopping and cooking are not everyone’s virtue. If you love to cook and fine with crafting the meals everyday, it is better to cook at home so then we can improve our skills and be more mindful about what we put in our body including the balance nutrition.

For those with very little time to cook or to make their own daily diet meals, you may want to try diet products that are designed to promote weight loss and among those many options out there, HMR Diet and Medifast will be two of the best options to try. Both of them are very well-known among dieters because of their useful, convenient, and effective system but in general, they will be very much similar to each other when it comes to diet programs. 

If you have ever tried a diet products, almost all of them are very low in calories and this is also what these brands will offer to you. They are a diet products brand which are focusing the weight loss program based on the products so there will be various meals in the catalogue that you can eat instead of regular meals. While they are called as diet products, in terms of taste, HMR Diet and Medifast are very tasty so we don’t think there is an issue about how you will consume them.

HMR is shorten of Health Management Resources program while Medifast on the other hand is the sister of Optavia that you can check on our Optavia Vs Nutrisystem yet, they are also different. Optavia is the new name of the company’s Take Shape for Life program so the latter is a subsidiary. What sets them apart from each other when it comes to the diet system is because Optavia include access to coach in its diet plan option in which Medifast is currently not providing. 

HMR Diet and Medifast Price

If you plan to consume diet products, the first thing that we need to consider is probably the price point because we will be consuming them in a pretty long time or at least a few months until we can reach our weight goal. The price may change from time to time but HMR now is offering the starter kit at $301.65 per package of 3-weeks products while the new members can purchase them for $179 to $199 for the two week plan.

For those who plan to customize the plan, each product will vary such as the cereal or soup that sold at $2 and $2.5 per serving or entrees which cost around $3.7 per serving; all of them can be purchased online for more convenient. For Medifast, the plan is made for 4-week application and the most popular 5&1 plan now is called GO! offered at $341 while the Achieve plan is starting at $323. If you are avoiding gluten, the GO! plan also has the version ready.

HMR Diet and Medifast Plans

Just like many other diet products with plan, both of HMR Diet and Medifast are going to ask you replace the regular daily meal with their meal replacement which can be shake or entrée depending on the plan and what’s being included in the program package. These plans will revolve around reducing food intake and the more important calorie deficit because all of their meals are very low in calories to make sure we can burn more than what we eat.  

Daily calorie is counted by how many we should eat in a day and if you are adding more to the meals, the diet can become ineffective yet, with HMR phase 1, we can add some fruits as well into the daily meal replacement. With this diet as you progress more and achieving the weight goal, we can reduce the products and starting eating regular foods but of course, we still have to put an effort to choose the healthier and safer option for the diet if you want the result to last.

HMR also offer another strict program if you need to lose weight fast and this Decision-Free will come in two phases as well with similar system yet, the amount of calories will be far lower about 500 to 800 calories per day. Medifast on the other hand doesn’t have levels on its plan so we are required to consume the meal options until achieving the weight goal. You can continue consuming the products or combining them with regular meals when we can stabilize a healthier eating habits.

HMR Diet and Medifast Efficacy 

When it comes to efficacy both of HMR Diet and Medifast are equally effective when done properly because if calories are strictly limited, you will shed weight quickly as well so it depends on your will-power and how we can stay consistent. With the regular plan of HMR, we can approximately lose about 1 to 2 lbs. per week so the strict plan will probably double the number. According to Medifast, since we are consuming 800 to 1000 calories per day, we can even lose 2 to 5 lbs. per week.

HMR Diet and Medifast Money-Back Guarantee

The last point we want to mention is their money back guarantee because we are going to purchase in bulk so it is quite risky when you are not sure yet about their efficacy. HMR Diet and Medifast have money-back guarantee in which the former is within 60 days of purchase while the latter is within 30 days. All your products that are not opened or used yet will be refunded minus handling, shipping, etc.

HMR Diet vs Medifast

HMR Diet Medifast
- Healthy Solution and Decision-Free - GO! and Achieve
- 1200 calories and 500-800 calories - 800-1000 calories
- Separated in 2 phases - No levels
- 60 days money-back guarantee - 30 days money-back guarantee

These diet plans are ideal if you are a busy person and need a convenient way to lose weight as well as fine by eating very little calories each day. In general, HMR in its regular plan will offer higher calorie intake compared to the GO! plan of Medifast so the latter efficacy is higher but with its more restrictive plan, you can also lose more weight with HMR.


All in all you can choose any of these diets because they are priced at the same level and equally affordable for the quick result but, if you want to lose weight faster, we do recommend using the Decision-Free HMR or GO! plan of Medifast.

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