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Hydroxycut vs Lipo 6

Dieting is hard and we have to put lots of willpower as well as effort and time to shed those excessive body fat but sometimes, we want them to be quick. If you are looking for a weight loss booster, supplement like Hydroxycut Vs Lipo 6 will be a very interesting options to try. Both of them are designed to help you burn fat and achieve those body goals more effectively. Before you try any of these supplements, go check which the most promising option here.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Lose Weight
  • What are HydroxyCut and Lipo 6
  • What Variants Available in HydroxyCut and Lipo 6
  • Are HydroxyCut and Lipo 6 Expensive
  • What HydroxyCut and Lipo 6 are made of
  • What HydroxyCut and Lipo 6 can offer
  • Do HydroxyCut and Lipo 6 have Side Effects
  • How to Consume HydroxyCut and Lipo 6
  • HydroxyCut Vs Lipo 6

Weight Loss

None of us want to be overweight or obese because these condition doesn’t only limit our movement while doing physical activities but also attract so many health issues that some are even dangerously threatening our life. Maintaining a healthy weight is necessary to promote an overall healthier live as well but there are chances when we can’t control ourselves and overeating or have been living a sedentary lifestyle for far too long to finally putting our body weight to a dangerous level.

Dieting is the most effective way to lose weight and supported by daily exercise to shake the remaining fat away but many of us seem to still confused about how to properly and healthily shed those pounds. Here are some simple efforts but will work effectively to reduce body fat without tools.

  1. Reducing sugars and starch are the first important point we have to put our effort into because carbs in general is the culprit of weight gain and reducing carbs will reduce hunger level as well, therefore we will consume less calories. When our body doesn’t have enough carbs to burn, they will use another energy source which is fat to produce energy and this is ideal to reduce the storage in our body. Another benefit of reducing carbs is lower insulin levels.
  2. Rather than consuming lots of carbs or sugar, let’s shift our diet to protein, fat and vegetables instead because high protein diet is shown to boost metabolism by 80 to 100 calories per day and the food options doesn’t have to be complicated as well for eggs, fish and seafood, or meats are ideal for this type of diet. Additionally, high protein diets are amazing to reduce cravings or our worst enemies when going on a diet.
  3. If our diet is already fixed and we can maintain these food options well, let’s not forget about the exercise because they will help your weight loss progress and instead of cardio, change the routine with weight lifting at least 3 times per week. Lifting weights burn lots of calories and prevent metabolism from slowing thus, we can lose fat faster.
  4. For those who are looking for a method to maximize their diet and exercising with a goal to lose weight faster, there are weight loss supplement to try as well. They are not a magic tools that we can rely on without putting much effort to fix the diet and exercising but when all of them are combined together, we may achieve the weight or fitness we have been dreaming for. Read also: Dextrin vs Psyllium

About HydroxyCut and Lipo 6

Weight loss supplements are very popular and probably have been used for centuries, especially after the patent medicine era of 1800s because weight seems to be the problem we have been struggling to deal with since in the past. Today’s diet pills are more complicated and formulated using various high-technology machinery to create the most potent supplement but, there is no guarantee all of them will work the same in our body or as effective despite how many people have been enjoying the benefits.

Among those many diet supplements available in the market today, HydroxyCut and Lipo 6 are two of the most popular modern solution to help people lose their body fat and tone the body. Comparing the two we are sure most people are more familiar with the former because they have been well-known for more than a decade now and also coming with tons of positive reviews from the users who have been enjoying the benefits. Similarly the latter is also well-known to have lots of amazing reviews as well.

However, there is an issue with Lipo 6 because it seems there is a dangerous side effect which causes one of its users, a young man at 24-year old who was taking the supplement to have a heart attack despite not having any history about health related problem in the past according to a case study published in 2009. HydroxyCut and Lipo 6 in general are very similar to each other because they equally relying most of the work to caffeine.

These supplements will have a high caffeine content which is why they are not recommended for people who are sensitive to caffeine. Both of them are supposed to increase metabolism due to the unique formulation used to make the supplement but in the effect you will also feel a surge of energy which is good if you are an active person because dieting often makes people feel sluggish. In addition they may help with appetite handling to prevent overeating and cravings.

HydroxyCut and Lipo 6 Variants and Price

HydroxyCut and Lipo 6 are available in a huge variety of options and each version have slight differences designed to fit the certain goals such as the Lipo 6 for those working on keto lifestyle or made for those who will be very active and need a high energy surge without consuming a stimulant. As for the sample, we are going to talk about the popular HydroxyCut Hardcore from the collection and original Lipo 6 Black supplement from the Black series.

They are coming in the same capsule form and need to be consumed daily with water according to the dosage. Price wise, they are not very affordable but in comparison the latter is indeed cheaper compared HydroxyCut because the Black version with 120 capsules inside is sold at only $39.99 while the former Hardcore version is currently at $25.99 for 60 capsules. If you are sensitive to caffeine, both brands also offer the non-stimulant version of the supplement.

HydroxyCut and Lipo 6 Ingredients

The most important point to consider when looking for a supplement is the ingredient itself because they are the one that will deliver the supposed to be benefits and starting with HydroxyCut, this supplement is made mostly with Caffeine anhydrous, L-theanine, Cayenne pepper, Green coffee extract, Yohimbe extract, L-tyrosine, L-methionine, L-leucine, and Trans-ferulic acid. As for Lipo 6, this supplement is made with Choline, L-Tyrosine, Caffeine anhydrous, Theobromine, Grains of paradise, black pepper fruit extract, Yohimbine HCI, Rauwolscine, and Huperzine A 1%.

HydroxyCut and Lipo 6 Benefits

The prominent ingredients on HydroxyCut and Lipo 6 are caffeine and anhydrous, this is simply the more concentrated form of this stimulant because its water content has been removed and in the pure form they can be very potent. Each of these supplements have 270 and 220 mg of caffeine anhydrous in one serving. One of the most amazing effects of caffeine is that it can stimulate the nervous system and send direct signals to the fat cells to tells them to break down fat.

This process is done by increasing blood levels of the hormone epinephrine or also known as adrenaline which travels through blood to the fat tissues and signals them to break down fats as well as release them into the blood. Next is caffeine also increase metabolic rate or RMR between 3 to 11% with larger dose, the larger the effect too. Metabolism is necessary to help lose weight because high metabolic rate will promote weight loss faster.

HydroxyCut also has green coffee and this is also popular for weight loss solution because the chlorogenic acid which is damaged when a coffee is roasted.  This substance is said to slow down the absorption of carbs so our body may get less than what we have been eating compared to when not consuming the substance. The next similar ingredient from these supplements are Yohimbe made from the bark of an African evergreen tree and the active substance is called yohimbine.

For the weight loss effect, there are mixed reviews on the effectivity of this substance because it has the ability of blocking alpha-2 adrenergic receptors located in fat cells and in theory, this will lead to increased fat loss as well as weight loss yet the studies conducted still shows different results among researchers. L-tyrosine on the other hand is nootropic and used as precursor for dopamine, norepinephrine, and adrenaline to enhance mood and brain focus.

HydroxyCut and Lipo 6 Side Effects

The caffeine dosage of HydroxyCut and Lipo 6 are fairly similar and still safe for daily intake but depending on each individual, there might be some side effects too due to the active ingredient which most likely the caffeine itself. Some people may find it hard to rest or experiencing insomnia, anxiety, nausea, diarrhea and other related symptoms. However, after prolonged use, there is also a chance of our body started to get used to the supplement so at a point the supplement may not work the same anymore.

HydroxyCut and Lipo 6 Directions

Dosage may vary between each of HydroxyCut and Lipo 6 products so it is best to follow the direction in each of their package but as we are picking the original Lipo 6 Black, this supplement is taken 3 capsules in the morning and another 3 in the afternoon but never exceed the dosage in 24 hours period. With the Hardcore version of the former supplement, first day take 1 capsule daily, increase to 2 for the next two days and increase to 2 capsules two times a day 30-60 minutes before our largest meals.

Hydroxycut vs Lipo 6

Hydroxycut Lipo 6
- Higher caffeine (Hardcore) - Lower caffeine (Black)
- More expensive - Affordable
- Less serving size - Higher serving size

These supplements are good to help people lose weight by increasing their metabolism but they are also different because in general HydroCut; in this article the Hardcore version is supplying much higher caffeine when consumed stably twice a day at 2 capsules even more with the addition from green coffee. The increase in metabolism will be higher with HydroCut due to its higher caffeine but the chance it gives side effects will be higher as well.


All in all we can use any of these supplements to help with the weight loss journey but in case you are sensitive to caffeine or don’t want to develop tolerance to it then we can look for the one with lower caffeine like Lipo 6 or HydroCut without the stimulant.

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