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Idealshape vs Herbalife

Who doesn’t want to get more skinny and lose weight in fasten time? Nowadays, diet becomes something that includes in somebody’s style. Not only to make a better appearance, but it is more to a healthy style. Therefore, a healthy meal is one of the parts when choosing to lose weight. Including selecting meal products between Idealshape VS Herbalife. Both are two common products for diet and good nutrition. But, if you want to know which one is the best and more suitable, then you shall read the below information first before buying it.

Diet and Weight Loss

Brand Overview and Ingredients

The first thing you might need to know is the purpose and the brand overview of each product. Idealshape is a weight management system that consists of a replacement meal such as snack bars and supplements. The ingredients including Slendesta potato extract, whey protein, sunflower oil, vitamins and digestive. The product shall consume twice a day to replace the meals and the number of your daily calories taken. It will work best with exercise as it increases consumed energy and controlled calorie intake. It has been around since 2003 and has an official website plus a trusted agent or retailers. Read also: IdealShape vs Isagenix

Herbalife is another product that also works similarly. It founded in 1980 and has thousands of distributors in many countries. The ingredients are a little bit different. However, mainly it is consisting of the vitamins and digestive too that able to help people manage the weight. Overall, it also maintains the calorie intake so that it brings enough energy but not adding more fat.


Talking about the benefits of the products both have similar advantage. As an example, Idealshape will bring you the below benefits:

  • The product will give you enough calories with low sugar. As the ingredient is considering a small amount of sugar and focus on another nutrient type for their consumer.
  • It helps to suppressant the appetite and keeps people stay from hunger for about 4 hours.
  • Give enough protein to help to optimize the muscle and reduce the fat content.
  • Completed with a 30-day money-back guarantee program. Therefore, it promises you a real weight loss as needed.

Herbalife will give typical benefits. Consuming the product will give you an advantage of:

  • Balance the nutrient of your body. Since the products consist of a suitable amount of vitamins and minerals that help you to feel full for several hours.
  • Supply enough fiber and grain so that it helps to lose weight effectively. Since the main ingredients of this product are mostly fiber with the high digestive system.
  • Help to detox the body by reducing the toxin content inside the intestine. 
  • Effectively manage a good digestive system and avoid the possibility of constipation.
  • Manage to reduce body fat and balanced the nutrient inside the body. 
  • Improve body metabolism and supply enough potassium, calcium, iron, and vitamin. Which also good to improve the blood vessel and help to ward off the free radicals.

Side Effects

Even though each product claims they bring a good advantage, but some people might experience side effects from consuming the meal. It may not be the same in each people. Therefore, it is suggested to check on the possible side effects before deciding to consume and taking the weight loss plan with these products. Such as Idealshape that apparently may bring the following considerations:

  • Too much portion will lead to not improve the absorb nutritional value for the body. Therefore, it only suggested consuming as much as recommended.
  • Prolonged use of the meal plan, which consists of soy protein and appetite suppressant, might lead to thyroid complications. It is also possible to reduce the immune system. Therefore, avoid consume thyroid drugs for about 2 hours before consuming the meal. 
  • Consume the meal together with inulin also can produce hard belch and fart. 

While consuming Herbalife also can manage to bring several side effects such as below:

  • This might be harmful when consumed together with certain drugs. Therefore, people need to make sure they consume the medicine several hours before taking Herbalife meal.
  • Check the precautions label on the product. Whether it is safe or not to consume by children, seniors, pregnant women, or nursing mothers.
  • Too much consume might not help to optimize the nutrient in the body. Therefore, the same way with Idealshape, it best to consume as recommended. Not too much or too often.


Each product in each brand might have a different price. Therefore, it shall depend on the product type of each brand. Such as the Idealshape Shake cost about 48 USD per canister. While Herbalife Shake cost about 46 USD per canister. From this price overview, it can be seen that both products not having too much different in price. It even can mention similar product, unless they come from different brand.

Idealshape vs Herbalife

- Calories : 100 - Calories 90
- Sugar : 1g - Sugar : 9g
- Fiber : 5g - Fiber : 3g
- Protein : 11g - rotein : 9g


Comparing the two products, Idealshape VS Herbalife, it might depend on the preference of each people. As both products are quite competitive to compare. Therefore, you may want to consider the other aspect except for the price and the nutrient content. You may want to consider how easy to get the product. Herbalife is a more international product and can easily find in many countries. But not with Idealshape. Therefore, it can be one of the strengths where you may want to choose Herbalife rather than Idealshape. But in case both products are easily available in your country, it will be normal to feel confused about selecting the products.

In the end, you may want to try first, which one is more suitable for your body. As both will manage to help you reduce your weight, but your body metabolism might not be the same when consuming one of the products. You may suit with Idealshape and not be success with Herbalife. But, other people may experience different things. Therefore, you need to check which one is working the best for your weight loss. Therefore, you can get the best product to select in the future day. 

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