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IdealShape vs Isagenix

Maintaining body weight is a challenge for many of us because it is easy to overeat and gain weight without us noticing. If you are currently experiencing the same issue, why not try weight management shake like IdealShape Vs Isagenix to reduce body fat level especially when combined with healthier diets and routine exercise. They are rich in nutrients but also slightly different and if you are considering these shakes, check what they can offer and which one of them will be the better option below.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is Meal Replacement
  • What are IdealShape and Isagenix
  • Are IdealShape and Isagenix Pricy
  • What IdealShape and Isagenix are made with
  • What are the Nutrition Facts of IdealShape and Isagenix
  • Are IdealShape and Isagenix Effective
  • IdealShape Vs Isagenix

Meal Replacement

Food is probably one of our favorite things in this life and most people enjoy eating delicious foods but, the inseparable fact is the food which should become energy for our daily activity will also accumulated in the form of fat. Our body have fat accumulation whether it is low or high but once we eat a lot, most people will save the excessive energy into fat except those with very high metabolisms who seems to not able to gain body fat no matter how much they eat.

The healthy method to reduce body fat and be fit again is by fixing the diet such as trying a new lifestyle through Paleo Vs Keto diets and then exercise routinely, everyday or several times a week to help increase metabolism and burn the excess calories. Changing lifestyle is never an easy thing to do because we have been so used to the initial routine and while it will take a huge effort as well as times, at the end it will be worth to gain better fitness and confidence.

There are so many diet methods to try and we are sure most of you have tried at least one diet method or dieting in the past. Result may vary from person to another and it is normal but finding the most effective and suitable diet for our lifestyle is the real challenge because just like any process, we need to be consistent and committed to achieve the goals. For those who are seeking the most convenient way to lose weight, using meal replacement can be a great idea.

As the name suggests, meals replacement is designed to replace your regular meal and commonly comes in a shake form whether it is a powder mix or ready to drink mix. They are very similar to a protein shake but are also different because a protein shake mostly consists of protein and designed to help people gain more muscle mass and not to fill their daily nutrition intake which is the goal of meal replacement that makes the latter richer in general.

Meal replacement can be taken a few times a day to replace your regular meals and the reason why they are effective for weight loss is because the amount of calories is very low or in average about 100 to 200 kcal per serving. Depending on the shake, they can be richer as well as completed with vitamin and minerals to make sure we are getting the proper nutrition per day despite not consuming solid foods. In addition, they are very convenient by needing very little preparation.

About IdealShape and Isagenix

While it seems like a modern invention, meal replacement shake is actually not a new thing anymore because the product was already around since back then in the 60s. The first company who sold the product was Metrecal which is also infamous for the chalky taste. Nowadays, meal replacement no longer taste bad and there are lots of new companies putting much effort to improve their formulation taste thus, people can still enjoy them through the journey of losing weight.

There are lots of good options out there coming from big companies but it can be confusing at first. In general food replacement are very similar to each other despite the different brands but those who want a great tasting ones should also try IdealShape and Isagenix. These popular shakes are loved by so many dieters for the delicious taste and their complete nutrition to help you get the daily recommendation but without exceeding the calorie allowance we have to limit for the day.

Both of them are a dietary companies that offer various diet products to help people reach their fitness goal. So there will be lots of products in their catalogue yet their most popular product is the meal replacement shake. The Isagenix shake is called IsaLean and this shake is claimed to be clinically tested to promote effective, health weight loss as well as lean muscle building with a low-glycemic index to make sure they are energetically fulfilling without being too high in calories.

Similarly, the IdealShake is also designed to be very low in calories but is packed with nutrients and this certain brand also claimed they have a unique hunger blocking blend to make sure you are satisfied after drinking the shake. Even though being different from a protein shake, all meal replacement shake including these two will contain an amount of protein but not as much as those made for muscle building. Setting all the bells and whistles about these shakes, our favorite part is that they are convenient to prepare.

IdealShape and Isagenix Price

The same with any meal preparation shakes out there, both of IdealShape and Isagenix are available in various flavors and the one that may taste great for you probably different from the other yet, it seems that the Creamy Dutch Chocolate from Isagenix is the fan’s favorite despite the other flavors like Creamy French Vanilla or Strawberry Cream. On the other hand people seems to like the Vanilla shake better from IdealShape which is also very versatile in our opinion to be mixed with other ingredients.  

Price wise they are pretty much affordable compared to many other similar shakes out there and for example, the IdealShape shake in this variant chocolate flavor is sold at $44.13 per canister which is enough to make 30 servings of the beverage while on the other hand the popular Creamy Dutch Chocolate is sold at $55.99 per canister but this one is enough to make only up to 14 servings.

IdealShape and Isagenix Protein Source

One of the most important part to notice when looking for a meal replacement as well as protein shake is the main ingredient which in most cases are building the base for energy source and this is based on protein source. IdealShape and Isagenix are similar yet different because the former is made with whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and potato protein extract while the latter is formulated with Myo-IsaLean complex which is a mixture of whey and milk protein as well as nonfat milk powder.

In general they are the same and whey protein itself is one of the most, if not the most popular source or protein in both meal replacement shake and protein shake. The best part of whey is that they are fast to be digested and will make you feel full quickly but in comparison to casein which is also a part of milk protein, it will cause hunger faster as well. The protein is generally safe and also has a benefit for muscle growth due to its quick digestion feature.

IdealShape and Isagenix Nutrition Fact

The next important thing you have to consider when looking for a meal replacement shakes is their nutrition facts and this includes the calories per serving. IdealShape is very low in calories because one serving of 30 grams powder only has 100 calories with 11 grams of protein and 11 grams of total carbohydrate. IsaLean from Isagenix is offering more but with higher dose as well because its serving consists of 60 grams of powder and has roughly 240 calories in it.

This shakes is also very fulfilling because each serving will contains a total protein of 24 grams which is almost half of our daily value while the carbohydrate is fairly low as well at 24 grams. Depending on your daily calorie intake, we can custom the meal replacement shake with anything but most people are combining fruits like strawberries or bananas to both increase the calorie and nutrition as well as improving the taste.

IdealShape and Isagenix Effectivity

Talking about effectiveness, reducing calorie intake while still doing the regular daily activity, same as before will mostly cause weight loss as well but the result will vary from one dieter to another. Replacing all meals with these shakes may sound a bit extreme, especially for a long term because they are not going to fully satisfy your appetite so it is recommended to only use one or two meals replacement per day while combining them with healthier diet and a routine exercise.

IdealShape vs Isagenix

- More affordable - Slightly more expensive
- Vanilla is the best flavor - Dutch Chocolate taste the best
- Less serving recommendation - More serving recommendation
- Less protein per serving - Higher protein
- Dieters might still feel hungry - Makes you full quickly

These shakes are a good option to help you lose weight but they are also different because Isagenix portion is almost twice as IdealShape which makes the shake seems more expensive. However, the shake also contains more calories and more protein for your proper daily consumption added with various nutrients including minerals. For the taste, we love the Dutch Chocolate from Isagenix and Vanilla from IdealShape.


All in all the decision is all yours for they are equally good but if you want the one with delicious chocolate taste, we do highly recommend Isagenix. This shake may be a little bit expensive but the serving recommendation is great for one or two meal replacement per day without being too little.

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