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Achieving a proper diet with enough exercise are the best way to maintain health so we can avoid various health problems in the future. Overweight can lead to some diseases like high blood pressure and reducing our body fat is great to maintain fitness level as well. For those who are currently maintaining or trying to lose weight, IdealShape Vs Visalus are a nice supplementation to help the process. Go check what they can offer and which the best option is. 

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Consuming Meal Replacement Shake
  • What are IdealShape and Visalus
  • Are IdealShape and Visalus Delicious
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  • What IdealShape and Visalus can offer
  • How to Serve IdealShape and Visalus
  • IdealShape Vs Visalus

Low Calorie Diet and Meal Replacement Shake

Food is one of the most dangerous temptations for our health because we tend to love tasty foods and sometimes, we can indulge in an unhealthy decision of over consumption especially of it is the type of foods with certain taste fitting your preference. It is not a very concerning if you are the type that can’t gain weight easily but the majority of us will obviously find the scale to move higher and this is bad news for you because losing weight is not an easy journey to walk through.

Losing weight can help a person to avoid various health issues especially those related to higher body fat such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases; some type of cancers are also increased in risk if you are overweight or obese because if there is too much fat in the body, the signals it sends around the body can cause damage. The best way to shed some pounds are by fixing the diet and of course increase physical activities by exercising daily.

There are so many diet methods out there such as the popular Paleo Vs Whole30 which focus on whole foods and a healthier, mostly low-calorie food choices. For those who are thinking that these types of diets are too strict, reducing the amount of calorie intake everyday is the most convenient method to try. In general consuming higher calories than we spent will make its gets stored in the body and it is in the form of fat so reducing the intake can help with weight loss.

Reducing calorie intake can be done by reducing the amount of meals we have in a day or reducing the portion and removing those high in calories like carbs. Preparing meals at home is the best way to monitor your food and prevent us from getting them from fast food restaurants in which most of their foods are high in calories such as fried and starchy foods. However, it can be very time consuming and not all of us are willing to go through the effort.

This is why meal replacement is very popular among dieters or people who want to keep their daily calorie intake low. As the name suggests, a meal replacement is used to replace your meal; mostly for breakfast but can be used throughout the day as well depending on the person’s goal. They are very similar to protein shake in terms of form and taste but also richer in nutrients we usually get from daily meals yet very low in calories to keep your diet on track.

About IdealShape and Visalus

As the demand and popularity of meal replacement are prospering, the product is also widely available and there are tons of brands offering the same products; some are quite well-known and always mentioned over conversations but there are many that also unfamiliar to our ears. In general they are the same with similar formulation and about the same range of nutrition per serving yet, their exact formulation are usually different. For example the taste and source of protein which made most of the ingredients list.

Among those many brands who offer meal replacement shakes, IdealShape and Visalus are two popular choices for people who want to keep their calorie intake low but also still get the important nutrients we achieved from eating a healthy diet options. Both of them are claiming the same promise we can read on any other similar products out there which is low in calories but nutritious shakes and of course tasty because we need to enjoy these beverages to be able to consume it everyday.

IdealShape is a company that is offering various types of products which are related to weight loss and one of them is this meal replacement shake. Besides the weight loss effect itself they also promise to fix your habit especially with this meal replacement product because it will help you maintain the appetite and it is great if working properly, for hunger is one of our greatest issues when dieting. The reason why we love it is because the shake is one of the lowest in calories we found in the market.

Visalus itself called their meal replacement shake as Vi Shape nutritional shake, which is the foundation of their Vi Challenge Kit. As you may already know, many diet products are sold by MLM companies including this one. Similarly they claim to promote weight loss and help you in the journey with their proprietary blends of ingredients. What interesting is they have this Body By Vi challenge which is weight loss program for fitness and weight loss taken up to 90 days.

IdealShape and Visalus Flavor and Taste

Just like any shakes, IdealShape and Visalus are coming in powder form which is the easiest method to let them mixable with various ingredients; with other liquids and solids. The reason why many people are loving these shakes is because they taste great and unlike most meal replacement out there that tend to taste chalky and leaving a weird aftertaste in your mouth. These sweet cream and chocolate flavors seems to be the favorite from each brand for their amazing taste and versatility.

IdealShape chocolate for example taste just like chocolate beverage and mixed well with either milk or just water, even its consistency is milky and goes well with your shaker as well as taste delicately sweet. Vi Shape by Visalus popular flavor sweet cream is probably the most versatile for we can enhance the taste with wider ingredients. For example with fruit juice it taste just like a smoothie and if you add banana, it will make it taste like malt.

IdealShape and Visalus Ingredients

Besides the taste, what is most important about a meal replacement shake is their ingredients because it is the source of nutrients that are important for our body. Starting with IdealShape, this shake is using slendesta as its one of protein sources and it is actually potato extract which is trademarked but safe to use and available in many products already. In addition it also has whey protein which is also one of the most common protein sources both for meal replacement and protein shakes.

Moving to Visalus Vi Shape meal replacement, this shake is made with Tri-sorb protein formula including soy protein, minerals and calcium, aminogen, and fibersol.

IdealShape and Visalus Nutrition Facts

The next important point to check when buying a meal replacement shake including from IdealShape and Visalus is the nutrition facts itself for it will tell you what can we get from the product. First Vi Body by Visalus is one of the lowest in calories compared to many other shakes because this one is only giving you 90 calories in its serving size of 26 grams. It is fairly low even among meal replacement shakes and great if you want to keep the calories low. 

Other than the calories, it has 12 grams or 24% daily protein, 1 gram of fat, and 7 grams of carbs with less than 1 gram of sugar. It has various vitamins with average range of 30% for your daily recommended percentage. On the other hand IdealShape is a little bit higher in calories at 100 for 30 grams of serving. It has 11 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat, and 11 grams of carbs with 1 gram of sugar but its vitamins content is much higher mostly above 50% of your recommended daily value in which the vitamin C is even up to 100%.

Serving Recommendation 

Last but not least is their preparation method but, as for IdealShape and Visalus there is no special instruction that we need to follow because they are mixable with almost any of your favorite ingredients. We can either use regular water or milk whether it is cows or vegan products like almond milk. IdealShape serving size is one scoop or 30 grams for one shake and Visalus is slightly lesser at 26 grams.

IdealShape vs Visalus 

IdealShape Visalus
- Tasty chocolate - Versatile sweet cream
- Higher serving size - Less serving size
- Lower protein - Higher protein
- Higher fat - Lower fat
- Higher amount of vitamins- Lower amount of vitamins

Both of IdealShape and Visalus are a great meal replacement shakes to try if you are doing a low calorie diet because they can control your calorie intake conveniently. The difference between shakes are very little and we are more interested on how many vitamins IdealShape is offering in its formulation because the protein amount and source are very similar to each other yet IdealShape has this hunger blocker potato protein that will make you feel sated longer.


All in all these two are an amazing shakes for your diet but if we are to choose, IdealShape chocolate is a tasty and healthy beverages to make sure you will consume less calories throughout the day but will still get the proper amount of nutrients.

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