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Mediterranean Diet vs Paleo

Diet methods are available for free to apply and use but while they are mostly effective to help us lose weight or improve health, not all of them are ideal for us. For those who are looking for a diet method with a goal to lose weight, improve eating habits and lifestyle, Mediterranean Diet Vs Paleo will be a very ideal option to consider. They are focusing on natural products and are easy to compelled but before choosing one, go check which will be the best option below.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is Considered Overweight and Obese
  • What are the Health Risks of Overweight and Obesity
  • What are Mediterranean Diet and Paleo
  • What are the Basic of Mediterranean Diet and Paleo
  • What to Eat in Mediterranean Diet and Paleo
  • What Not to Eat in Mediterranean Diet and Paleo
  • Mediterranean Diet Vs Paleo

Overweight and Obesity

Health is the most important thing in life because while we can say financial independence is also important, health care is expensive and without a fit body we can’t enjoy our daily life or spend time with our loved ones doing various interesting activities. Among today’s health concerns, we can’t lie that overweight and obesity is among the most dangerous threat to our well being because it seems people are getting heavier each year and this is shown by number from reliable researchers and data.

Overweight and obesity as the name suggest can differ depending on which description we are reading but in general it is a condition in which our body mass is greater than what is considered healthy. The easiest way to determine it for non muscle builder is through BMI or body mass index that can be calculated based on our weight and height. Adult whose BMI is greater than 25 to 29.9 is considered overweight while those above these numbers are considered obese and the normal should be around 18.5 to 24.9.

Overweight and Obesity Health Risks

The reason why overweight and obesity becomes a problem is because of its bad effect on our body and not just for cosmetic consideration. In the US, there are roughly 112,000 deaths per year that is related to obesity and most of them are patient with a BMI over 30 while those above 40 shown to reduced life expectancy.

  • The most common negative effect of overweight and obesity is insulin resistance because insulin is needed to transport blood sugar into the cells of muscle and fat so they can use it as energy. IR condition is where there is diminished effectiveness of insulin in transporting glucose into cells and since fat cells are more insulin resistance than muscle cells, hence it can increase the risk of insulin resistance.
  • The next common negative effect is type 2 diabetes because it is associated with central obesity or the person with central excess fat around their waist.
  • Next is high blood pressure or hypertension because research has found that weight gain tend to increase blood pressure as well which somehow more significant in women than in men.
  • We are sure most people consider heart attack to be a terrifying health issue and this condition unfortunately can also be triggered by excess fat because a prospective study found that the risk of developing coronary artery diseases increase 3-4 times in women with BMI greater than 29 and there is Finish study that shows for every 2.2 pounds increase in body weight the risk of death from coronary artery disease is also increased by 1%.

About Mediterranean Diet and Paleo

If you are experiencing a rapid weight gain without a clear guess on what causing is, it is best to consider going to the doctor because it can be a sign of some health problems but if you have realized it because of poor eating habits or insufficient physical activities, it becomes easier to fix the problem. These are habit related cause and while fixing the issue can’t be done in 24-hours, we actually can reverse the condition by replacing our diet and increase physical activities.

There are various healthy diet methods out there and all of them will benefit your health to a certain level depending on the diet itself. The hardest part is self-control because no matter which diet we choose, we will be required to limit consumption of all types of food or certain types in order to increase fitness and weight loss. Two of the most popular diet that not only great for weight loss but for fixing a poor eating habits and lifestyle are Mediterranean diet and Paleo.

This is because both of them are focusing on a more natural food choices so processed foods that is not only less nutritious but also can be bad for you so they are a no-go in any of these methods. These diets are also very convenient and easier to do compared to other types of diet with a higher weight loss efficacy like low-calorie diet and Keto because the range of foods we can enjoy in these methods are quite wide and mostly affordable.

As the name suggests, Mediterranean diet is based on the lifestyle of Mediterranean people and this diet method is based on an interest on how this area have lower rate of heart diseases and overall has fewer deaths relate to it compared to both US and northern Europe. This becomes subsequent study and it was found that their diet is indeed what makes the disease is so rare among Mediterranean people. It is then becomes one of the healthy eating plans by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

As for Paleo, the idea is that we should come back to how our ancestors or those who live in Paleolithic era are eating and as the name suggest, we are told to consume only those that can be consumed by the caveman. In its pure form this diet is very high in healthy fats, vitamins, and fibers.

Mediterranean Diet and Paleo Basic

Because it is based on the idea of how certain community eat, the idea of Mediterranean diet and Paleo can be quite confusing. Overall, we are going to eat lots of natural products with any of these methods because daily meal will be packed with vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats. You will also eat many animal products like fish, poultry, and eggs when doing these diets while red meat is something to be limited in Mediterranean but not to the same extent in Paleo.

Overall, what we need to do is to cook at home, doing routine grocery shopping to gather all of those healthy ingredients and craft the meal in the kitchen. One thing stay consistent in any of these diets is that there is no modern foods or processed foods so packaged or ready-meal is out of the option including sugary drinks. Overall they are very similar with Whole30 diets that you can check on our Paleo Vs Whole30 when it comes to food options.

Mediterranean Diet and Paleo Ideal Foods

Moving further, let’s look closer on what we can or can’t eat in the diet and starting with Mediterranean diet, as it has been mentioned above this method emphasize plant based meals not meat based because the foundation of this diets are veggies, fruits, herbs, nuts, beans, and whole grains. The next pyramid is for high-protein, fat, and calories products like olive oils, dairy, poultry, and eggs including fish which is the central of this diet along with other seafood. The last pyramid and what we should eat in occasional only is red meat.

Paleo diets is a bit complicated depending on which plan do you want to choose but in general they are following the basic choice of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds, lean meats or grass-fed animals and wild game that resembles what our ancestors used to eat, fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon or mackerel, and oils like those from fruits or nuts.

Mediterranean Diet and Paleo Not to Eat

The next part is what we should avoid when doing these diets and in our opinion this is where both of them differ prominently. First, what you need to avoid when doing Mediterranean diet is mostly processed foods because we can still eat the rest of them including red meat and poultry just the amount should be reduced drastically if you have been having them for almost everyday. It even allow for some red wine into the diet but it has to be very controlled or in moderation yet better be avoided.

On the other hand, Paleo is almost as strict as Keto diet despite not as very controlling because with this diet we have to say goodbye for grain products such as wheat, oats, and barley means we can’t have bread anymore. Legumes like beans, lentils, peanuts, and peas that are allowed in Mediterranean diets are not allowed in Paleo including potatoes and even animal products like dairy is not to be consumed. However, what stays the same is refined sugar and processed foods which are equally not for any of these diets.

Mediterranean Diet vs Paleo

All diet method should be able to promote weight loss because we are fixing our habit but most of them are doing amazing in the long term compared to a more weight loss focused diets like low-calorie method. Mediterranean is different from Paleo because it is less restrictive and easier to do or maintain in the long term but since it is less restrictive, your weight loss goal may not be achieved as fast.

Mediterranean Diet Paleo
- Less restrictive - Strict
- Plant based - Plant and meat based
- Can be higher in carbs - Lower in carb
- Easier to maintain- More difficult to get used to
- Dairy is fine in moderate - No dairy
- Legumes is allowed- No legumes
- Grain is allowed - No grain


All in all we should pick the diet method that fits our need the most. If you have bad eating habits and want to be healthier, Mediterranean diet is easier to do but if weight loss is the top consideration, Paleo is actually very effective for the goal.

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