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Miralax vs Citrucel

Sometimes people are not paying attention to their digestive health and this can get worse as we are consuming bad food options especially processed foods which often lacks in fiber. If you are experiencing irregularities due to lack of fiber, Miralax Vs Citrucel are a good solution to help fixing the problem because they are designed to support regular bowel movement. For those who also suffer from irregularities, check what these supplements can offer and pick which solution will benefit you better below. 

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How Often is Regular Bowel Movement
  • What Cause Constipation
  • How to Fix Constipation
  • What are Miralax and Citrucel
  • What Miralax and Citrucel are made with
  • How Miralax and Citrucel Work
  • How to Consume Miralax and Citrucel
  • Miralax Vs Citrucel

Regular Bowel Movement

We are eating everyday and these foods are being used as energy to fuel our body, to nourish them, to make sure we are strong enough to climb those stairs and carrying our books or backpacks as well as walking from the station to our apartment. They are required to let us stay focus and overall feels better but, as with many things, those that have entered our body, they must get out as well and while it seems like a light problem, having a regular bowel movement is best.

The thing is there is no standard amount of time on how many times we have to visit the toilet because in general 3 times a day to 3 times a week are still considered normal and each person usually have their own regular bowel movement which means they go to the toilet at certain amount and certain times of the day. Having a regular bowel movement is important because it allows our body to empty the waste from the food we have consumed.

Some experts also thought that rather than the frequency, inspecting someone’s stool is more accurate to indicate whether they are healthy or not yet, when you don’t visit the toilet often enough or too frequently, then chances there is a health issues that need to be addressed.

Constipation Causes 

There are various factors that will affect your bowel movement and to keep a healthy digestive system, we should pay attention to all of them. Diet is the most important to consider because we have to consume enough fiber to have regular bowel movement and overall easy visit to the toilet as well as reduce the chance of experiencing constipation. The next factor is age because as we age, the gastric movement is lower and it affects digestion while reduced mobility and medications are also playing a role here.

Being physically active is not only great to maintain your fitness or avoid various health issues but will also support regular bowel movement because it also helps peristalsis which is the internal intestinal movement that propels digested food material forward to be eliminated by stool. In addition, irregular bowel movement can be affected by chronic or acute illness such as inflammatory bowel diseases which increased episodes of bowel movements and followed by chronic constipation.

Constipation Solution

If you are experiencing constipation, there are various lifestyle changes that can help the issue, we can do conveniently at home and first is consuming more fiber including fruits, veggies, and other fiber-rich foods. We also should drink more water since liquid will help regular bowel movement, exercise, go to the bathroom when feeling the natural calls, and set a habit to have the same bowel movement at the same time each day; some people find this easier after eating because it helps the intestine to move the stool.

About Miralax and Citrucel

For those who have tried these easy solutions but find the issue still difficult to manage, it is probably the time to have a supplement to help fixing the problem and by saying supplement, they can be in the form of laxatives or similar solutions. However, there is no guarantee that they will work the same on each person because there are times when the usual solution won’t work to our problem and there is no other choice than trying them to see which performs best in our body.

Among those many solutions to help people have a regular bowel movement, Miralax and Citrucel are probably two of the most popular and effective supplement to help you have an easy visit to the toilet. Both of them are a supplement to help people remove the stool from their intestine by helping the bowel movement and the reason why they are different from many laxatives is that because they are working gently since there are many similar solutions which often cause an extreme stomach ache when working.

In general, laxatives are working to stimulate bowel movements and being used mostly as a remedy for constipation as well as diet tools to lose weight but, different types of laxatives may work differently as well in terms of how they induce the bowel movement. Additionally, not every person will experience the exact same effect when using the same laxative because some did work and the rest might be not which is affected by various different issues in our digestive system thus, our experience might be different as well.

Miralax and Citrucel are sold as laxative and fiber supplement respectively and it say pretty much about the product. However, they are different from similar laxative which often cause sudden urge to the bathroom and cause a heavy pain in our stomach because they are working naturally and prominently with the water in our body to help the easy bowel movement.

Miralax and Citrucel Form and Price

Laxatives are usually flavored powder or tablet but Miralax is in plain powder and while this is surprising since the solution often comes in a bottle, the inside is indeed powder and the cap itself is used as a measurement on how much we should use at once. Similarly, Citrucel is also coming in powder form in both orange and sugar free orange flavor but, if you want to be more convenient, this solution is also available in tablet form such as the one in our sample picture above.

Miralax has no taste and we are free to combine the laxative with any beverages including regular plain water or even iced coffee and coconut water or smoothie while on the other hand Citrucel has this refreshing orange flavor. Price wise they are very affordable for we are not going to use them everyday for example the Miralax is sold at $24.8 per bottle with 45 dose of powder and Citrucel is sold at $23.99 per 180 tablet for 90 doses.

Miralax and Citrucel Ingredients

Moving forward, let’s see what are the active ingredients in both of these laxatives because it seems that they are using main agent to do the work and starting with Miralax, this solution is made with Polyethylene glycol 3350 which is often being used for occasional constipation. This is a class of medication called as osmotic laxatives and also often given to children. In adults, it is believed that this medication is very little absorbed into the intestines but there is no data yet as for the use in children.

On the other hand, Citrcucel is made with a common soluble fiber called methylcellulose which as the name suggests, is made from cellulose or the important structure in plants. Different from other similar soluble fibers like Psyllium that you can check on our Dextrin Vs Psyllium, this one is non-fermentable and it means there will be less risks of getting bloating or excessive gas from consuming the fiber.

Miralax and Citrucel Methods

For those who wonders how these active ingredients work, starting with Miralax, this type of medication is also often called as osmotic-type laxative and this is because they are going to work by holding water in the stool to soften them and increase the number of bowel movements. The effect may take time about 2 to 4 days after we start the medication and we are not recommended to increase the dosage or taking it more frequently when it is against the instruction.

The Methylcellulose in  Citrucel on the other hand is bulk-forming laxative which system is very similar to osmotic laxative like Miralax but also different because besides drawing water into the colon to make the stool softer, it is also fiber and it will bulk up the stool in which meant to naturally stimulates movement of the colon to pass them.

Miralax and Citrucel Dosage

To properly enjoy the benefit of these laxatives, we also have to use these solutions as directed and with Miralax, the dosage is a cap of 17 grams of the powder for one beverage of 4-8 ounce and they can be hot, warm, cold, or at room temperature. Citrucel tablet is consumed two tablets up to 6 tablets per day while the powder version will need 8 ounce of water for one tablespoon of solution and they are used either cold or room temperature water.

Miralax vs Citrucel

- More expensive - Affordable
- Has no taste - Orange flavor
- Only in powder - Powder and tablet
- Osmotic laxative - Bulk-forming laxative
- Works with hot/cold water- Work with room temperature/cold water

Miralax and Citrucel are a great solution if you are experiencing irregularities but they are also different because as you may already know, Citrucel has the tablet version as well to simplify the consumption while the main difference will be the active ingredients used to stimulate the bowel movement because Miralax uses Polyethylene Glycol and the latter uses Methylcellulose which makes them a comparison between osmotic and bulk-forming laxatives.


All in all our body may react differently with any of these laxatives but if we are to choose one, we do prefer Citrucel because it has flavors already for a quick refreshment or tablet to be more convenient.

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