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Nutrisystem vs Weight Watchers

Sometimes we find ourselves lose control and overeat which contribute to not only weight gain but also unhealthy lifestyle. Shedding some pounds is the best idea to stay fit and in shape but with Nutrisystem vs Weight Watchers, you can walk the journey more comfortably because they are here to help you lose some weight in a shorter period of time. For those who are looking for a convenient diet method, go check what these products can offer and pick the one that fits you the most.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is Low-Calorie Diet
  • What are Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers
  • What Plan Available in Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers
  • Are Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers Pricey
  • How Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers Work
  • Are Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers Effective
  • Do Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers offer Guarantee
  • Nutrisystem Vs Weight Watchers

Low- Calorie Diet

We are sure all of us are working towards a better habit, better health, and overall improve the quality of our lives since there is nothing more devastating than not being able to enjoy our time because of some diseases or illness. We try to stay healthy but our idea of “healthy” can sometimes be different from one person to another because we also have different fitness level and personal health issues. But, living free of illness and capable of being active even in old age is the goal for many of us.

One of the most recent and still ongoing issues for decades that can hinder you from living healthily is overweight and obesity. The problem is rising as the number shown to increase each year and we might be one of the people who are affected or experiencing rapid weight gain as well. Besides causing and obvious discomfort for us since we have to be carrying lots of weight, excessive fat storage will cause diabetes, high blood pressure, and even some types of cancer.

There are various diet methods to try and guides to a healthier lifestyle but all of them will require a strong determination and even effort to remove certain foods then replacing it by a supposedly better and healthier option. If food preparation and crafting your meal is not a very desirable idea to have then you can try a low-calorie diet. As the name suggests, they are based on limiting the amount of calories we consume each day to be lower than our energy expenditure.

Low-calorie diet is a very popular option for us who don’t have time or even budget to get healthier food options because they are simply reducing the calorie amount means we have to consume less foods except for zero-calorie type of foods such as shirataki which is very low in anything including calorie. They are convenient and don’t need complicated planning; what you need to do is setting a goal and calculate what we consume in a day including beverage.

Before starting the diet, it is always better to consult your health first and see if it is safe to do it in case you have some health issues as well. Set a calorie goal for example 1200 calorie a day and we can begin to proceed with the plan. Since we are calorie bound, processed foods or natural foods that are naturally high in calories due to its starch are also better avoided because they can exceed your limit in just a small portion thus, fruits, veggies, lean proteins and low-fat or no-fat dairy are more recommended. 

About Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers

For those who are not able or not confident enough to try a diet with fairly loose instruction like this, we can try various other methods with the same principle but build to be easier to follow. As the popularity of low-calorie diet is increasing and tried by many dieters, companies are starting to offer their products as well to help you in the journey. They are either providing guiding service or products and sometimes they can be both to make sure our progress stay on track.

Most diet products are the same, they are tasty, low in calories, and nutritious but one thing for sure, they are also processed foods which means probably not the best way to have a better lifestyle, especially in the long term. Two popular brands that offer good diet products are Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers. We are sure most dieters are familiar with these two because they are very well-known but in addition, they are also effective.

Nutrisystem is very similar to brands like Wonderslim because they equally supply diet product for customers that can be used for a certain period of time and it is based on subscription. Their food collection is made with real ingredients to various different diet dishes which are all tailored to be low in calories, taste good, and in smaller portions. They have different plans for women and men because male dieters will need more calories per day hence their plans usually cost more.

Weight Watchers on the other hand is more popular as a weight loss plan rather than a diet products brand because their online guide has been very helpful to allow people to decide how to use their daily points and keep food consumption in check in order to allow us to shed some pounds. The company however, also have a collection of diet products that are not necessary on their main plan but you can add for flexibility. Read also: Weight Watchers Vs Keto.

Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers Plan and Price

Another thing you may want to consider when trying a new diet is their cost because we need to prepare about how much budget we can allocate to sustain the new lifestyle and in this side since Nutrisystem is subscription based, the cost will be fairly the same every month. They have few different plans to offer from Basic, Uniquely Yours, and Uniquely Yours Ultimate while also offers plan for vegetarians and those living with diabetes. These plans will cost from $226.92 to $326.99 per month.

As for Weight Watchers, they have 3 different plans; Digital, Coaching, and Workshop which are all made to give guidance about nutrient goal and overall what can we consumed in a day. The price for its digital plan is $3.07 per week and with this plan you can access their members-only social media as well to get support from the community. The diet products itself is not as much as what Nutrisystem offer but mostly we can get breakfast, shakes, or snacks here, starting from $4-$5 per package.

Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers Mechanism

Moving further, let’s see how Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers work because they are very similar to each other. To achieve a healthier lifestyle, we must change our food options as well and this is what both of these diet plans are pushing to you because they are offering ideal choice of foods and the latter offer a flexibility to choose the ideal food options to you. This might sound confusing but it essentially because Nutrisystem provide the foods you need while WW give you the flexibility to pick them.

Nutrisystem foods are claimed to be healthier because they are crafted to meet daily nutritional needs with plenty of healthy and lean protein as well as fiber to keep you full longer combined with low-glycemic carbs to help stabilize your blood sugar. WW is a little bit unique since they let you choose the food yourself but with provided guidance based on your personal data. The Weight Watchers one on the other hand will give you SmartPoints.

This system is made to help people choose healthier food options and fixing their eating pattern. It applies to both food and beverages so this SmartPoints is assigned to every dieter based on calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein. Those that are high in sugar and/or saturated fat will have a higher point and vice versa those with higher lean protein will be low in SmartPoint. It is working like a budget and we can only consume a certain amount each day in which the score for every food is available in your WW app.

Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers Efficacy 

The next point we want to talk about is their efficacy because not all diet will give you the same result and in this side, depending on your level of activity or food choices, the weight loss performance may vary as well. However, Nutrisystem study based claimed that their plan will help you lose up to 18 lbs. and up to 10 inches in the first two months with an average weight loss of 15.4 pounds. With Weight Watchers, there is also study to prove their claim.

The study compared Atins, WW, Slim Fast, and Eat Yourself Slim which is done by overweight or obese adults and show that in 4 weeks, the people in Weight Watchers plan were losing weight on average of 6 pounds compared to 10 pounds for Atkins, 6 for Slim Fast, and 7 for EYS. The progress shown to be stable after the first month to the sixth month without significant difference between groups.

Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers Guarantee

Last but not least is how confident Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers about their plan because if they are then, we must have a money back guarantee in case customer is not satisfied with their diet plan. Nutrisystem offers the money back guarantee for the first 14 days so within this period we can send the unopened packs to be refunded. WW offers the satisfaction guarantee for the service only and not the products as well as for those with weight loss goal at least 7 lbs. in two weeks period.

Nutrisystem vs Weight Watchers

Nutrisystem Weight Watchers
- Food subscription - Personalized plan based
- Convenient - Less convenient
- Narrower food option - Wider food options
- Not ideal for building new lifestyle - Better for building healthier food choice

These diets are very ideal if you need guidance or just want to be convenient when walking this weight loss journey. The difference is that Nutrisystem will provide the tailored foods through its subscription while WW will let you choose the food yourself based on their SmartPoints so we can be more mindful about what we consume in a day. WW is less convenient but it lets you cook and overall choose the healthiest or ideal food with low points.


All in all you can try any of these diet plans because they are equally useful and depends on which fits your lifestyle better, if you are a busy person, packed foods from Nutrisystem is indeed more convenient but if you are fine with cooking and want freedom to choose, Weight Watchers is the more ideal option.

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