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Our body needs a proper hydration and it is necessary to drink enough water everyday to make sure or bodily functions can work properly. However, sometimes we need more than just water to help replenish our system or to put more energy and at such events, Nuun Vs Zipfizz can be a nice supplement to take with your water. For those who are currently considering to try these supplements, go see what they can offer below and pick the one that will give you the best benefit.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you need Sport Drinks
  • What are Nuun and Zipfizz
  • What Flavors Available in Nuun and Zipfizz 
  • Are Nuun and Zipfizz Expensive
  • What are the Supplement Facts of Nuun and Zipfizz
  • What Nuun and Zipfizz can offer
  • How to take Nuun and Zipfizz
  • Nuun Vs Zipfizz

Sport Drinks

Everybody knows that our body is mostly formed of water and it needs the liquid to work properly such as for digestion, regulating body temperature, to absorb and transport nutrients from the food to our body as well as keeping our skin healthy. Besides losing them when we are urinating or through sweat and feces, the body is continually losing water because our skin is breathing as well from the respiratory system when we exhale air. To replace the water, it is often recommended to drink fluids throughout the day, especially if you are very active.

The need of water for very people may vary but the recommended daily fluid intake is said to be 91 ounces for adult women and 125 ounces for adult men. For the majority of us, regular water is enough to supply the daily needs but if you are very active and do lots of physical activities, sports drinks are another source of hydration and the main ingredient of sport drink itself is water yet, they also have other substances.

Sports drinks are very popular because they are thought to give more benefits compared to just regular water and it all thanks to the additional ingredients in the beverage. In most cases, sports drinks are made with water, carbs, and electrolytes in which all are important for different aspects of exercise performance. Especially for water and electrolytes that are lost in sweat, it is very important to replace them if you are doing a long-duration exercise.

The problem of sports drinks is not on the beverage but on the user because they are not necessary for most people since not all of us will be spending hours running, bicycling or exercising everyday. Depending on your activities, it is safer to decide whether they are necessary based on your needs and first things first, consider the exercise habit as well as the duration of training. For example those who are only doing light-to-moderate exercise like jogging for less than an hour, this beverage is unnecessary.

Additionally, consider your goal as well because if weight loss is the goal of this exercise then taking sport beverage may add more calories into your diet and we need to burn these calories so taking more is not going to be a wise decision. For example weight training will need 30 minute session to burn around 120 calories if you weigh 150 pounds while some sport drinks can deliver as much as 80 calories in just 12 oz. 

About Nuun and Zipfizz

This is why not everyone can get the benefit of sport drinks but, if you are an active person and often spend hours of high intensity exercise, drinking them before, during, and after the activity will help you stay energized and ready to finish the day. Sports drinks are on the same level as sodas when it comes to popularity so we can get them almost anywhere in store nearby and in general their formulation are similar to each other but not identical because some may have some unique formulation.

Among those popular sport beverages out there, those who are looking for convenient will love Nuun and Zipfizz because we can take them anywhere and replenish our body in a fun way. Both of these supplements are very similar to each other because they are using the same system to deliver the formulation into your body and if you are a fan of soda, you will absolutely love the fizz effect offered by these sport drinks. Overall they are a great choice for active people out there.

Nuun is one of the most popular hydration and sports drinks out there often consumed by people who are looking for a fun way to hydrate their body and keeping them stay active and fresh despite having to be very active. What’s unique about Nuun which is spelled as Noon is because they are the first company to separate the hydration and electrolyte to the carbohydrate content of such sport drinks and it makes this brand a go-to of many people who don’t want to increase their daily calorie intake.

Zipfizz on the other hand is formulating their sports drinks to help users enhance their energy level while being active because they are made with micronutrients to help fuel the body and unlike Nuun, they only have one type of beverage in the catalogue. This sport drink is promising enhanced hydration but one of our favorite benefits is actually the enhanced focus itself which is great if you are going to spend the day after exercising to complete other daunting tasks.

Nuun and Zipfizz Form, Flavor, and Price

As you can see on the sample picture above, Nuun and Zipfizz are equally coming in a tube compartment which is great if you hate a sachet or plastic package for they are prone to tear when accidentally mixed with solid objects for example in your backpack. The form however, are different because if you open Zipfizz, this sport drink comes in powder or fizz powder rather than an effervescent tablet like Nuun so it can be less convenient since one tube is used for one serving only.

If you are going to spend the day outside, we need to bring two tubes for two bottles while Nuun comes with more tablet inside such as 10 counts thus, one tube can last for days. As for flavor options, Zipfizz has so many of them such as pink grapefruit, berries, citrus, lemon iced tea, and even the unique peach mango but Nuun also have a wide options too with flavor choices like tropical, water melon, strawberry lemonade, and orange. 

As for the price, comparing the two, Nuun is more affordable because one tube with 10 effervescent tablets inside is offered from $6 to $7 while Zipfizz is almost three times more expensive at $38 per package with 20 tubes inside for 20 servings. Read also: Arbonne Fizz Sticks Vs Zipfizz.

Nuun and Zipfizz Supplement Facts

When shopping for a sport drink, the most important point is always their nutrition facts because this will decide if you want to consume it or not and starting with Nuun, this one is using dextrose as their sweetener which is derived from non-GMO corn and in each serving of the sport version, there will be 15 calorie, 2 grams of carbs, 1 gram added sugar, 13 mg calcium, 25 mg magnesium, 40 mg chloride, and 150 mg of potassium.

Zippfizz on the other hand will serve more calories in each serving because this sport drink has 20 calorie with a total carb of 2 grams but in addition of higher calcium at 60 mg, magnesium at 100 mg, and potassium at 950 mg, this beverage is also offering a huge range of vitamins including vitamin C, E, B6, B12, Niacin, Riboflavin, and Thiamin as a complete solution for health supplement rather simply a sport drink.

Furthermore, this sport drink is not only going to replenish the water and electrolytes in your body with additional benefit of its vitamin but also will help you maintain focus for it has about 2500 mcg of caffeine derived from green tea and guarana extract which should be able to serve 41% of recommended daily caffeine intake.

Nuun and Zipfizz Benefits

Coming into the benefit side, the prominent pros when drinking these sports drinks is the hydration itself because they are tasty and we tend to consume more when the water is flavored. They are made with electrolytes which is great to replenish the body after we are exercising or doing moderate to high intensity training but Zipfizz with its caffeine content will also increase your focus and this makes the beverage acts not only sport drink but also an energy drink.

Nuun and Zipfizz Direction

Similar to using any effervescent solution, Nuun and Zipfizz are going to need a bottle of water to make and following the direction, the former is served as one tablet in 500 ml of plain water at room temperature or cold from 1 to 4 tablets per day and we are advised not to exceed 6 dosages within 24 hours. As for Zipfizz, one tube is for one serving with 16-20 oz. plain room temperature/cold water and we can’t exceed two servings daily.

Nuun vs Zipfizz

Nuun Zipfizz
- Less sugar - Higher sugar
- Low calorie - Higher calorie
- Hydration and electrolyte - Hydration, electrolyte, vitamins, focus
- Affordable - Expensive
- Effervescent tablet- Effervescent powder

Nuun and Zipfizz are a good options to let you enjoy the hydration better because they are flavored and what’s best they are also low in sugar to not get in the way of your diet but, besides delivering electrolytes Zipfizz also offer a higher minerals in each serving combined with vitamins and caffeine for enhanced energy and solid focus but, it also means we can only take the supplement less within the same day.


All in all we should pick based on what we need and it is easy to decide because for those who are going with light to moderate exercise Nuun is a more ideal option with less calorie but if you will move more rigorously or exercise longer then Zipfizz is better for it provide energy, focus, electrolytes, and vitamins.

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