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Losing weight sometimes can save our body from dangerous diseases due to the excess bodily fat which is caused by food over consumption or less physical activities. Dieting is a challenge for all of us but it doesn’t mean we can’t make them easier because Optavia Vs HMR are here to help you through the journey with their healthy, low calorie, and rich in nutrient products. For those who are also considering to try any of these diet products, go see what they can offer and pick the most promising one.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Low Calorie Diet
  • What are Optavia and HMR
  • What Program Offered by Optavia and HMR
  • Are Optavia and HMR Pricy
  • How are the Products of Optavia and HMR
  • Do Optavia and HMR Offer Coaching
  • Are Optavia and HMR Effective
  • Do Optavia and HMR Offer a Money Back Guarantee
  • Optavia Vs HMR

Weight Loss and Low Calorie Diet

There is nothing more important than your health because a healthy body lets you be active and living your life to the fullest. We can work properly and use the weekend or holiday to enjoy the time with those we love. Doing activities with a fit body is also more ideal and will result in a better outcome for we can focus more on what we are currently working on. However, due to our bad habits, sometimes we also have to deal with some issues.

There are various factors affecting our health but one playing a huge role in determining your fitness is diet because our body is fueled through what we eat or consume daily. As our society is getting bigger and food and beverage industry is getting massive, processed foods are available almost everywhere combined with fast food chains creating a new lifestyle in which people are consuming this type of food more often than how we used to back then or just a few decades ago.

We all know the danger of processed foods and fast foods because we are currently in the middle of dealing with overweight and obesity issue due to this change and even if you are not overweight yet, maintaining a healthy weight is getting harder with lots of temptation especially from those high sugar, high calorie, and fatty foods. To stay away from being overweight, sometimes we have to change the diet fully or avoid the type of foods we used to consume so then we can get our body back.

Not only for aesthetic, slimming down or losing body fat is great for your fitness because higher body fat is related to various health risks such as cardiovascular diseases due to high blood pressure and diabetes or even some cancers. Changing processed foods to whole foods are the best option for better health since they are rich in nutrients and fairly lower in calories but if your goal is to lose fat or body weight, then we need to also adjust the food intake daily.

One of the easiest ways is by limiting food intake or reduce the amount of calories we consume everyday to meet certain count for example 1200 or 1500 calories. Counting calories like this is helpful to make sure we burn more than we eat but, regular foods can exceed these numbers easily with only a few foods. This is why many of us are relying on diet products, especially those designed to be low in calories so then we can monitor the intake easily and conveniently.

About Optavia and HMR

Diet products are very popular since quite some time ago because they are promising an easy method to lose weight in which well-known for its struggle. They are formulated to help people losing body fat but still get the proper nutrition needed to be active especially when you are reducing the amount of daily calorie intake. Low calorie diet is also very popular due to being very convenient since we are not as restricted such as certain diet methods like Paleo Vs Atkins.

The only rule we have to follow usually is how many calories we can take each day and with the help of diet products, we can still consume quite a lot of foods yet stay in the limit of our calorie allowance. There are so many diet products out there offering the same solution to help people lose weight and two of them are Optavia and HMR. We are sure most of you are familiar with these brands because they are very well-known among dieters.

If you ever used brands like Wonderslim, these two are going to be very similar since the system and overall products are relatively the same to each other or to any other diet products out there. They are going to provide various diet products both meal and meal replacements as well as snacks to replace your daily menu and the reason why these products are effective is because they are typically very low in calories; for example the meal replacement is only about a hundred or two per serving.

Their system creates an easy environment to allow user to reduce their calorie intake properly and sometimes can be even less than they allow for the day due to the minimum calorie count on their products. HMR or Health Management Resources itself is not very popular but recently they are ranked as number one for fast weight loss. Their history is also surprisingly long enough for about 30 year operating.

Optavia and HMR Program and Price

One of the most important points when deciding on a diet is the sustainability and just like with any products, we need to consider the cost itself whether we can afford them until achieving the goal or not. As for Optavia, there are several programs available with different price; the basic one being Optimal Weight that you can purchase from $414.6 – $448.6 containing 119 items for a full 30 day supply. HMR on the other hand is a little bit different because instead of program, it has levels.

The starter kit for your first level program is sold at $301.65 while new members can buy it at $179 to $199 per package containing supply for 2 weeks but the reorder kit is around $185 per package. If they are sold individually, items like entrees usually cost around $3.70 per serving but cereal or shakes and soups are cheaper around $2 per portion. Once you have reached the goal, we can move to phase two with less products as we are working on a healthier lifestyle.

Optavia and HMR Diet Products

The focus of these diet brands as a diet program is on their low calorie products and in most cases this is based on their meal replacement shakes which is very low in calories for example the shake from Optavia creamy chocolate shake is only 110 calories while HMR 120 shake has 120 calorie in one serving and the 800 shake has 160/170 calorie in it. These shakes are consumed as meal replacement 3 times a day combined with their entrée and snacks or low calorie foods.

HMR specifically accompany their first stage or level with fruits as well or frozen produced while the second stage is using less product with more regular meals with low calories to help making healthier food options but, we are also encouraged to burn at least 2000 calorie per week to optimize the result.

Optavia and HMR Service

Another plus which is similar between Optavia and HMR is their coaching service and this is why they can be a good option for those who often find the lack of motivation to continue with the diet. Optavia itself is owned by Medifast and it has coach that set these programs apart despite coming from the same company and this coach is getting paid as they offer the service, the same with HMR coach who will provide coaching per week.

Optavia and HMR Efficacy 

Another thing we want to talk about these diet products is the effectivity itself and it can vary among dieters for our body can work or respond differently as well. Those dieting with Optavia is said to lose about 12 pounds in 12 weeks with the Optimal Weight plan with some carb curbing as well. HMR usually will help you lose from 1 to 2 pounds in a week in its first level while the average weight loss for the whole 12 weeks plan itself is about 23 pounds.

Optavia and HMR Money Back Guarantee

Last but not least is their money back guarantee because it is necessary to make sure that these companies are confident with their products to offer such service. In this side, we can send the products we have purchased from Optavia and HMR official sites back in a range of 30 and 60 days respectively with receipts and products still sealed. They will refund the price of these products minus the shipping and handling fees.

Optavia vs HMR

Optavia HMR
- Program based - Level based
- Monthly package - 2 or 3 weeks package (for basic level)
- 30 days money back guarantee - 60 days money back guarantee - Wheat dextrin
- Less weight loss - Higher weight loss rate

Similar to many other diet products, these two are also offering low calorie products and mostly rely on their shakes as meal replacement. Calorie per shakes can vary depending on the type especially for HMR and taste or variant on Optavia. They are also offering the same coaching service to help you stay motivated and get to know more about related products we can use while dieting. The difference is HMR has longer money back guarantee compared to Optavia and instead of program, they are doing the diet one level system.


All in all we can choose just any of these diet products to do the low calorie diet since price wise they are very similar to each other. However, we do like Optavia in comparison since the program-based purchase is easier to understand.

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