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OPTAVIA vs Jenny Craig

Have you been trying to get thinner all alone and happened to be not exactly satisfied with the outcomes? Everybody who has had a go at eating less junk food has their very own shock story. All things considered, who truly need to limit their nourishment admission? 

Diet and Weight Loss

As a rule, it is a lot easier to get more fit on the off chance that you have a particular diet program to pursue which is the reason why commercial weight loss programs are so famous. What is more, some truly work.

Those diet programs are probably going to assist you with losing significant weight within a year as indicated by a board of specialists who checked on several plans for the U.S. News Best Diets rankings. Simply remember: Short-term weight reduction is extraordinarily not the same as long-term weight reduction which is increasingly significant for your well-being. 

Some people might decide to avoid any programs and eat only broccoli soup for a month instead. Some people might lose 20 pounds, found the love of their lives, and got advanced at work because of it. However, before you start mixing 80 stalks of broccoli into a cup or crunching your way through a container of tacos, look at which diets are upheld by science. 

In this article, we will talk about the most recommended diet programs, namely OPTAVIA and Jenny Craig. One of these may work wonder for you but which one? We are about to find out the answer down below. 


OPTAVIA is the new, upgraded program released by diet veteran Medifast. Focused on pre-packaged “Fuelling” — shelf-stable pockets and boxes of dinners and titbits — OPTAVIA is similar to Jenny Craig in a way. Read also: Optavia vs Nutrisystem

This diet program makes a superfluous dependence on pre-packaged nourishments. A fundamentally the same as a healthful profile can be accomplished with genuine, entire nourishments and bites like Greek yogurt with crisp berries, vegetable omelette made with a mix of eggs and egg whites, grilled fish with withered spinach, a fold-over turkey sandwich on entire grain bread, and so on. None of which arrive in an instant, shelf-stable compartment.  

These pre-packaged nourishment frameworks may make it easier by killing a great part of the mystery and self-question. This is particularly significant in the beginning as one is setting up another pattern of eating.  

The first period of this program may assist you with accomplishing a portion of your weight reduction goals. However, keeping the weight off would then be able to be a considerably greater test. 

Jenny Craig Review  

Jenny Craig’s pre-packaged meals and plans assist dieters with getting thinner — as much as two pounds every week — through confining calories, fat, and bits. Some people commend their attention to their instruction about the proper bit sizes. They also help the dieters on how to eat when they are ravenous instead of when they are emotional or bored. 

Specialists found Jenny Craig as one of the two best programs for reducing weight and keeping it off. Jenny Craig is a home-delivery meal framework, yet you additionally get a committed dietitian through their in-person areas or by means of their Jenny Craig Anywhere online arrangement which incorporates boundless video meetings. 

You can pick your dinners consistently and they have a decent assortment to look over. Their costs are fundamentally higher than other services. However, we would like to enthusiastically recommend Jenny Craig for the bustling individual who might want to have arranged meals and a customary network of support. 

Food Quality 

OPTIVIA does not give a lot of data on ingredient sourcing. However, they do, for the most part, utilize solid, natural items while making their meals. They utilize natural colors like beta-carotene and annatto. Meanwhile, despite the fact that Jenny Craig also does not offer exact data on ingredient sourcing, they claim that the entirety of their meals meets the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans. In addition, their meals contain less sodium and fat than most other pre-packaged meals.  

Nutritional Value and Portion Size 

OPTIVIA offers dietitian-designed meals that are low in calories and fat and wealthy in fiber, lean protein, and supplements. The meals do not come in huge parts since the program is intended to enable you to appreciate a light feast every two or three hours. 

Meanwhile, with Jenny Craig, the normal day by day calorie consumption ranges from 1,200 to 2,300 calories, depending on current weight, level of physical activity, and weight goals. A single meal contains somewhere in the range of 200 and 380 calories. The segments are little, yet you get the opportunity to eat six times each day. The meals are healthfully adjusted and made by accredited practicing dietitians. 

Meal and Recipe Variety 

OPTIVIA offers a wealth of delectable, healthy, low-calorie breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, pastries, bars, shakes, and smoothies. Their meal selection incorporates free gluten, low-fat, low-carb, diabetic-friendly, senior-friendly, and vegetarian meals, all intended to advance fat burning. Most menu items are ensured fit and some of them are without soy, free dairy, free whey, and free lactose. 

Meanwhile, Jenny Craig offers dietary breakfasts, lunches, dinners, sweets, snacks, shakes, bars, soups, and vegetable sides. It is reasonable for omnivores and diabetics since they have a constrained choice of vegetarian meals and features a few gluten-free choices. However, they offer a tremendous scope of low-calorie, low-fat, and low-sodium meals. 

OPTAVIA vs Jenny Craig

OPTAVIA Jenny Craig
- Less weight loss claim - Higher weight loss claim
- Less serving recommendation - Work with room temperature/cold water
- Works with hot/cold water - Higher protein
- Less protein per serving- Makes you full quickly


Remember that when picking the best weight-reduction plan, it is imperative to think about your spending limit, dietary needs, and what sort of help will be generally useful for you. OPTAVIA is a viable, customized weight-reduction plan prescribed by a large number of specialists and accessible at moderate costs. And in case you are ready to become accustomed to bites and crunch bars, OPTAVIA is definitely for you. 

Meanwhile, with Jenny Craig’s weight-reduction food delivery service, you can lose as much as 16 pounds in a month with the assistance of a committed personal specialist and flavourful, chef-crafted diet meals.

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