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Everyone knows that dieting is difficult but it is necessary to improve your health, especially if there is some issues relating to bad diets. For those who are trying to lose weight there are tons of methods out there such as Optavia Vs Keto to try. They are very different in approach but already proven by many to help dieters lose lots of body weight. If you are curious which suits your lifestyle or preference better, go check how to do them and how they are effective below.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Lose Weight Effectively
  • What are Optavia and Keto
  • Are Optavia and Keto Pricy
  • How Optavia and Keto Work
  • Are Optavia and Keto Convenient
  • Are Optavia and Keto Effective
  • Optavia Vs Keto

We are sure none of us want to live with health problems because being healthy is very important to let us enjoy our time and be active or involved in activities we love to do as well as spend time with those we love. However, as we grow older, we are doing a lot of unhealthy habits which may lead to some health issues and this is especially true with poor diet options. Not only that our body may lack of important nutrients, poor diet can also affect your body weight.

Modern lifestyle often ask for fast paced and busy schedule to deal with so we have very less time to prepare or choose a better food for daily meals. If your body weight is concerning whether it is already considered overweight or obese, dieting by fixing the food option and lifestyle are the best option to improve our health. It is not going to be a smooth journey however because changing habits is extremely difficult yet, they are also not impossible.

  1. The first thing you may want to try without actually committing to certain diet method is removing all of the processed foods in our pantry especially those high in sugars and starches including natural foods that are also rich in these two components. Our body is running on carbs but eating more carbs will make you even hungrier and ends up over consumed. Those unused energy are stored as fat and will increase your body weight.
  2. The next step is replacing our daily meals with more protein, fat and vegetables. Fat was seen as an unhealthy option in the past but there are more and more evidence shown that carbs or sugar is the one responsible for leading weight gain and reducing fat intake or doing low-fat diet is not helpful to reduce the fat in your body if carbs intake is still high. Protein is the star here because while they are dense in calories, they will make you feel full longer and even boost metabolism by 80 to 100 calories per day.
  3. If you are already eating the correct diet and can manage the new food options, one thing we can’t forget about is exercising because overall they are better for you not only since it will burn calories more as we need to spend the energy but also preventing various health issues related to sedentary lifestyle. You can choose any exercise that fits your personal preference but it is advised to do weight lifting at least 3 times per week to help build muscle.

About Optavia and Keto

For those who are confused or not confident will be able to follow a loose guide like those listed above may try various diet methods as well for there are so many of them freely accessible from your smart devices. However, before committing to a diet, it is always best to consider your lifestyle and how much we can spend to change the previous diet to a new one because as we all know, healthier foods usually cost higher than our common options.

If you can throw a budget for the diet then Optavia and Keto will be a good option to try for this journey. We are sure dieters are familiar with these two especially those who have been trying to lose weight for several times in the past. While Optavia is a brand that offers diet products the latter is a current trend in our society. This diet has been the talk of nutritionist and enthusiast in the world because of its efficacy in weight loss.

Many people are interested in Keto diet because it seems less restricting and their food options are the best for those who love meat and veggies or not very into sweet treats because our menus will mostly contains high fat and protein foods like meat and oils. It is however, very restrictive against carbs just like the first phase of Atkins diet. It is also very similar to Paleo diet in terms of food choice but is a bit different.

Paleo will still allow some carbs from natural foods like fruits or veggies in which Keto avoid those high in starch including fruits. If meal preparation is not your thing then Optavia can be a very ideal option because instead of shopping and cooking the meal everyday, we can just rip open a package and prepare them just like preparing an instant foods or making shakes. Similar to many other diet products, their meals, bars and shakes are designed to be low in calories but still nutritious. 

Optavia and Keto Price

Optavia and Keto diet are done just like your regular diet because they are replacing food options with a better and suit the weight loss goal. However, Optavia is a plan based subscription and also offer their products individually. Cost when doing these diets are varying widely depending on your option but what we can say about diet methods like Optavia is there will be fewer plans to choose from in this case Optimal Weight 5&1 and Optimal Weight 4&2&1.

The price for these plans are $414.6 to $448.6 and $408 per package that consist of a set of meal plans we can consume for a month. Keto is much more flexible so the cost can go higher or lower depending on your shopping option. Many are assuming this diet is expensive but in fact we can always make a bargain; for example instead of going for organic, grass-fed or free range products we can just shop for standard products.

In addition we can add lots of non-starchy veggies into the plate to help fiber intake and makes you feel full longer or if you are a meat lover then choosing cheaper cuts such as roast cuts rather than rib eye and pick the pork shoulder roast than more expensive bone-in pork chops will be a great help for the wallet.

Optavia and Keto Mechanism

Moving further, let’s see how these diets are very effective to help you shed some pounds and starting with Optavia first, the idea of this diet is low-calorie meets convenient. Low calorie diet has been very popular and proven to be effective for weight loss because it means we are actually reducing the amount of fuel we consume in a day and when the amount is not sufficient, our body will start to burn the fat we store especially if you are also increasing the physical activities.

Low calorie diets are varying in the amount or limit we can consume in a day but beginners usually limit their intake at 1200 to 1500 calories per day yet many are also very much lower like 1000 or even 700. Optivia products such as meal replacement shakes are counting about 110 calorie per serving, similar to IdealShape Vs Visalus so we can maintain calorie to stay very low. Keto diet on the other hand is more of a lifestyle changing.

The reason why it is effective is because it reduces the amount of carbs which spark insulin and the little amount of carbs in our diet push the body into ketosis state which is where ketones in used as fuel instead of carbs. This is very similar to a low calorie diet with Optavia because we are also limiting the amount of carb intake altogether.

The thing is to achieve this ketosis state we have to consume less than 50 grams of carbs per day and while Optavia is also very low in carb, one shake is already giving you about 13 grams of carbs and this is when it is consumed only with water without any additional ingredients. 

Optavia and Keto Convenience 

When it comes to convenience, we are sure everybody can guess that Optavia is the most convenient to opt to because they are essentially prepackaged foods; we only need to make them with light preparation. We can carry bars to the office or shake powder to enjoy when avoiding unhealthy food options so no matter how busy we are, these meals and packed foods will always come in handy; delicious and very low in calories. With Keto however, we are going to do lots of meal preparation.

It is actually better because the idea of this diet is not only to help you lose weight but also fix the lifestyle or diet option so we are not allowed to consume processed foods like Optavia if you are committing to do this diet.

Optavia and Keto Efficacy 

Last but not least is efficacy and we do think it will vary greatly among dieters as well for the result will be depending on how we stay active and commit to the diet. On average people usually lost 12 pounds in 12 weeks by consuming Optavia products to replace their daily meals while for Keto it is more difficult to say for sure. However, it is common for dieters to lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks or earlier which mostly water loss.

Optavia vs Keto

Optavia Keto
- Prepackaged foods - Lots of food preparing
- Low calorie - Low carb
- Convenient - Takes more effort
- Fixed price - Varying prices
- May be higher in carbs- Less than 50 grams of carbs per day
- Not for a prolonged time - Can be done for a lifetime

Any diet that is designed to help you lose weight are effective when done properly but whether they are sustainable or not depends highly on your will power. Optavia and Keto are similar in how they limit carbs intake but Keto keeps your carbs lower than 50 grams per day in which diet products may exceed this number with its various shakes, diet meals or bars. Another different is Keto actually more sustainable once we are used to the menu for we are sure none of us want to consume prepackaged foods for the rest of our life.


All in all these diet methods can be a nice option for your weight loss goal, but if it is only for a short term fix Optavia will be more convenient to try while if you are also aiming to get healthier by fixing the diet habit, Keto is the best option.

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