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Optavia vs Medifast

Weight loss is always something that everyone struggling to face it. There is nothing that so difficult rather than losing weight in fasten time. That is why many diet products are created to help those that need to lose their weight. Including Optavia VS Medifast, that both claims as a great diet program to select. If you want to compare and plan to choose one of them, it is suggested to check on the below review first.

Diet and Weight Loss

General Overview

If you had heard about the brand, you might now know that actually Optavia and Medifast comes from the same company. Therefore, both products launched from the same brand. However, there are specific reasons why the company launch Optavia and Medifast. It is actually different in purpose. Read also: Wonderslim vs Medifast

Medifast focuses on the meal delivery plan. Therefore, it is the best way to optimize the nutrient of your body and help you to lose weight at the same time. Optavia, is more to a coaching plan. Where the full coaching program is in line with the meal delivery diet. Therefore, to get the meal delivery diet in Optavia, you need to add for an extra charge.


Both products, Optavia and Medifast are made of the best ingredients. The program consists of various types of menu, starting from breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks. The good news is that they are free from artificial ingredients and made with a good nutrient composition to support the diet. But, the ingredients of each menu will vary. Therefore, each will may not be the same exact and may not be able to specifically compared between Optavia and Medifast.

Features and Benefits

Each product has its benefits, which is generally different between Optavia and Medifast. Medifast will bring you below features and advantages:

  • It provides an easy program to follow for anyone at any age. Therefore, never feel worried that the option will fail to lose your weight.
  • The program is also very convenient to follow. Do not worry that your meal will be limited. As the program will allow you to choose so many types of meals and snacks. Even you can have a different menu every day in a month.
  • Medifast is a program that mostly recommended by more than 20000 doctors. As it brings you a clear result of losing weight in proper timing.
  • This program also has a wide variety of menu that people can pick differently every day. There are more than 65+ options for each type of menu to select as your diet plan.
  • Medifast also completed with special plans according to your specific needs.
  • The meal plan from Medifast is much more affordable than another type of plan.

While Optavia will give you the below benefits and features:

  • It provides a personal coach to help people build the exact plan for diet and losing weight goals.
  • The food is made of healthy ingredients with no artificial ingredients. 
  • It lets anyone involved in Optavia to connect together with the Optavia community. Therefore, anyone involved in the program can try to share their experience and asking anything about the program in the community forum.
  • The program will not only focus to let you lose weight. But, it also helps you to be a good coach for yourself. Therefore, it focusses to change your life behavior and let you train yourself to live better for a healthy body.
  • It helps to inform many healthy habits that support your diet. Therefore, it will bring a good permanent result for the entire life.


There is no exact price for both products. As the price will depend on your selection of choice. Such as Medifast, the price depends on what type of meal you selected to get your weight loss. However, if you compare between Medifast and Optavia, then Medifast will bring you a cheaper option. Since Medifast only focus on delivering the selected meal, it is more economic than Optiva. Choosing Optiva means you need to pay for the coaching, get your private coach to support your diet, plus you need to add more cost when you decide to get the meal plan delivered. Overall, Optiva has many cost components that need to consider. While Medifast will charge you for a delivered meal every day.

Optavia vs Medifast

- Expensive - Affordable
- Less weight loss claim - Higher weight loss claim
- 30-days 100% refund - More meals and snacks per day
- Works with hot/cold water- Good Customer Support


From the information above, there are actually two conclusions to get. Since both are the same good products to choose from. However, if you plan to have a good benefit for the entire life, then Optavia is a good choice to select. It provides you a one-on-one health coach that will bring you instruction on how you need to spend your day during the diet. Hence, extra meal delivery to support it will charge you more money. That is why it is one of the expensive choices to select. In case that you just need a super convenient done-for-you diet program, then Medifast is a lot more affordable choice to select. It comes with many menus, simple and of course fewer payments. You will able to get your weight loss in several months without changing any behavior or lifestyle except focus on your types of meals.

Overall, it should come back to the person who plans to run the diet program. Whether Optavia VS Medifast, both are a suitable product to select. But, if you have tried many products and plan to take your last option between these two, then it is suggested that Optavia is the best option. Even if it is costly to choose the option. Why? Because it will let you not only focus on the diet, but you will be coached to be the next good coach for yourself, and even better for other peoples. It is not an easy meal program to lose weight, but it is about to change your healthy behavior. However, if you straight to focus on only lose your weight at that time, then Medifast with the more affordable price might be a good one to select. Have a great diet day!

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