Paleo vs Atkins

Diet methods are varying widely and sometimes we can’t help but wonder whether they are healthy or effective or even promote an unhealthy habit afterwards. Many of them are focusing on limiting food intake or even restrict some types of foods like Paleo Vs Atkins. These methods are very popular in the last several years and it seems there are more and more people taking an interest in these diets. Before you want to try one, see which diet suits your lifestyle the most below.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Lose Weight
  • What is the Best Diet
  • What are Paleo and Atkins
  • What to Eat in Paleo and Atkins
  • What not to Eat in Paleo and Atkins
  • Are Paleo and Atkins Effective
  • Paleo Vs Atkins

Losing Weight

If you can choose whether to have a well-proportioned body or very thin/fat, then the answer will mostly the former because it is the ideal type and the one seen as a healthy body weight. When it comes to body weight, things can get very complicated because not all of us will have the same “ideal” but as long as you are not a bodybuilder, BMI should be a good general guidance to make sure that our weight is not unnecessarily too low or dangerously too high.

High body weight caused by the accumulation of fat is an unhealthy condition which is leading to many health issues, the most common being cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure as well as diabetes and a bunch of terrifying diseases that risks are higher when you are gaining lots of body fat. To make sure your body is in its ideal state, we have to burn those fats or using them as an energy source rather than keep adding more into the storage.

Dieting and exercise are the best method to help our body coming back to its ideal weight but dieting is not going to succeed if you don’t also change the lifestyle because weight gain besides is affected by genetic, it also because we are living with unhealthy lifestyle such as consuming too much processed foods, especially those high in sugar then spending most of the time living a sedentary life with lack of movement. Exercise will compliment fat loss by metabolism and burning excess calories.

Choosing Diets

Everybody knows that dieting is one of the hardest challenges in life and we personally can’t count how many diet methods or how many trial and fails we have done all these years. Choosing the best diet can be tricky because our first goal is often just to lose weight and we don’t consider the effect on our body or whether the method is sustainable for life or not because chances, a fast process without long time commitment will make the process unstable.

The best diet should be the one that will change or transform your lifestyle for the better such as starting to eat better, whole foods or reducing the amount of sugar we consume everyday and avoid processed packed foods as much as possible. Our bodies need the proper nutrition and when we start feeding them right, losing weight will be easier. Exercise will make your body feels better and make sure our body is burning those excess calories rather than keep stocking them in a form of fat.

About Paleo and Atkins

We can choose any diet methods to help the lifestyle change and depending on which you want to pick or feel able to do in the long term, all diets usually will make you lose weight when done properly. We have almost unlimited access to information today so it should not be that hard to find a reliable source or if you want to make the diet plan healthier, consulting a nutritionist or your physician will help especially if you also have a health condition to address.

For those who are tired of living an unhealthy lifestyle, a restrictive diet like Paleo and Atkins will be a very ideal choice because they are quite strict when it comes to food consumption. These diet methods are very popular in the last several years where people are starting to realize that what makes us gain weight is not fat in general but carbs. We have been living with this misconception for so long and today people are more into fat and protein than starchy foods.

Contrast to Atkins diet which is popularized by Dr. Atkins with their best-selling book back then in 1972, Paleo diet is relatively new in our society and as the name suggests, this diet is also called the cavemen diet because we have to mimic the food intake of people in the era so say goodbye to those processed foods for good. Both of these diets are also similar to Keto that you can check on our Paleo Vs Keto but in general less restrictive.

Paleo itself is not necessarily a low-carb diet because we are still allowed to consume some high-carb foods/sweetener yet at the same time some of them are prohibited. Atkins is the one that carry the similar idea of Keto so chances they will have very similar menu yet, they are also different depending on which Atkins you are following for it is widely modified and the most popular Atkins20 is quite different due to its different stages of carb allowance.

Paleo Recommended Foods

Moving further, let’s see what we can actually eat in these diet and starting with Paleo, as it has been mentioned earlier, we have to throw those processed foods with this diet plan because there is none of them back then cavemen era. There is no fixed guidance in this system because our ancestors were eating whatever nature gave them and it can be vegetables or animal-based foods but in general we will be eating lots of meat, fish, eggs, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, healthy fats and oils.

The main idea is to avoid any processed foods so if you ever done Whole30, this will be easier to execute as well. We can also still get snacks made from Paleo ingredients or using various cooking methods without restriction including baking.

Atkins Recommended Foods

On the other hand, Atkins in our opinion is more like Keto diet for it is going to restrict your carbs intake for example the Atkins20 has 4 different stages with different carbs allowance to complete. The Phase 1 will limit your carb intake for 2 weeks at 20 grams per day and we have to eat high-fat, high-protein and low-carb veggies like green leaves. Phase 2 will slowly include more nuts, low-carb veggies and some fruits into the diet while Phase 3 will let you add more carbs as you get closer to ideal weight.

The last Phase 4 is for maintaining the weight and in this stage we are allowed to add as many healthy carbs as possible as the body is more tolerating towards them without regaining the lost weight. Taken from Healthline these are not a fixed plan and you can modify them freely for example some people will stay in the first phase forever and making the diet just as restrictive as Keto or only choosing the 3rd stage with healthier food choices.

Paleo Prohibited Foods

If there is a food plan then we also have food that must be avoided at all cost in these diet and starting with Paleo, the first rule is no sugar and high-fructose syrup like table sugar or soft drinks but, some people are including Stevia or raw honey as a good source of energy. Grains and legumes are not allowed with some vegetable oils like sunflower and soybean oil then avoid trans-fat and last but not least artificial sweeteners. Additionally, you may want to avoid white potatoes as well.

Atkins Prohibited Foods

Similarly, we are also going to avoid those types of foods in Atkins diet because we are not going to touch sugar anymore in the form or soft drink, fruit juice, cakes, candy, etc. Grains are also prohibited with some vegetable oils and trans-fat. Even though a packed food is labeled as diet or low-fat, we are not allowed to eat them because they are mostly high in sugar. For those following the first stage, high carb tubers like potatoes, carrots, and turnips are not allowed together with high-carb fruits.

as a good source of energy Efficacy 

Talking about effectivity, both Paleo and Atkins are very similar depending on which modified methods we are sticking into. They are reducing carbs which is great to stabilize blood sugar and the food options that consisting of high-fat and high-protein ingredients are making the dieter stay full longer which is why many said these diets actually reduce weight because they increase satiety so then we consume less. There is no fixed weight loss rate for it also highly related to each body.


The reason why we love these diets is because they are a healthier way to fix our bad habit in choosing foods and makes them more suitable for promoting fitter and quick fat loss especially when there is very little carbs to metabolize which then make our body in ketosis stage just like the first phase of Atkins20 or modified Paleo. The difference between these diets is that Paleo will still let you have fairly high carb sweetener like honey in which Atkins avoid.

Depending on which method you pick, such as in Atkins20 that have different stages and the more it goes, the more carbs we can take on the maintaining stages. If it is modified to be very low in carb, then the diet will becomes strictly Keto.

Paleo vs Atkins

- Based on Paleolithic era - Inspired by Dr. Atkins
- Still can use natural sweeteners like raw honey - Can’t have high calorie food/drinks (phase 1)
- Not necessarily low in carbs - Slowly adding more carbs into the diet
- Have no stages option - Can have stages (depending on the modification)
- Easier to follow for it is constant - Might be confusing for starters


All in all there is no bad diets between these two because they promote healthier food choices but Atkins is a bit more complicated in our opinion and to simplify the food choices, Paleo with a flat rule will be easier to remember and get used to over time as well as stable.

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