Paleo vs Keto

There are so many types of diets out there which claimed to be the best but not all of them are working well nor sustainable for a prolonged time. Lately, everybody is talking about Paleo Vs Keto because they are deemed to be the healthiest option to help people lose weight and overall improve their health. These diets are very similar to each other in practice, but they are also different so before jumping into the diet, see which is more ideal for you below.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Losing Weight is Hard
  • How to Choose Diet Method
  • What are Paleo and Keto
  • What to Avoid in Paleo and Keto
  • What to Eat in Paleo and Keto
  • Are Paleo and Keto Effective for Weight Loss
  • Paleo Vs Keto

Weight Loss

Nobody wants to live with a disease because enjoying our life to the fullest requires us to keep a healthy body so then we can be active and do various things or complete those goals we have been planning for a long time. Health is not something we can predict all the time but we can create them or at least promote them to be so we can still be healthy until a very old age. One of our biggest problems today about health level is it seems people are getting more and more overweight.

This is not in the United States only but happening in various countries as well because of the poor diet and another tricky factor called genes and environment. Taken from in simple way, weight is affected by the number of calories we consume and how much we burn in a day but each one of them are influenced by a combination of genes and environment which affect both of our physiology like the way our body burn calories and behavior such as choosing foods.

Choosing a Diet

The danger of being overweight and obese is prominent and diet is one of the best way to prevent all of those scary diseases like diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure, etc. there are various ways to determine which diet will suit your lifestyle better but in our opinion these 10 are the most important to consider.

  1. Whether the diet match your eating style or not such as if you always cook at home which is the most ideal or sometimes need to eat out as well.
  2. Whether the diet will call for an intense exercise or not because some diet will require you to be very active and some are not going to change any from your habit of exercising or training.
  3. Is it possible to follow the diet forever for the rest of your life because once we go back to our old habits, the weight we shed will mostly back again and in many cases even worse by gaining a higher weight.
  4. Whether the diet will require specific grocery shopping or not and if we can afford it or not because we need to sustain the lifestyle and if it is too inconvenient or expensive, we might drop it in a short while.
  5. The amount of time for weight to lose because healthily we can lose 1-2 pounds a week and the rapid lost in early weeks are usually due to water especially on low-carb diet for our body will be forced to give it up when utilizing other fuel source.
  6. We also agree that the best weight loss or diet plan are those that can change your habit and help us address them so we can little by little change for a healthier lifestyle.
  7. Next is whether you will still be able to enjoy some favorite foods or indulgence or not for diet will cause cravings and it may cause binge eating as well which is why many people suggest to still have them but in a very little portion.
  8. Another important part is consider whether the change is slow or not because change is always hard and the significant it is, the harder our decision will be so it is recommended to pick the one we can deal with and then progress for a higher challenge.
  9. Some diets will require you to take some type of supplement, cleanses, or detox and the healthy diets doesn’t need them except for our regular multivitamin-mineral with the best source is getting them from our food intake.
  10. The last is whether the diet need a predetermined strict plan or flexible choice because some people prefer clear restriction and the other want to choose their food better but just make sure we get enough food to prevent hunger from undermining the weight loss.

About Paleo and Keto

With the unlimited sources we have today, it is easy to get distracted by the amount of information available, especially when it comes to diet and weight loss in general but, two of the most popular today are the Paleo and Keto diet which are gaining so much popularity by basing their concept of eating clean and restricting the intake of carbs. We are sure most people are familiar with them due to how highly well-known and practiced they are but with the similarities also comes some differences.

Let’s start with Paleo diet and as you may already know, it is taken from Paleolitic era in which people are eating clean and getting most of their foods from animals so do expect to eat lots of meat in this diet. The popular caveman diet with belief that early human’s habit will bring more optimal health is based on how bad our modern food system is with production and processing techniques damaging our health. This way we can support the body better for its biological function, digestion, and health.

Moving on to Keto, this is based on Ketogenic or Ketones which is our other source of fuel because commonly, they are using glucose from carbohydrates for energy. The stage of Ketosis is when our body is using calories from fat to create energy instead of carbs so it can function normally. Ketosis stage is achieved by adjusting the dietary macronutrients by removing almost any carbs and eating lots of fat with moderate protein until leaving the carb portion to not exceed 10% or lower if possible.

Paleo and Keto Restriction

It seems that there is no effective diet without restriction and this is what you have to deal with Paleo and Keto diet as well. They are quite similar in this side but also have some differences because with the former, we are eliminating all grains and legumes because they are not part of our ancestors diets and contains antinutrients which are compounds like lectins and phytates. We are asked to remove them because they will interfere with the body’s ability to absorb minerals and nutrients as well as causing digestive distress when consumed in a large quantity.

On the other hand, we also have to do the same with Keto because grains and legumes are rich in carbohydrate so when you consume them while on the program, chances our body will not be able to enter the Ketosis stage. Another restriction we can’t have in both diets are added sugar but, Paleo is more permissive with natural sweeteners like maple syrup and honey while Keto will banned these sweeteners including fruits except for avocado on some people who are following the diet very strict.

Paleo and Keto Foods

Moving further, after restriction, we have to follow the recommended foods to nourish the body but will stay in condition where the diet is intended to be. Paleo and Keto diet are also very similar in this side because they equally emphasize healthy fat so we are encouraged to take unrefined healthy fats including selected refined oils like olive and avocado oils then nuts, seeds, and fish. Even when not dieting, these foods are going to benefit your heart with poly and monounsaturated fats.

However, we are not recommended to consume heavily processed fats like trans-fat because it will bring bad effects to your body when consumed regularly. Keto is very prominent on the healthy fat intake but Paleo is not as strong in comparison yet mostly can use the other diet recipe just fine. Read also: Wonderslim Vs Ideal Protein here.

Paleo and Keto Effectivity

Talking about affectivity as a weight loss tools, Paleo and Keto diet may be working very well to help dieters shedding some pounds but then again, it is still too early to decide whether they are actually beneficial in the long run or not for the studies is still limited on this side. However, there are so many stories and experiences about these diets for those who want to lose weight but they are fairly new and still in a short period of time. 

This is exceptionally true with Keto for fatty foods will fill you up more resulting in less appetite and there is still confusion whether the weight loss during the diet is because of the lack of consumption or because of our body is in Ketosis stage.


Best diet is the one that can be done for a long period of time or forever and can change our habit or lifestyle to be healthier. Paleo and Keto diet are popular as a weight loss tools and the experiments seems to work on so many people but the key difference between both diets are Keto extensively remove carbohydrate from your menu while Paleo is not necessarily a low-carb diet for we are still allowed to eat root vegetables or starchy vegetables, fruits, and even honey and maple syrup that are not permitted in Keto.

Paleo vs Keto

- Based on Paleolithic diet - Based on Ketosis stage
- Still can eat carbs or starch - Avoid any high carbohydrates foods
- Still can consume honey and maple syrup - Can’t use honey or syrup
- Not necessarily removing carbohydrates - 5%-10% carbohydrates per day
- Easier to follow - Will take more will power to practice
- Might be less effective for weight loss- Effective for weight loss


In our opinion, you can choose which diet to try and see if it is possible to life with the new lifestyle but, if weight loss is the main goal, Keto is reported to be very effective because it removes carbs which contains glucose or our body’s main fuel in common condition.

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