Paleo vs Primal

Being overweight or obese is increasing the risks of many dangerous diseases that we can actually prevent with a healthier lifestyle or food choices. If you want to fix the habit of consuming “bad foods”, why not try diet method like Paleo Vs Primal because they are designed to help dieters to change their lifestyle and food choices. They are very strict as well so you have to put so much willpower and before jumping to the journey, see which diet will fit your preference better below.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What Cause Overweight and Obesity
  • How to Prevent Obesity
  • What are Paleo and Primal
  • What to Eat in Paleo and Primal
  • What to Avoid in Paleo and Primal
  • Are Paleo and Primal Effective for Weight Loss
  • Paleo Vs Primal

Overweight and Obesity 

All of us must want to live a healthy life with healthy body and far away from any scary diseases but the fact is not always easy because as we live our daily lives, maintaining our body becoming another hassle that in the long term will harm ourselves. Lifestyle is playing a huge role in determining our fitness level and since it is related to habit, not everything will be as easy as flipping a coin but it is not impossible as long as you put strong will and stay consistent.

Overweight and obesity is a complex problem but to put it simply, we will gain more fat as we take in more calories than what we burn in a day but actually it is far more confusing. First is what we eat and how we eat them, especially in modern days where everything is fast and high in calories with lots of sugar that has been linked to many health issues including obesity. The second is activity level because the lack of movement means lack of calorie burns as well.

The last but not least is genetic makeup and this is probably the trickiest to counter or fix if possible since genetic makeup affects the rate at which our body uses energy or calories when resting or called as basal metabolic rate. It may not be fair but there are people who are born with higher metabolic rates than others thus, they are burning more calories than most people. Additionally, we can’t change where the body will store fat so some people will have more on their waist and some other may store the fat in the belly.

Weight Gain Prevention

If your BMI is showing a dangerous number, dieting and start being more active by exercising routinely are the killer method to help slowly reduce the accumulating fat and get your fitness level back or even improve them. One of the crucial part of dieting is avoiding emotional eating because this will make you take more than what we can burn and if the calories are not used, they will become fat in our body. First method is you may want to make a food journal.

This will keep you away from grabbing snacks and start binging because when there is an urge our attention is distracted by the need to write a report so we can understand if there is a trigger to it. The second is to try using hunger scale between 1 and 10 thus we can understand if you just want to eat or it is already time to eat. After you can notice triggers, we can avoid eating by shifting our attention to other activities like a relaxation break or doing other fun things.

About Paleo and Primal

Changing an old habit is not going to be easy so you will need a strong resolution and will to walk the journey for a long time or forever. Healthier habit will let your body toss excess fat and overall improve your fitness but choosing the food to consume while repairing habit can be very confusing especially if this is your first time with certain diet. While diet methods are available widely, not all of them will be sustainable and have no additional risk when done in a prolonged time.

Our diet should focus on better food choice as well as doing more physical activities or exercise and if you are confused about which guidance should be followed, Paleo and Primal diets are two among the best when it comes to food choice because their nature to follow what humans used to eat before foods are highly industrialized. Their basic idea are the same which is making sure our body is getting what it needs to stay alive and striving; almost free from modern products.

Paleo itself is similar to many other diet methods namely Whole30 that you can check on our Paleo Vs Whole30 but almost every time there is little difference here and there mostly about certain type of foods or liquid. This is also happening between Paleo and Primal for if you see what we can eat on these programs, most of the menu or recipe will call for the same ingredients. Comparing these two to for example Keto, actually none of them are as strict.

As the name suggests, Paleo diet is meant to redesign our food choices to mimic what hunter-gathered back then ate and while it is hard to determine what they eat at that time for mostly they can only get whatever nature currently presenting and the main idea is getting whole foods. On the other hand, Primal diet is popularized by Mark Sisson through his book The Primal Blueprint which carry the same idea of Paleo or eating those that our primal ancestors would have access.

What you may want to pay attention to is their food choices and avoids because some diets are asking the dieters to purchase high quality meat or organic ingredients that not only expensive but also inconvenient for not all the time we can just find all of them at grocery stores.

Paleo and Primal Foods

When looking into a new diet, the first thing you may want to know is what to eat while doing the program or changing the food choice and with either Paleo or Primal, the foods we are going to eat are mostly animal and plant based especially those high in fat and protein such as meat, fish, and seafood, eggs, vegetables especially those leafy greens, any type of fruits, some tubers and nuts but in Primal you will also recommended to eat dairy like raw milk and cheese.

Paleo is highly customizable and there seems to be a difference between those who are restricting their carbs than going to follow the initial diet plan because nowadays people seem to start avoiding carb-rich veggies like potatoes in Paleo diet despite still using raw honey for their sweetener.  As for Primal, this diet have no issue against tubers or veggies that are rich in carbs because we are fine with potatoes or even wild rice. Additionally, this diet also allow you to have honey and maple syrup as sweetener.

What makes grocery shopping with Primal diet hard to carry out is because they prefer organic foods including fruits, veggies, and eggs while meat should be grass-fed and if possible free from antibiotics or growth hormones.

Paleo and Primal Avoids

If you already get an idea on what to eat while doing these diets, now comes the avoids and it is the most important part to notice because sometimes we are not aware of consuming foods that are not approved in our current diets. Both Paleo and Primal will not let you choose processed foods and it includes sugar or high-fructose corn syrup and its many other names. Grains should be avoided as well so we can’t enjoy pasta anymore with legumes like beans, lentils, etc. 

What’s different is, taken from Healthline Paleo also prevents us from consuming dairy products thus, we can’t drink cow’s milk or eating cheese strings anymore while with Primal, we are still allowed or even recommended to consume them, especially in the most natural form. We mentioned potatoes are not allowed on Paleo and this is both because they are high in carbs and included as nightshade plants which is discouraged by this diets so other veggies like tomatoes, eggplants, and sweet hot peppers are not allowed as well.

Paleo and Primal Benefits

Talking about benefits, they are equally a great method to improve health and losing weight because our food choice is altered to be healthier and mostly lower in carbs too. However, the idea of Primal that push the consumption of saturated fat is a bit concerning since it has been shown that a high saturated fat intake will also lead to a higher cholesterol levels or LDL cholesterol to be specific; our dietary guideline today is recommending an intake of 10% or less than total calories per day.

The weight loss from these diets are mostly coming from the less carbs and more fat or protein that will make you feel satiated longer compared to when consuming high-carb foods. Additionally, veggies will fill you up as well with all their important nutrients.


A change in lifestyle to be better will help you lose weight, especially when you combine them with a routine exercise and consistent for a prolonged time. This is what will happen when you try to live with Paleo or Primal diet and while these two are very similar, Primal is more forgiving in terms of food choice because it will let you have dairies and it also have no problem with veggies including those high in carbs

But, this diet also support a high consumption of saturated fat which is not good for your cholesterol level and high-quality ingredient choice can be an issue for those who are living on a budget.

Paleo vs Primal

- Avoiding starchy veggies - Vegetables are fine
- Avoiding dairy products - Dairy is a good source of fat
- More into healthy fat - Can be high in saturated fat
- Lower in carbs - Will mostly have higher carbs


All in all diet should be done for a prolonged time or forever to get the best and permanent result. Between these two methods, Paleo is a better diet in our opinion because it is fairly easy to follow and healthier for your cholesterol level.

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