Paleo vs Whole30

Changing lifestyle is not as easy as flipping our palms and it might take years before we can actually settle and be consistent about the new habit. For those who want to live a healthier life with better diets, Paleo Vs Whole30 are two amazing methods to try because they emphasize on better food choices but still very tasty and fulfilling. These diets are quite similar in food options yet also different so before going with one of them, check their differences below.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Obesity is Dangerous
  • How to Lose Weight
  • What are Paleo and Whole30
  • What can we Eat in Paleo and Whole30
  • What should Avoided in Paleo and Whole30
  • Are Paleo and Whole30 Effective for Weight Loss
  • Paleo Vs Whole30

Obesity Causes and Danger

None of us want to live with a disease and if possible stay healthy until a very old age and go with peace as well. However, life is not as easy and besides having to battle with various life circumstances, we also have to keep our body at the best condition as possible because sickness and health issues will affect how we can enjoy life and be active as well, moreover, it causes painful experiences or stress on our body.

One of our biggest problems in this modern day is overweight and obesity which seems to be continuing to increase year after year, especially in the United States. All of us know that obesity and rapid weight gain is associated with several health conditions which included elevated blood sugar, high blood pressure, and poor blood lipid profile. Diabetes type 2 is also on a higher risk list of those who are living with metabolic syndrome compared to those in normal weight.

The problem is, most of us still think that obesity is caused by the lack of willpower because this is not 100% true since while gaining weight is highly caused by eating behavior and lifestyle, some people are at a higher disadvantage of weight gain when it comes to eating habits control. Taken from Healthline this is because overeating is affected by various biological factors including genetics and hormones which means certain people will be predisposed to gaining weight.

Weight Loss Methods

Changing our habits are never going to be easy and it is the same with losing weight but those genetic disadvantages can be changed by fixing our lifestyle and behavior and this will need a very strong willpower, dedication and perseverance. Diet methods that aimed to make the doers lose weight are going to be hard on yourself but over time, they will be worth it. A recommendation you can try is cutting back of sugars and starches or to put it simply carbohydrates because they are the culprit of weight gain.

This diet method is very effective because carbs increase insulin production and by lowering insulin, our kidneys will shed excess sodium and water which is why low-carbs diet works very fast in decreasing weight. As for the meal, make sure to construct the food with more protein and fat as well as less carbs so a day you only take about 20 to 50 grams of carbs. Protein is increasing metabolism by 80 to 100 calories per day and high protein will reduce your cravings as well.

About Paleo and Whole30

New year is always a good time to start a new resolution and while it is not anywhere near January yet, starting diet that can change your lifestyle is great to be done anytime of the year and even better when you are consistent about it. Be prepared to face so many challenges and bad mood or feeling worse at days during the journey but the sacrifice is a must to build a healthier body and better fitness for now and in the long run. 

Information are available widely and chances you already have a promising diet to try. In the last several years, Paleo and Whole30 seems to be very popular together with another healthy food choices diet like Keto that you can check on our Paleo Vs Keto here. When it comes to food choices, these diets are very much similar to each other so sometimes we can exchange recipes with other people doing the other diets just fine since the ingredients are permitted on one or another.

If Keto is based on high fat and very low carbs diet which is meant to create the Ketosis condition in our body, Paleo and Whole30 are based more into the idea of reversing our food system to when modernization is not applied on our food’s industry yet. Paleo as the name suggest is going to make you go back to how our ancestors were eating their food which means there is no processed foods or to put it simply, foods that have been agricultured in the past.

On the other hand, Whole30 also mirror the diet method because we practically only need to do the diet for 30 days or for about a month and in the beginning, this diet method is not meant to make the doers lose weight but instead, it is meant to identify if there is food sensitivities. It will be very helpful if you have some problems such as skin problems or rashes because by eliminating those foods, we can see if they are related to our issues so we can make better food choices in the future.

Paleo and Whole30 Food Choice

When talking about diet, the first thing you might want to know is what to eat while completing the task and this is actually the hardest part to carry out since not only do we have to choose the food wisely, most of the time diet guidelines are hard to understand especially if you are living in a country or place where the common veggies or other foods eaten are different. At this point both of Paleo and Whole30 are very similar because we are encouraged to eat whole foods.

This is including meat and leafy vegetables with some tubers or those that grown under the soil to nourish your body. It will include grass fed beef, fish, and poultry, with some oils but Whole30 will not allow you to use seed oils, the same as Paleo. The type of oil recommended in these diets will be extra virgin olive oils, avocado oil, and palm oils. As for sweeteners, the best thing about Paleo is we can actually use honey and even drink alcohol as long as it is distilled like vodka.

Paleo and Whole30 Restriction

Moving further, another hard or probably the hardest when doing certain diet is avoiding some types of food and both of these methods are well-known to be very restrictive when it comes to non-compliant. Let’s start with Paleo, in this diet we are not going to eat whatever not present in the Paleolithic era so no snacks that comes in a package and when talking about veggies that also available in the past, we are actually not allowed to eat white potatoes.

Some people with a very strict Paleo plan might eliminate sweet potatoes as well despite these two are also grown in the past because they are high in carbs. At this point separating Paleo and Keto can be tricky for if their goal is to limit carbs, raw honey and maple syrup are high in carbs as well but then again, this diet is not necessarily low in carbs. Moving to Whole30, this diet is even stricter in our opinion, probably because it is only done within 30 days.

One of the most important rules of Whole30 is we should never cheat or consume anything that is not permitted on the diet and if you unfortunately do so, we then should start the diet from the beginning again until succeeding. Paleo and Keto which are also strict will still let you bake or cook foods as long as the ingredients are allowed in the diet but this one will not permitted you to get any baked goods or any desserts.

This is because the action of baking those ingredients are countering the act of eating simple, clean, whole foods. In addition, eating baked goods on some people can be a real trigger so it is necessary to stay within the plan.

Paleo and Whole30 for Weight Loss

The last thing we want to talk about Paleo and Whole30 is their efficacy against weight loss because it is one of the most common reasons why we do adopt any of these diets. Many people do lose weight when performing the diet because with the restrictive foods choice we will also limit calorie intake altogether and promote better food selection as well as habit so our body can work better. Yet, going overboard with high calorie foods despite allowed in the diet can lead to weight gain as well.

Between the two, Paleo will be better because it is meant to change lifestyle and since Whole30 is only done within the 30 days, chances our relation with foods will comes back to the old habit in the 31rd day so changing our method to choose better foods with Paleo is actually better in the long run.


Both of these diet methods are great to start changing our eating habits and food choices but depending on your goals, the choice may be different as well. Paleo restrict modern foods just like Whole30 but surprisingly we are still allowed to get natural occurring sweeteners like raw honey and maple syrup while white potatoes are allowed on Whole30 but not on the other diet. Paleo is a lifetime commitment to help you choose better foods and Whole30 is meant to identify food sensitivities that we should complete in 30 days.

Paleo vs Whole30

- For a lifetime - For 30 days
- Based on caveman diets - Based on whole foods
- Can still eat raw honey and maple syrup - No sweetener
- Cannot eat potatoes - No baked goods
- Approved distilled alcohol - Approved white potatoes
- More effective for weight loss- Weight loss doesn’t last


These diets are great for getting a better food choices but if you are looking for a way to lose weight and improve health, the better choice will be Paleo simply because it is done for a lifetime and not a quick fix like Whole30.

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