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Thrive vs Isagenix

Low calorie diet is very popular because they are effective in helping people to lose weight in a short period of time but also convenient for we only required to monitor the calorie intake. Changing the meal with meal replacement shakes like Thrive Vs Isagenix will ease the job without decreasing the nutrient in which our body needs to stay at its best. For those who prefer to consume meal replacement, go check what these brands can offer and pick which shakes will fit your preference the most.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is Low Calorie Diet
  • What are Thrive and Isagenix
  • What Flavors Thrive and Isagenix have
  • Are Thrive and Isagenix Expensive
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  • What Thrive and Isagenix can offer
  • How are the Nutrition Facts of Thrive and Isagenix
  • How to Serve Thrive and Isagenix
  • Thrive Vs Isagenix

Dieting is probably one of the most difficult tasks we have to do if you are struggling to lose weight or changing to a healthier lifestyle because dieting is always identical with heavy restriction and pain which of course none of us like to go through. However, sometimes all of the efforts and will power are required to make sure we can enjoy a healthy body and live happily longer because weight issues often related to dangerous diseases that may threaten our lives.

Thankfully with our always connected society, we can get information regarding the diet methods available to achieve your goal and there are lots of them today so we can pick the one that fits our preferences the most. Diet methods are varying widely starting those that limit our consumption of certain types of food to those that have a list of the kind of food we can have as long as practicing the new lifestyle such as those Keto or Paleo diets.

However, if you are not fond of limiting the type of food we can consume while dieting because it is a hassle especially if you rarely cook at home, low calorie diet will be one of the most convenient methods to try. We are sure most people are familiar with this diet method because it is very popular but the reason why we choose this diet is because they are convenient and can be done without much fuss since we don’t have to consume or avoid certain foods.

This diet will require you to limit daily calorie intake up to a certain count and depending on the dieter, the amount of calories we can have in a day may vary widely but most of the time people will limit their intake from 800 to 1500 calorie a day. A very low calorie diet is also great for people whose BMI number is over 30 or considered obese and in most cases, if this is your issue we can lose from 3 to 5 pounds in a mere week.

The meal plan can be highly modified as long as the amount of calories don’t exceed the daily limit of calories we have planned before. However, regular meal can easily exceed most of calorie goal unless you want to reduce the amount of meal in a day and if you still want to get 3 meals and even snacks between meals, there are various diet products which are designed to have very little calories but still rich in nutrition.

About Thrive and Isagenix

These types of diet foods are the go-to of so many people not only those who are currently doing the low-calorie diet but also those who need to maintain their weight. There are so many options out there when it comes to diet products but most of the time they are coming with the same level of low-calorie benefits but somehow still very tasty to let the dieters enjoy them better. Depending on your needs, there are shakes, snacks, and even prepackaged meals to choose.

Among those many options, Thrive and Isagenix are a great option to pick if you are a busy person and don’t have much time to prepare breakfast or low-calorie meals everyday because both of them are offering a great meal replacement for your new lifestyle. As you may already know, meal replacement is a popular alternative for those who are in low-calorie diets because these types of shakes are offering a rich nutrient conveniently, in a nice tasty beverages that we can modify as needed.

Similar to companies like Beachbody vs Isagenix, these two are also a multi-level-marketing brands which offer a huge range of products mostly consisting of health and wellness related solutions in which one of them is a diet shake. Thrive is calling their shake Thrive Mix and rather than a meal replacement shake, this one is more like a nutrition shake but may work as meal replacement as well since there is no specific direction on how to use the product except to combine it with other Thrive products.

Isagenix with its IsaLean shake on the other hand is clearly a meal replacement shake because the product said so and just like any similar shake, they are meant to replace your meal during the day with most users choose to consume them in the morning for breakfast combined with other ingredients like bananas or other fruits. However, we don’t see any reason why we can’t use this shake to replace other meals as well like dinner because it is very nutritious.

Thrive and Isagenix Flavors and Price

One of the best features about meal replacement shake is their flavor collections and this is great because many shakes are not as tasty as we wished them to be with those metallic taste and somehow just not very appealing to try. Thrive has shakes with flavors collections like vanilla in our sample picture above but there are also chocolate, apple pie, and strawberry. Isagenix has more in its catalogue with creamy Dutch chocolate, creamy French vanilla, strawberry cream, chocolate mint, peach mango, and many more.

You may have different taste but for Thrive the best tasting shake seems to be the vanilla ones and this is very versatile to be mixed with various ingredients to be more appealing and richer in nutrients while Isagenix is very popular with its creamy Dutch chocolate option. This shake is very tasty and easy to drink even though we don’t add anything into the mix. Price wise, they are not expensive for a package of Thrive mix for 16 servings is sold at $60 while the latter is $55.99 for 14 servings.

Thrive and Isagenix Ingredients and Benefits

Thrive is made by a company called Le-Vel and they are claimed to be a premium lifestyle brand and as it has been mentioned above, this shake is not classified as either a meal replacement or protein shake by the company. In our opinion they are marketing this product as basic nutrient supplement but the preparation method as well as application are the same as a regular shake. This is probably why the shake has a bit different formulation than common shakes.

This shake is using a protein blend from whey, soy, and pea protein which are all often used as a source of protein in many brands including Isagenix. Whey comes from cow’s milk and great to make you full instantly while soy is often used in a product made for those who can’t consume regular milk so combining them is kind of surprising. Its unique amino acid profile making soy protein based shake good for endurance training while pea protein is high in iron, great for muscle growth, weight loss, and heart health.

Other prominent ingredients in this shake are garcinia fruit extract, oat fiber, and natural caffeine from black tea. Fiber is necessary for your digestion while garcinia fruit is said to have HCA which is useful to reduce appetite and burn fat but it also has caffeine with a similar benefit but also beneficial as a focus and energy booster. Isagenix on the other hand is made with whey protein, milk protein, and nonfat milk thus, none of these shakes are ideal for people who can’t consume dairy products.

The next prominent ingredients in Isagenix are mostly fiber such as chia seed but it also has MCT powder and similar to its liquid version, this popular ingredient is beneficial as weight loss aid for it able to promote satiety while also lower triglycerides and glucose. Being a shorter chain, it will be absorbed more rapidly and can be used as an immediate source of energy.

Thrive and Isagenix Nutrition Fact

The final point to consider when looking for a shake is the nutrition facts because it will tell you what we can get from the mix and starting with Thrive from Le-Vel, this shake has 110 calorie per serving with 15 grams of protein , 2 grams of sugar and 5 grams of fiber with around 45% of recommended daily vitamins. Isagenix has almost twice the serving size of Thrive and has 240 calorie per serving with 6 grams of fat.

In addition it also has 10 grams of sugar and 8 grams of dietary fiber as well as similar level of recommended daily vitamins. The numbers are derived from the vanilla and creamy Dutch chocolate from these brands respectively so other flavors may have slight differences. 

Serving Thrive and Isagenix

Last but not least is the serving size and be careful if you are sensitive to caffeine because Thrive is quite high in caffeine approximately at 25 mg per serving. Its serving size is 35 grams and mixed with water but can be drank almost anytime as a standalone supplement while Isagenix serving size is 61 grams and can be taken a few times a day depending on your application whether to replace breakfast, lunch or dinner.  It has no caffeine so dinner with a glass of this mix should be fine.

Thrive vs Isagenix

Thrive Isagenix
- Soy protein - Milk protein
- Low calorie - High calorie
- Caffeine - No caffeine
- Less protein - Higher protein

These shakes are kind of similar but also different because the former is not classified as a meal replacement shake or protein shake. Both of them can be used as meal replacement including Thrive because it has the required nutrient for your body to strive but it has less protein and calories to make you feel satiated longer unlike Isagenix which is designed to replace your meal.


All in all we can choose either of them but if your goal or application is meal replacement then Isagenix with its proper formulation such as MCT oil is better to makes you feel full longer as well as rich enough in nutrients.

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