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Weight Watchers vs Keto

Losing weight is a heavy struggle for all of us because changing a habit is difficult and we mostly want to get the fastest results. A healthy diets will slowly shed your fats away and while they can be slow, it is healthier as well than some fad diets. Weight Watchers Vs Keto are a great choice to try if you are looking for a method to lose weight because they are very effective. Before you pick one, go see which method will suit your lifestyle the most below.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Overweight and Obesity is Dangerous
  • How to Lose Weight
  • What are Weight Watchers and Keto
  • Are Weight Watchers and Keto Expensive
  • How Weight Watchers and Keto Work
  • Are Weight Watchers and Keto Effective
  • Weight Watchers Vs Keto

Danger of Overweight and Obesity

Have you ever thought why people nowadays are fatter than how we used to see them back when we were still in grade school. If the answer is yes, you are not the only one because people are indeed getting fatter and this is an issue that all of us have to solve together. It is easy to tell people to lose weight but the best thing to solve a problem is by addressing the underlying issue and overweight or obesity can be caused by several factors.

You may have heard some people say it was a hormonal problem or it was because of their gene and these actually true because these factors are playing a role in causing weight gain. However, in real life the number of people who are overweight or obese due to lifestyle choices is higher than those who have suffered from hormonal or genetic problem. Even thyroid conditions which is known to make you gain weight only affect 16% of the population in which many thyroid problems can actually cause you to lose weight.

We have been dealing with overweight and obesity for the past several decades and professionals even predict there will be more overweight and obese people in the US by 2020 because back in 2012, there are already 72% of men being overweight and 63% women being overweight or obese. What’s scary about extreme weight especially those due to fat accumulation is the related diseases itself such as diabetes risk.

Weight Loss

Losing weight is not only great to reduce the risks of various diseases but will also better for your daily life because with smaller body we can move easier and be less than often tired which is common in people who are overweight. Dieting will help you shed so many pounds and the best diet is the one that can be done in a prolonged time or sustainable. Changing lifestyle is a very ideal idea and mostly recommended because it will last long and naturally healthier.

The first step to lose weight is to try eliminating processed foods and most important those high in sugar or carbs because not only they are rich in calories but also will make you gain more weight. The one often recommended to help a person to lose weight is by consuming more protein with a little bit of fat and don’t forget to consume veggies as well especially green leaves. They are low in calories, rich in vitamins, as well as tasty and cheap for many types of dishes.

About Weight Watchers and Keto

Besides the struggle to stay in our plan or avoiding unhealthy food while also actively moving, one of our biggest issues when starting a diet is what to eat and how we prepare it. Food preparation is not everyone’s virtue and it is great if you happen to be one who loves cooking and have the time to do it because many of us are either too busy to do so or just not into cooking altogether. This is why diet products are so welcomed in the market.

However, if you are into cooking, preparing our own food is the most fun and best way to lose weight for we can try different recipes or create the dish to be both nutritional, fulfilling, yet supportive to your goal. Two popular diet methods you may want to try if quick result is at the top list are Weight Watchers and Keto. Both of them are very different from each other because as you may already know, the former is essentially a diet plan and a prepackaged diet food brand while the latter is a lifestyle.

Keto is a popular diet but we call it as a lifestyle because it can be done forever and it is very healthy to both help a person to lose weight as well as keeping their food choices to be natural and overall provide better nutrients for their body. This diet is known to be one of the strictest when it comes to food options because we are not allowed to eat many types of foods including those natural ones like fruits for they are high in sugar.

Weight Watchers on the other hand is a diet product brand, very similar to Wonderslim Vs Slimfast because the kind of products you will find on their catalogue will be the same as well. What makes it different and so popular is because they have an interesting program for their customers to follow through. The plan will be tailored based on the dieter themselves in general like age, weight, height and gender. They have a very useful app that assess what we need to eat and track progress.

Weight Watchers and Keto Price

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a diet is the price itself for we plan to do it until the goal is reached, we get a new better lifestyle, or to be done forever. Weight Watchers is not free because they are acting like a service in which their plan will guide you to lose weight hence there will be standard cost for the program. Currently their Digital plan is offered at $3.07 per week, while the Coaching is at $12.69 per week.

Food options are widely variable so it is based on how good we can find the bargain products when doing grocery shopping. This is the same to Keto diet because this diet restrict its doers from having lots of different foods including natural ones. Shopping in Keto can be tricky but high protein and relative fat are what we are going to eat. Choosing cheap meats is more ideal and replace carbs to leafy veggies will increase fiber intake as well as makes you full longer.

Weight Watchers and Keto System

Moving further, let’s see how to do this diet and starting from Weight Watchers, we are profiled first according to several criteria and then the program will give us an amount of points. Think this as an allowance and this allowance is related to foods; those fruits and veggies can have zero point means we can eat as many of them without using the point while those with high fat and protein or sugar will also be heavy in points so we can only eat a little.

For example an apple will have zero points while a slice of apple pie will took 12 points from your allowance. Just like the program name suggests we are required to track everything we eat that can be online, offline, or via the app. Besides the daily target, every person will also get weekly allocation of extra point if we are exceeding the target. As for Keto, this plan will require us to eat red meat, steak, or chicken and turkey as well as fatty fish and dairy like butter and cream or cheese.

For the veggies we can eat most green veggies, tomatoes, onions, peppers or for fruit we can eat mixed berry and avocado only because they are low in carbs. If you love snacking, we can try nuts or seeds for they are fatty. The main idea of this diet is keeping the carb as low as possible to reach ketosis stage in which our body will start using fat for energy and this will happen if you consume less than 50 grams of carbs per day.

Weight Watchers and Keto Efficacy 

The next point we want to talk about is their efficacy for we need a method that works properly and in this side, Weight Watchers is already studied to be effective as a weight loss program. Researchers tracked 772 overweight and moderately obese people then asked to follow the diet or to choose weight-loss guidance from their primary doctors. A year later those who chosen WW plan have lost 15 pounds compared to only 7 pounds in the group guided by their doctors.

As for Keto, the weight loss is varying from person to another because it depends on our condition and how many calories while also including physical activity we have done for the day. We will lose much during the first month because our body is depleting water. In general, people who are doing this diet will lose from one to two pounds a week while for the next months the progress will slow down.

Weight Watchers vs Keto

Optavia Optifast
- Low-calorie focus - Very low-carb
- Gives point allowance - Protein and fat focus
- Diet plan provided - Diet plan flexible
- Assisted by professional - D-I-Y
- Friendlier for new dieters - Strict

These diets are an amazing options if you are looking for a healthy method to lose weight but they are also different because Keto is strictly prohibiting carbs or in general will limit you to only 50 grams of carbs to reach the ketosis stage. Weight Watchers on the other hand is friendlier because we can still eat various foods including fruits because they are not strictly limiting certain types of foods; only by point allowance.


All in all you should pick the one that feel the most comfortable for you so we can sustainably process with the plan and do it for a prolonged time. If we have to choose between the two, those who dislike very strict diet should opt for Weight Watchers because here we are assisted and overall friendlier for dieters.

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