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Weight Watchers vs MyFitnessPal

Losing weight is a great challenge and it needs a very strong willpower to sustain but, if it is for the better of our health, we should try our best be fitter and choose an overall healthier lifestyle. Thankfully there are many services you can try today such as Weight Watchers Vs MyFitnessPal that are created to help people get healthier and fitter with an easy to understand recommendations. For those who are also planning to use these services, go see which suit you the best below.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Lose Weight
  • What are Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal
  • Are Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal Pricey
  • How Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal Work
  • Are Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal Effective
  • Do Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal Offer a Money Back Guarantee
  • Weight Watchers Vs MyFitnessPal

Weight Loss Methods

For those who have been trying several diet types you probably already tired of not being able to maintain the progress. This is true because while diet success rate is high, another challenge to overcome after is usually how to sustain the new lifestyle and this can be very difficult because most of the time we try to reward ourselves by getting loose and at the end it lured you back to the unhealthy old habit which can cause so much stress at times.

The key to losing weight is maintaining a healthy diet and it means we have to start removing unhealthy food options as well as try to measure them everyday. It is a hassle yes, but you will love the result especially in prolonged time because not only do we get fitter but also lose lots of those unnecessary weight. For those who don’t have much time to make food preparation, losing weight can be as simple as reducing your food intake but this is probably the most difficult part.

Ideally we can’t over consume because unused energy will be stored as fat and none of us want to gain weight because of fat because not only unhealthy, it will also be inconvenient to become active since we have to carry a heavier weight. If you are not keen on doing grocery shopping or cooking at home, weight loss can start with diet products. Packed products are easier and more convenient to go with because we don’t have to prepare anything and we can even carry some for lunch.

There are various brands offering healthy diet products but, while they may seem different, most are fairly the same with some little pros and cons on each brands. If you are fine by consuming packed foods and want to look for the best convenient diet method, go check our Wonderslim Vs Slimfast. Another method that you can try if food preparation is not a good idea is low-calorie diet. It is basically the same as using diet products because we are focusing on reducing calorie intake, mostly form carbs.

The diet is very easy to do because they mainly don’t have any restrictions such as Keto or Atkins so we can eat anything but only in a certain amount. The most inconvenient part is counting the calories of each food we consume including beverage but the easiest part is we can eat almost anything. If the food is high in calories which typically starchy, sweet, or fatty, calorie limit will be fulfilled faster than when consuming fiber rich and low carb foods.

About Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal

One of the limitations of diet that we are doing alone without assistance is sometimes we can be inconsistent or even lose motivation which is why dieting is better if you have a group support who can be a place to share and motivate each other. In addition, you may want to try fitness app or weight loss app to get more information and a new community. They are very useful to help providing the proper nutrient plan and let you track progress as well as how good our diet has improved. 

There are many of them out there as people are getting more concerned about their health and you may want to try one to see whether they work or not. Among those many weight loss and fitness app, Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal are two of the most popular apps being used for these goals. They are initially different that you can already guess from the name alone but, weight loss is part of fitness and vice versa yet the former is focusing more on weight loss goal.

Weight Watchers is a very popular app for dieters and we do love their system as well because it eases you from choosing what we need to eat, right in your smartphone as well as giving us the freedom to pick and be more mindful about the choice. In addition they are also carrying weight loss products in the catalogue which is not necessary for the weight loss plan but can be a great addition to let you have some healthy snacks or shakes while keeping the calories in check. 

On the other hand, MyFitnessPal is initially a fitness app so its goal is to track your exercise and organizing the progress. It also acts as a social media for fitness enthusiast where people can share their activity, progress or supporting each other. As the app is growing, they also have various other useful features that you can use not only to track fitness activity but also losing weight.

Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal Pricing

The first thing you may want to know about using a diet app is probably the cost because yes, apparently they are not free and not cheap as well for many of us. Depending on how long you will be using their service, the cost can add up real quick. For Weight Watchers, they have three plans to offer; Digital which is $3.07 per week and you can use the app or Coaching which cost you $12.69 per week and Workshop which is even pricier.

What’s great about MyFitnessPal is they also offer a free service for the user and this free service is already very helpful to let you track food and calories with activity, weight and even some few other metrics yet, the Premium service is even better. To access this however, we have to pay for the account premium service and this can cost you $9.99 per month or $49.99 if you pay it annually. Compared to similar service like Noom, MFP is actually very much affordable.

Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal Mechanism

Since they are significantly a different app, their mechanisms are also different because with Weight Watchers, you will be asked a thorough questions before assigned to the diet plan including bad eating habits or dietary requirements so the plan can be personalized based on your need. With MyFitnessPal, setting up is quick and almost instant with basic data then the app will guess how many calories we burn each day and then suggest how many that will help us lose, maintain or gain.

Weight Watchers is also the same but a little bit different because they are more detailed in examining your goal based on the information we have provided before. The app then will give you SmartPoints and this is basically just like calorie allowance but in points. We can treat it like an allowance which means we can only consume those much in a day. The points work like calorie limit so foods/beverages with high sugar, carbs, and calories will have a higher score than those for example rich in protein.

Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal Efficacy

Losing weight can’t be instant and Weight Watchers or MyFitnessPal are not a miracle tool to get you shed 10 pounds at the end of the week because all of the effort will turn into result just like how much willpower we have. Study that compared several popular diet including Atkins, Slim Fast, Eat Yourself Slim, and WW found that overweight and obese adults lose about 6 pounds of weight in a 4 week WW plan while the other can lose 10, 6, or 7. 

In the prolonged time, these numbers stay the same which means Weight Watchers is an effective method to lose weight. MyFitnessPal on the other hand also often studied but more about how the tool help with weight loss and the result varies because many people are discontinuing the log-in after the first month. However, when done in a prolonged time, you can lose as much weight as possible by following the recommendation religiously while also minding the food options.

Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal Money Back Guarantee

One of the most concerning factors of paid app is we whether they are effective or ideal for us since we will never know until trying the said apps ourselves. In this part, Weight Watchers is better because they provide money back guarantee within 2 weeks of the subscription so if you are not satisfied we can always claim the money we paid. With MyFitnessPal, it seems they have no such option, so if they are not effective, we can only cancel the subscription so they will stop charging.

Weight Watchers vs MyFitnessPal

Weight Watchers MyFitnessPal
- Weight loss focus - Sustain, Lose, Gain weight
- SmartPoints - Calorie allowance
- Offer a money back guarantee - No money back
- Expensive - Affordable

Any diet method will help you to lose weight if done properly and in prolonged time by being consistent. In comparison Weight Watchers is more thorough when creating your daily requirement while also offering various features that will help you create a better eating habits and be more mindful about what we eat. MFP is more of a fitness app but if you follow the calorie requirement and exercise routinely, we can still be losing lots of weight.


All in all, both are great tools to try but since Weight Watchers is focusing on weight loss, their system to help your goal is also better yet, it is also more expensive but will provide money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied.

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