Wonderslim vs Ideal Protein

Weight loss is a life goal for many of us but the process is never easy, moreover, for a more consistent result. However, worry not because there are lots of available services out there to assist your journey like Wonderslim Vs Ideal Protein which are designed to both nourish the body but making it burn more body fat as well. For those who are going to follow one of these diet programs, see which plan will serve your purpose better below.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why we need to Lose Weight
  • Why using Diet Programs
  • What are Wonderslim and Ideal Protein
  • Are Wonderslim and Ideal Protein Expensive
  • How are the Meal in Wonderslim and Ideal Protein
  • Are Wonderslim and Ideal Protein Effective
  • Do Wonderslim and Ideal Protein Offer Guarantee
  • Wonderslim Vs Ideal Protein

Losing Weight

Some people may not believe that what we eat is what becomes our body which is why nourishment is important but in an abundant amount they can turn into poison as well because our body can’t use all of them at one time. In modern days or in the last few decades the obesity rate has continued rising and it is not only here in the US but in various other countries all over the world too and it is an urgent issue that needs to be dealt with.

What makes it very difficult to properly done is because how our body is already used to the unhealthy lifestyle including unhealthy food choices that we have been consuming probably since young days. Our parents may not know better but as adults it is our own responsibility to get back on track and try hard to reverse the piling up bad habit we have been done for so long which results in an unhealthy composition of body fat and muscle.

Those with higher body mass due to accumulated fat is in a higher risks of various lifestyle diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure so overall it is not an ideal condition to live. By getting back on a healthy weight, we can avoid those illnesses and you will feel better as well throughout the day because healthy lifestyle also lead to a better stamina and emotion. Overall it is better for both your body and mind’s health.

Diet Services

Losing weight sounds very sweet but the practice is very time consuming and take so much effort as well as will because if our determination is not strong enough, it will end up like a yo-yo diet with inconsistent progress of always coming back to our old habits. We understand the hardship of people who are trying to reach a better weight goal and fitness but if you feel like doing it alone is inconvenient or harder to progress, we can ask help from various healthy diet programs.

Diet is always an interesting market to jump on and not only providing services to guide dieters reaching their preferable goals, these companies are also offering products that are designed to help the progress faster and more effective. In general all healthy diets will reduce your body fat combined with routine exercise but, some might be better for a prolonged time or more possible to be done as a lifetime journey rather than ends up like a fad diet depending on which feels more comfortable for you.

About Wonderslim and Ideal Protein

If you are not confident enough to walk these steep stairs alone, those services can be a nice choice to aid weight loss journey and as more people are starting to pay more attention to health, the amount of similar services are also increasing. Like many other things, there is no perfect choice for all of us which is why we should pick based on which method works for our body and not least important is possible for a prolonged time.

For those with less time to cook at home or preparing the daily foods from scratch while also counting the nutrients in them, Wonderslim is one of the best choices out there. They are a company offering weight loss products but not sold one by one yet in a bucket plan or using a simple subscription box just like SlimFast products. If you wonder which between the two is more interesting, read it on our Wonderslim Vs SlimFast article.

This type of diet service is the most comfortable in our opinion, especially for people with no time to cook at home or want the most convenient way to limit food intake because despite designed for weight loss, this company also pay attention to nutrition and we can still eat snacks as well daily as long as it is the one provided by the service and not just any snack. On the other hand, for people who want to learn changing lifestyle, Ideal Protein service seems to be more ideal.

This weight loss service is fairly new and very different from diet subscription because when talking about restriction, it is one of the most strict to follow. The basic idea however, stays the same in which we need to consult first to Ideal Protein health advisor and purchasing some required products including meals and supplement for a specific amount of time. However, it is less convenient because overall strictness and the need to visit certain clinics which mostly only available in North America.

In comparison, the meals we usually get from Wonderslim is low in calories but still taste good and rich in nutrition to nourish the body while Ideal Protein as the name suggest will focus more on protein rich premade foods as well as healthy fat.

Wonderslim and Ideal Protein Price

Losing weight depending on how much pounds we want to shed from the body, mostly will take quite a long time and even a lifetime journey so before you will follow a service from certain brand or company, price does matters. Wonderslim and Ideal Protein will equally need you to purchase their products and comparing the two, subscription system is easier to estimate in a period of time for example Wonderslim will cost from $205 per 4-week plan to the highly customizable $319 per 4-week.

This is of course not a friendly choice for those who need to save more but Ideal Protein is also similarly expensive and it is hard to get the detailed cost for we have to visit the clinic first yet, the general range is $320 to $450 only to get started into the plan. In addition, the clinic will charge you as well for routine consultation which is $15 per day.

Wonderslim and Ideal Protein Meal

Talking about diet also talking about the menu or meal and this is what sets these diets the most in our opinion because depending on the plan, the most affordable program of Wonderslim will only need you to consume meal replacement shakes and snacks throughout the day while those in higher plan can enjoy more real meals which makes it more satisfying as well. With Ideal Protein, we are required to take premade meals from them besides for the dinner, which is actually also selected.

The allowed foods to mixed in your diet is mainly animal sourced like fish or other seafood, poultry, beef, pork, or venison while those doing vegetarian lifestyle can choose to enjoy protein like eggs or tofu. Additionally, with lunch and dinner we are allowed to eat vegetables measured about 2 cups per meal like asparagus, bean sprouts, okra, kale, and more. The strictest stage of the plan is the losing weight level and as we reach to maintenance level, the menu will be more flexible.

Wonderslim and Ideal Protein Efficacy 

Our main goal to follow these types of diet is to lose weight and as you can guess, all diets when followed properly are going to improve our health and help losing excess body fat. Wonderslim claimed the plan will help dieters to lose from 2 to 4 pounds a week for the initial time and then reduced to about 1 to 2 pounds per week. With Ideal Protein, there is no limit on losing weight but when remembering that it is based on keto lifestyle, weight loss will surely follow.

Another benefit of following keto lifestyle is reversing insulin resistance which is great if you also have an issue with how the body is not sensitive anymore against insulin or diabetic people for carbs are definitely a no for Ideal Protein.

Wonderslim and Ideal Protein Guarantee

When paying such a huge sum of money, you may want to know whether these companies will provide money back guarantee as well since it is like a method to ensure the customers that results will appear. Ideal Protein currently doesn’t offer any money back guarantee for their service but Wonderslim is and it even will give you $150% for the products that are not satisfying dieters as long as it is still within 60 days of the purchase so we still have time to see the result.


Weight loss is best when accompanied with healthy diet and exercise but diet services like Wonderslim and Ideal Protein will be a great methods as well. The prominent difference between them in our opinion is we have to visit the clinic to consult live with the Ideal Protein advisors and overall more expensive than many diet methods out there. However, it will let you eat protein for dinner and get more flexible in the maintenance stage yet it is basically following the ketogenic lifestyle.

Wonderslim vs Ideal Protein

WonderslimIdeal Protein
- More affordable - Expensive
- Doable from home - Must visit clinic
- Convenient - Require some meal prep
- Offer a money back guarantee - Doesn’t offer success guarantee


Both of them are a great way to shed some pounds but between them we do prefer Wonderslim better because it is more convenient using meal replacement rather than eating in restrictive manner.

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