Wonderslim vs Medifast

All of us want to have a healthy and ideal body because an ideal body does look more attractive. But, to achieve the proper result is not easy yet, worry not for we have Wonderslim Vs Medifast to help fastening the process and assisting your healthy diet. They are designed to help fixing unhealthy food options with healthier, more ideal choices. However, before getting their products, see which option will be the best decision for your long term diet based on which brand with more interesting benefits.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why we need to Lose Weight
  • How to Lose Weight
  • What are Wonderslim and Medifast
  • What Diet Programs Available in Wonderslim and Medifast
  • How are the Diet in Wonderslim and Medifast
  • Do Wonderslim and Medifast have Customer Support
  • How much are the Cost of Wonderslim and Medifast Expensive
  • Wonderslim Vs Medifast 

Weight Related Diseases

Weight gain is the enemy of so many people and we can see it more often in modern day where some of our close friends or family seems to gaining lots of weight in the last several years or even strangers walking past you in nearby grocery stores. We are not sure whether obesity is an epidemic or not but we are convinced that keeping off the weight for good is a wise decision for those who are struggling to have a healthier, ideal body.

As 2019 is nearing its end, some of you may try to fulfill those “new year new me” goal and one of them is reducing body fat. We agree that a healthy body has the right portion of fat and muscle because being overweight is attracting so many diseases like heart disease in which we can actually prevent them from happening just by losing the extra pounds. Type 2 Diabetes is also a threatening disease associated with overweight and it is caused by insulin resistance.

The condition will require us to inject insulin to our body for despite having a high insulin level, it is not where they should be to regulate blood sugar. Being overweight unless it is caused by another condition is due to consuming too many calories from carbs more importantly especially those that spikes insulin and have high glycemic index which is why it is better to avoid those foods and combine them with some exercise if you want to lose some body fats effectively.

Diet Methods 

Diet methods has evolved so much in the last two decades and chances, when you browse for recommended diet, there will be tons of method displayed on your computer screen. The question is whether they work or not and the answer will be different for each person since our bodies may work differently as well so people are unique to themselves. The trendy diet which seems to be practiced by so many people in the last several years is keto which focus in high fat, medium protein, and very low carb diet.

It is proven to be effective and has lots of health benefits but is also hard to follow, especially those who are not really into meat or oils. For those who are looking for convenience, we have the easier to practice diet with packaged meal plan which is great if you don’t have much time to prepare the food or counting the calories and choosing the right ingredients because all of them are ready-made and need little cooking skills as well as preparing time.

About Wonderslim and Medifast

As all of us already experienced, dieting is hard and we may need several tries to finally find the right diet that not only works but also comfortable for you and can be done in a prolonged time so we can keep the weight off for long or forever. Packaged diet plan is a very interesting choice to try especially if you have little time to spare preparing food or have issue with portion control for everything is predetermined in separate package to limit our consumption.

Commercial diet plan like this is available widely so almost every country usually have at least one to offer but, here in the US, Wonderslim and Medifast are two of the most popular and well-known. They are very similar to each other because both are offering the same meal options or plan that you can purchase to consume everyday in place of your regular foods, but with more control, and proper nutrition to aim those weight loss goal without putting much burden on your body.

The problem with diet meal plan like these two is on their price and then choosing which set of products will be the best. First, the price range will vary from one meal menu to another and taking the fact that we will need to consume them for a period of time will also makes it clear that we need to allocate certain budget to follow the plan. Wonderslim and Medifast are offering the same type of foods or snacks and liquids just like many other meal replacement.

These plans are to be consumed everyday and you are also allowed to eat some foods or snacks along with the replacement meal. What’s impressive is Medifast claimed that their plan will help dieters to shed from 2 to 5 pounds during the first two weeks and then gradually lose 1 or 2 pounds for the next period of usage. On the other side, Wonderslim is loved by many because of the large ingredient and product options for example the protein bar version itself is already available in 6 flavors options.

Wonderslim and Medifast Programs

If you ever tried subscription box, both of these diet plans method will be familiar as well because basically we are choosing the available menu or program with the different cost and success rate then all of the products will be delivered, conveniently to our address. Starting with Wonderslim, this brand offers Basic, Core, and Premium plan as well as program for those living with diabetes and menu for nursing mothers. Medifast also has several plans; Go, Achieve, and Thrive which is designed to keep off the lost weight for good.

In addition, this brand also have more personal program designed for those with medical conditions like diabetes or gluten and soy intolerance so the menu can be crafted to follow the disease requirement. Taking the Basic and Go program from these respective brand, we will get 3 meals a day and one snack with Wonderslim while with Medifast we are getting 3 main meals and 3 snacks in between those meals thus, people who are used to snacks can still be satisfied with the provided low calorie bites.

Wonderslim and Medifast Menu

The key to lose weight is to burn fat in our body and it is achieved by consuming the right foods that doesn’t trigger blood sugar as well as low in calories and this is what the menus are based in in Wonderslim and Medifast. When you enter their diet program, we can choose the plan depending on which seems to fit your lifestyle the most but these menus are not fixed which mean we can custom them to follow our taste.

With this option we can put our favorite meals into the chart whether it is meal or snacks allowed in the plan but, there is something different here between these two diets because the latter also offer frozen lean and green meals that we can purchase separately if you want which is not currently sold separately by Wonderslim yet, both included lean protein and veggies as well in the plan.

Wonderslim and Medifast Customer Support

Dieting can be confusing and it is not rare for us to require assistance from those with more experience or professionals and in our opinion this is what sets them apart the most. We do get the introductory kit and diet instruction in Wonderslim but only Medifast will offer you fuller support including lots of online forums, boards, recipe, consultation via email, and more. Additionally, if you need further assistance we can call their coach to ask some questions or demanding some guidance.

Wonderslim and Medifast Cost

Just like with everything, budget matters and chances we will need more than a month to achieve the preset goal and this is why we need to allocate some budget before entering their program. The cost for every plans will be different but we will choose the most affordable from both of them which is the Basic and Go plans. Basic covers 4 weeks period with 84 meals and 28 snacks at $205 while Medifast Go has 147 meals and snacks in total offered at $341 per 4 weeks.

Comparing the two, Medifast does offer more food in the same amount of time even at the most affordable plan but when you divide it to each meal in general, it is also still more expensive than Wonderslim.


Both of them are equally a good choice for people who want to shed some pounds but have a hard time formulating the daily menu and keeping themselves from reaching for unhealthy snacks. Medifast in comparison offer some frozen vegetables and lean protein to purchase separately and have a great support community as well as service but in general Wonderslim is more affordable.

Wonderslim vs Medifast

- More affordable - Expensive
- Less meals and snacks per day - More meals and snacks per day
- Lack of Customer Support - Good Customer Support
- Does not offer frozen veggies and lean protein - Offers frozen veggies and lean protein
- Doesn’t win in terms of taste- Taste better


All in all there is no bad choice between the two and they are working well in terms of reducing body weight but if we are to choose, we will prefer Medifast because it has better support and offer more foods in the plan as well as somehow taste better than Wonderslim.

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