Wonderslim vs Nutrisystem

To get an ideal body, especially from those with higher fat to muscle ratio, we need to change the diet and choose better foods to assist the fat loss. However, most of the time many of us failed due to unable of following the program which is why there are diet plan package like Wonderslim Vs Nutrisystem to help you lose fat but in a more fun way. They are offering similar plan or program but before choosing, see which company will suit your preference the most below.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are the Hardest Part of Dieting
  • How to Success at Dieting
  • What are Wonderslim and Nutrisystem
  • How much are the Plans in Wonderslim and Nutrisystem
  • How are the Diet Plans in Wonderslim and Nutrisystem
  • Are Wonderslim and Nutrisystem Effective
  • Do Wonderslim and Nutrisystem offer Customization
  • Wonderslim Vs Nutrisystem

The Challenge of Dieting

Many of us have been struggling with weight probably since early adulthood which makes losing weight now seems to be impossible for how long we have been used to our current, unhealthy lifestyle. Dieting is probably one of the most challenging process for those with heavier body mass due to excess fat accumulation but, losing weight is necessary to achieve not only better physical health but also avoiding those harmful diseases related to excess fat, such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

The hardest part about diet sometimes is not about the food and exercise itself but because of consistency since many of us doesn’t tend to stay consistent and following the progress slowly. Everybody wants to lose fat fast but the fact is everything needs time and we can be impatient in the process so sometimes we see a slight constant on the scale, then we give up and comes back to the old, unhealthy habits. While it is sure hard to fight ourselves, the effort is necessary

On the other hand, there are also many dieters who can’t track their foods and seems to consume more than we should have per day which most of the time not only won’t create a weight loss success but may also even increase your weight. One of the most important points of dieting is making sure we are aware and choose the food carefully such as those low in calories, high in healthy fat, and enough protein as well as remove processed food as much as possible.

Diet Motivations

If you are new to dieting or currently trying to lose weight, these motivations from WebMD may support your journey. First is setting realistic goals and ask yourself whether it is possible or not to lose an amount of weight and it is always better to go slow, losing little by little but stay consistent and patient because the most important thing is our health then the weight will come off when dieters are fixing the lifestyle such as eating healthier choices of foods and exercise routinely.

The second is to try to find a friend or buddy or partner to walk the same journey because then we can motivate each other and be more positive along the way as well as sharing the hardship and success to make the progress more fun. One of our favorite parts of dieting is the treat or a present when success at losing a certain weight for it can motivate us to walk further but, keep the reward from food such as buying new clothes or go for a short trip.

About Wonderslim and Nutrisystem

With the abundant amount of diet methods available today, we can pick any program that seems to work the most but each one of them must have both pros and cons as well so not all will fit correctly in your lifestyle. For those who are very busy to prepare food and follow diet trend like keto or paleo, you may want to try prepackaged diet program because with the predefined menu, we can be more consistent but without the hassle of preparing the meals.

They are very popular and starting to be available in various countries as well but here in the US, we already have many of them such as the popular Wonderslim and Nutrisystem. Both of them are working at the same method so users will pick the plan they desire and then the company will send the menu for a period of time such as for 4-weeks right into your address. In general they are like a meal subscription but designed to make you lose weight.

Each brands offer their own menu, some can be similar and some are different depending on each one of them. All of the foods available in their catalogues are usually made to be nutrient dense, low in calories, have moderate protein, and some fat as well that you can cook faster at home for all of the preparation are mostly done since in the package so chances we need only to recook them again or for snacks they can be instantly enjoyed.

The best benefit of following diet meal plan from subscription like Wonderslim and Nutrisystem is there will be less thinking and less preparation time because we understand that choosing the correct food while dieting is one of the hardest and time consuming tasks. With the food delivered to your address, we can pick which to eat each day and they even have snacks for those who want to enjoy something in between their meals.

The cons however, is when you are in the game for quite some time or let’s say more than two months, the food choice can be boring at times for we already tried most of them and you may take interest or want to try other foods at such a long period. Read also: Wonderslim Vs Medifast here.

Wonderslim and Nutrisystem Diet Plan Price

Another concern when following a meal subscription including these type of diet plan is the cost because we are paying for a long period of time depending on how much fat you want to shed and overtime it can be quite expensive than just cooking from scratch. With Wonderslim we have 3 available plans with the basic is offered at $205 per 4-week plan. This price will cover FedEx delivery and a total of 84 meal replacements combined with 28 bars and snacks.

The company also offers another two specially designed plans for nursing mothers and those living with diabetic so the food choices will have a low glycemic index. On the other hand, Nutrisystem has 4 plans with 2 highly customizable options which is claimed to be delivering the best or tastier food at your demand. The basic plan itself is offered at $226.92 for a 4-week meals and contains 119 items with shake for the first week and a snack everyday for women then 2 snacks per day for men.

Wonderslim and Nutrisystem Diet Plan

Food choice is most important when you are going on a diet subscription plan because none of us wants to eat poor foods in this already hard period of time. Wonderslim does have various real meals in the catalogue but talking about the basic plan which we are going to focus here, this subscription doesn’t offer any except for snacks or bars since the meal it provides is meal replacement, in the form of shakes which you may prefer better or not depending on each dieter’s taste.

With Nutrisystem, the basic plan is already packed with real foods that you can prepare at home and many of them looks pleasantly appetizing as well such as brown sugar oatmeal, chicken and broccoli, or pasta and meatballs. With the higher meal plan, we can even get frozen veggies to cut prepping time and highly custom your menu at home.

Wonderslim and Nutrisystem Success Rate

The next factor you may want to know is success rate and this is something that is hard to measure for it is highly related to the dieters and how they consistent to the diet as well as physical activity each day. Wonderslim is claiming to give 2-4 pounds of weight loss a week as well as offered 150% money back guarantee within the first 60 days for any unopened items and up to one opened items. Nutrisystem also offer a money back guarantee 100% for the first 14 days.

However, we also have to send the remaining products to the company and pay for the shipping cost while the promised weight loss for this brand is approximately 1-3 pounds so they are in general pretty similar about success rate.

Wonderslim and Nutrisystem Customization

The last consideration when looking at diet subscription which includes meals is the ability to custom order and this is what sets these two in most part because with Nutrisystem, we can choose virtually any food we want to include which is provided by the company and it is a real meal menu. Wonderslim also allow plan modification but it is only for meal replacement that is the focus of this diet plan, even at higher subscription we can only choose shakes, smoothies, and tomato soup.


Both diet subscription should help you to lose some weight but the success rate may differ for each individual. The prominent difference between Wonderslim and Nutrisystem is on the real meal menu because the former is focusing on meal replacement in the form of shakes or smoothies in which the latter will give you an actual meal. Price wise they are very similar and both also offer a money back guarantee but Wonderslim does gives you more time to claim them.

Wonderslim vs Nutrisystem

- Slightly more expensive - Slightly cheaper
- Mostly meal replacement in the form of shakes or smoothies - Real meal menu
- More convenient for busy person - Need some preparation time
- Not highly customizable - Highly customizable
- Better money back warranty- Warranty eligible for only 14 days


All in all, dieting is about consistency and self-discipline so if done properly we should lose some pounds at the end of the journey. Between these diet plans if you like the real meal better Nurrisystem will be the best choice but for those who prefer to change their meal into shakes, Wonderslim is also an ideal pick.

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