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WonderSlim vs OPTIFAST

Everybody knows that health is the most important thing to maintain a happy and fulfilling life but with modern lifestyles, many of us are in risk of getting overweight or even obese which is are dangerous for our short and long term health. Thankfully there are diet plans like WonderSlim Vs OPTIFAST to help people maintain better diet by consuming low-calorie, nutrient-rich foods, offered conveniently by these companies. If you are planning to use their products, go check our article below to see which the better plan is.

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to do Low-Calorie Diet
  • What are WonderSlim and OPTIFAST
  • Are WonderSlim and OPTIFAST Pricy
  • How are the Meals in WonderSlim and OPTIFAST
  • Are WonderSlim and OPTIFAST Effective
  • Do WonderSlim and OPTIFAST Offer Guarantee
  • WonderSlim Vs OPTIFAST

Low-Calorie Diet

Almost all of us want to look attractive and while inner beauty is everything, our health is also important to radiate true beauty and this is why keeping body fitness is a necessary plan that should have been on our goals in life. Exercising routinely and choosing healthy food over processed products that are not only poor in nutrients but also high in sugar often creates lots of problems in which one of them is overweight and obesity or excess body fat.

Processed foods taste good and they are convenient thus, everybody loves consuming them furthermore they are cheaper than cooking from scratch using raw ingredients. While getting them once in a while is not an issue for most of us, consuming them everyday for all of your meals will not be a good decision because not only we won’t get the proper nutrient intake but also because they are high in sugar or calories. Sugars makes almost anything taste goods and sometimes they are fitted into unexpected foods or beverages.

For those who are battling with excess body fat or finding that their diet is continuously increasing their body weight despite not planning to do so, it is probably the best time to start exercising more and fixing the diet option. There are lots of diet plan or methods out there and it is getting easier to get the proper information for your best decision but one of the most popular will be low-calorie diet which is very simple and straightforward.

The first thing you may want to do is write a measurement such as the waist circumference and BMI or body mass index to keep track of the progress latter beside the weight number itself then determine the daily calorie needs. This step is a bit complicated because it is different for everyone and will change over time as well yet, you can find some calorie calculators form various health sites to help you get a rough numbers on how much calories we should eat in a day.

Because we are restricting calories, it is better to count all of the foods and their calories we have to consume for the day and it is necessary to make sure they are nutrient dense as well as have plenty of fibers to make you feel full longer. The most common options are fruits and vegetables which are cheap and nutritious as well as low in calories but lean proteins and low-fat dairy are also a popular choice for those who are doing this diet.

About WonderSlim and OPTIFAST

Another thing we have to prepare is the effort because cooking and make a meal preparation is not for everyone for it needs effort and time and this is why there are lots of products out there made to help people with this certain problem which include the best meal plan and mostly convenient for almost everyone to follow. Their products are ideal for people who are seeking a quick and easy way into the low-calorie diet while still minding the nutrition intake.

Today we have lots of options to aid people walking through their journey of weight loss and two of the best options out there are WonderSlim and OPTIFAST. We are sure most people who have been planning to try diet products are already familiar with their names because they are pretty well known as well as effective and promising with real story of those who have been experiencing the benefits of their programs. In addition, they are very convenient and easy to follow without much effort.

Both of WonderSlim and OPTIFAST are a diet products which rely their system on low-calorie foods or beverages which was designed to help its users to reduce body fat by consuming less food and less calories. They are very much the same diet program but made by different manufacturers because as you may already recognize, OPTIFAST is among Nestle diet lines, just like Slimfast which previously owned by Unilever that you can check on our WonderSlim Vs Slimfast so in general their products will be very similar.

Their diet system are based on the products offered by each brand, for example, we are planning to eat 3 meals a day and depending on which product you want to choose, we can pick the product based on our plan of choice and this can be either solid or liquid according on the plan itself. What’s great about their products is we can keep or track calorie intake per portion and convenient enough for busy people to bring or prepare anytime.

WonderSlim and OPTIFAST Price

One of the most often asked questions about a new diet is the budget and we do understand that new lifestyle usually will need a new budget adjustment as well. This is a very important part to notice since we will be spending quite a lot with WonderSlim and OPTIFAST plan especially for the latter. Starting with the subscription based WonderSlim, this diet product has various plans to choose from Basic, Core, and Premium level which all cover the food replacement for 4 weeks. 

The most affordable is their Basic plan and it cost $205 per 4 weeks with per food cost down to $1.83 while the Premium plan is sold at $319 to cover 4 weeks of food replacement and a cost down to $1.63 per meal. On the other hand, OPTIFAST also have products to offer but without subscription and their main system is based on continuous or personal planning through their clinic. The price itself highly dependent on the clinic but most of the time they are starting at $150 per week.

In general it seems most clients are recommended to complete at least 18 to 26 weeks of the program in which will vary as well depending on your health or lifestyle counselor and at the end of the plan client can spend around $2700 to $3900 in total.

WonderSlim and OPTIFAST Meals

Next let’s check their products out because this is the one will be replacing your regular food intake and in this side, WonderSlim and OPTIFAST are very much similar to each other. For example they equally offer shakes as a meal replacement but may have different flavor collection. These shakes are very low in calorie but in comparison the one from WonderSLim is only 100 calorie per serving with 15 grams of protein while the latter has 200 calories 26 grams of protein. 

Shakes are crucial for these plans to work because they are easy to take and taste great as well as already carrying enough nutrition for the day depending on your daily calorie intake recommendations. Besides the liquids, they also have solids like snacks to help the user avoid snacking to unhealthy options and the options are varying yet mostly are in the form of snack bar.

WonderSlim and OPTIFAST Effectivity

Effectivity is something we hope to see when walking this low-calorie diet journey and let’s be honest, the result are not going to be constantly the same among the patient or dieters. WonderSlim past claim is that user can lose about 3 to 4 pounds in the first week and then continue to lose 1 to 3 pounds for the next weeks which is typical because our calorie intake is highly restricted despite still being able to enjoy some snacks during the day.

On the other hand OPTIFAST research on those who took their plan which shows people lose 30 pounds on average after participating in a 26-week medically-monitored plan. However, this plan also show other health benefits including lower blood glucose levels, lower blood pressure, and better cholesterol levels.

WonderSlim and OPTIFAST Guarantee

To ensure their benefits, some companies offer a money back guarantee and one of them is WonderSlim with their 100% money back guarantee as long as the product is within 60 days from the date they are purchased. This will cover all of the package which not has been opened yet and up to one product that has been opened. The process is also simple and no question asked in case you are not happy with their products or receiving a damaged package from the start.

WonderSlim vs OPTIFAST

- Fixed/ customized by users- Customized by the clinic
- Affordable - Expensive
- Offer a money back guarantee - Doesn’t have money back guarantee
- Lose 1-4 pounds per week - Lose around 1 pounds per week
- Lower calorie per serving (shake) - Higher calorie and higher protein per serving (shake)

WonderSlim and OPTIFAST are a great option to help you lose weight but they are also convenient for almost all of us who are not fond of preparing healthy and low-calorie meals. The difference is that OPTIFAST offer a continuous monitoring through their dedicated clinics with professionals to help you walk through the journey and this also makes the diet system more expensive as well. On the other hand we are designing our own plan depending on the available level through WonderSlim.


All in all you can pick whichever products that work for the lifestyle best but for those who are going to need assistance, we do recommend OPTIFAST with its dedicated clinic while if you just want a quick low-calorie meal replacement, then WonderSlim is the more ideal and cheaper option.

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