Xenical vs Alli

Dieting is a challenge, there are many of us who have been trying and failing in the process numerous times due to various reasons. This time probably we will need help through medication with Xenical Vs alli. These drugs will prevent your body from digesting the fat that you consume so the effect is quite promising for weight loss. If you wonder how these drugs differ, go check our article below about all you need to know about the two and decide which the better option is. 

Diet and Weight Loss

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Lose Body Fat
  • What are Xenical and alli
  • Are Xenical and alli Expensive
  • What Xenical and alli can offer
  • How to Consume Xenical and alli
  • What are the Side Effects of Xenical and alli
  • Xenical Vs alli

Fat Loss

Weight loss is not a myth and you can start it anytime you want with the proper method and will power as well as consistency. Of course they are not going to be easy and chances are you may have been failing numerous times in an attempt to shed those extra fat. Failure is not the end and we can always try again but don’t forget to correct and avoid those habits that have been the culprit to our failure so we can progress better and achieve the goal this time.

We prefer to call it fat loss rather than weight loss because it is fat that we are trying to burn here and losing excessive body fat not only will make your life easier as we can move faster and less tired all the time, but also avoid those diseases that will threaten our lives. Fat loss can be very simple but the key is patient and consistent for we will need quite the time to see the result and even have to maintain it after.

Diet for Fat Loss

Fixing the diet is key for fat loss and this is also the most difficult part in our opinion because let’s be honest, eating is fun and we sometimes or often do it when not even hungry due to boredom. Now the world is divided between “carb makes you fat” and “carbs don’t make you fat” sides. We don’t know which is true but any food can have a role in the amount of fat in our body. 

So, rather than only focusing on certain nutrition, we do think the best way is to eat a balanced diet with enough fat, protein, carbs, and don’t forget the fiber. Eating too much is what often leads to weight gain thus; we have to control the portion and eat only when hungry, in smaller amounts, as well as avoid snacks, especially those high in calories.

Daily Exercise

The foods and calories that go in our body are used as fuel and even when staying still, our body is actually using energy to sustain life. Sedentary lifestyle has been linked to various health risks in which one of them is obesity. We can increase physical activity by going to the gym or exercise at home by following a certain workout routine that you prefer; anything that seems more ideal between your daily schedules.

If going to the gym is too challenging, we can purchase fitness equipment to be used at home such as a treadmill or stationary bike and dumbbell so then we can exercise anytime. It is generally recommended to spend at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio workout per week or at least 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week. Exercising routinely not only will make your body fitter and have better stamina but also help spend those energy from food that otherwise gets stored as fat.

About Xenical and alli

We all know that trying to lose body fat is not something we can take light of and if we want to succeed then we have to commit to the lifestyle and healthier diet. However, as it is not going to be an easy journey, you will find lots of solutions along the way, some of them promising quickly results with added benefits such as boosted energy and alertness like these Lean Mode Vs Trans4orm supplements while some are simpler like drinking green tea and black coffee.

Natural solutions often used as they are seen as the safer options but the efficacy are also not always scientifically based or have enough studies to be more reliable unlike drugs. There are various drugs that are made to treat excessive bodily fat in patients and two of them that you can find pretty easily are Xenical and alli. We are sure many of us who have been struggling with body weight are familiar with these two and the fact that they are similar to each other.

These two are very popular options for people who want to lose body fat and similar to how Minoxidil is compared to Rogaine, these two are the same but different options. Xenical itself is a brand of drug in which the active or main ingredient is Orlistat and alli is the store brand of this drug which can be accessed without using your doctor’s prescription so there is no need for professional examination and basically anyone can buy them.

In addition, you can also buy another Orlistat which uses the drug’s name itself and this type of drug is called “generic” as it is not branded like Xenical and alli. The ingredient will stay the same but the dosage may vary.

Xenical and alli Capsule and Price

Just like many other drugs out there, you will find these two in a certain package and more often than not in a strip and bottle respectively. When you open the package, we can see the capsule inside and both Xenical and alli are equally concealed in the same blue capsule. Depending on the brand, the shade of blue can be slightly different but Orlistat have the same capsule and in the standard size so they are fairly easy to swallow.

Price wise, this is very different between the two drugs because in short Xenical will be much pricier or about two to three times more expensive than alli. Depending on where you live Xenical can be bought without prescription from an online pharmacy but both in the US and UK, it is required to have your physician prescription or complete a medical consultation online before buying the drug. On the contrary, alli is easier to access and doesn’t need any prescription.

Xenical and alli Ingredient

Moving further, now let’s talk about the active ingredient in these drugs which is called Orlistat. This drug is used to help people or obese patient lose weight by blocking fat from being digested and absorbed by the body. This is because the drug is capable of stopping the enzymes that are used to break down the fat in our digestive system, making it unable to absorb it. But, this is not fully blocking them as the efficacy is from 30 to 40% only from the food you consume.

The rest of the fat will not be digested and will be passed out together with the stools. While the drug used is the same, the reason why alli is cheaper and can be purchased easily is because it has a lower dosage of 60 mg in which Xenical is usually twice as high; typically in 120 mg.

Xenical and alli Dosage

Just like many other drugs, Xenical and alli can only be used by certain people especially for the prescribed version as this is intended to be used by those whose BMI or body mass index of 30 or more and for people with BMI index of 27 along with a weight related condition such as type-2 diabetes or hypertension. Additionally, Xenical can also be used for weight maintenance in people who have lost weight and want to keep the fat off.

The precise dosage required a physician recommendation but in general Orlistat is taken at the same time as alli. It is taken three times a day and should be distributed with meals that contain fat which has been reduced until only 30% of the total calorie or 15 grams per meal. Since it is a lipase inhibitor, if you don’t consume any fat contained food, there is no need to take the drug either.

Xenical and alli Side Effects

The last part we want to mention is their side effects and the most common effects from consuming Orlistat such as Xenical and alli is the change on the stool itself. This is because the fat is not absorbed by the body so they will be excreted with the stool and this can make yours become loose and oily. More frequent bowel movement is also prominent and if you consume much fat, this can be more severe or may interfere with your daily activity.

Xenical vs Alli

Weight supplement and weight loss drugs are all useful when combined with better diet and exercise including Xenical and alli. These are using the same drug called Orlistat which is lipase inhibitor so it can prevent the digestion of fat up to 40% from what we eat. The difference is that Xenical has a higher dosage or twice as much of this drug hence it needs physician prescription before one can use it while on the other hand you can buy alli easily.

- By Roche

- By GSK

- Needs prescription- Over the counter drug
- Expensive- Cheaper
- Has higher dosage- Lower dosage


Your health is the most important and before using any drug, it is better to consult your physician first to make sure whether they are safe for you and if you wonder whether the drug will work or not, we can try the drug store version alli which has lower dosage and is cheaper as well.


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